WinPatrol, lets us know when unpleasant things happen in PC - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present WinPatrol, this application helps us find out, let us know exactly when an application tries to install a toolbar to change the homepage or modify certain system files. Besides these functions, WinPatrol knows how to do other wonders, for example can help to delay the start of applications at startup, extremely useful function for faster system startup.
WinPatrol is like a guard dog, barking activity whenever something does not like.
Not to be confused with an antivirus WinPatrol or about something, it's just a good advisor, it only informs us and our decision is entirely yours. Even if it is a virus, WinPatrol can do many tasks that people would expect from a virus, such cautionary installing toolbars that actually we do not want them coming and hidden by various installers. You can think WinPatrol like a well trained dog that does not bite, just barking to warn owner about a possible danger.
Version presented in the tutorial is free, there is a superior version which of course cost, in my opinion the free version is very good and there is not much difference between the two, get the paid version of course pluses and interesting features such as advanced information about any file, scan contextual and many other extras, but no free version is not bad, either, most functions have dedicated free version of WinPatrol are present.

Download WinPatrol
Info WinPatrol version

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. sailorriver said

    Thanks for the tutorial. Interesting this software, now I don't know how annoying it becomes over time. And because it was mentioned somewhere in the tutorial… I'm also coming with requests, a tutorial about Hijack This is possible? Thanks.

  2. Is there a tutorial about Avermedia? … On both windows and ubuntu… especially ubuntu 🙂

  3. Banner says Y! Toolbar for IE add-on.Ai being tried to remove the IE tab?

    • TKN:
      Banner says Y! Toolbar for IE add-on.Ai being tried to remove the IE tab?

      If you have more browservare after the uninstall of windous or revocation must go every browservar and delete it from there that would count as the addon

  4. @ Cristi should not exaggerate that you required a lot of crazy instaleza singuru yahoo mesenger thing is that toolebar instaleza and uncheck longer a plus if you do not know that. Now that Tia jumped win points 100 times that patrol the toolbar and appears in the log is the 2, and those that put messu toolbar can uninstall other programs do not by tragedy especially messenger (not saying that you can not nicioforma escape as you can as I said in the toolbar or uninstall I know what he's up other programs). Good Enough observation, this program is about the same stuff as if you go to task manager or services and can not stop make some programs give the windous late as you said for someone who does not know how as it's not recommended. singuru minus is that if you put a toolbar to muddle something a person concerned with that message I know how you came.

  5. it took a little program… finally you got to the truth Cristi! … That is, in a post older than mine when I wrote that no auxiliary program should intervene at startup, be it even from Windows, I was taken aback… I was not upset and I follow your tutorials below, a good evening !

  6. @calin, buddy yahoo mss fills you with "holidays" but yahoo is not the problem, most free programs are created by people who have to eat at least a sandwich made of a slice of bread with half a pork, so find out (if you didn't know) that nothing is free… aaa, if you are vigilant or watch a tutorial, it's another fish dish, meaning it's not pork.

    • Julian:
      @calin, Mss yahoo buddy fills you, celebrate "but Yahoo is the problem, most free programs are created by people who have to eat at least one sandwich consisting of a slice of bread with half a pig, so is (if you did not know) that nothing is free ... uh, if you're vigilant or follow many other food tutorial is over, that's not pork.

      Yes I know this is to know the majority still find free programs and other programs or toolbar or search engines but most of obtiunea to uncheck yahoo as said and I repeat what I say and you can not give pote be uninstalled as I said. I'd say that little tutorial to exaggeration to make a toolbar like the dulcimer was made by the fill toobare yahoo etc. this saying. read more carefully next time and then posting CNV day :) PS what is not a criticism but a conclusion drawn

  7. Who's stopping you give custom slate you install your mess?

    • dorel:
      Who's stopping you give custom slate you install your mess?

      bravo, but… there are some free programs that you have nothing to do, something is installed with them (something toolbar)
      you can not, you and free and beautiful.

  8. The European Parliament will vote soon on ACTA.Domnule Cristi looking to make a tutorial how to guard against them ..

    • E.Pan:
      The European Parliament will soon vote on ACTA.Domnule Christ, seek to make a tutorial how to guard against them ..

      even if they will vote in Romania can not be applied for all actu as amended by legislation. May read about acta in Romania. and then remains umblra in Romania. And has nothing to do crystal or adrian tutorial on how to stay out of ACTA.

    • AdrianGudus said

      The European Parliament will soon vote on ACTA.Domnule Christ, seek to make a tutorial how to guard against them ..

      ACTA is ACTA and no one can hide from it and that is why it is very important that this "law" is not adopted / approved.

  9. I remain friends, thank you.

  10. give as good a tutorial about that ACTA is still sound though I still live with the hope that he would not vote for such a silly semnato that our novel without reading this document I hope people will be against and be it liber.Am only words of praise regarding this website teaches you a lot and people say NO ACTA extraordinare.Multumesc.

  11. Super cool app. Thank you very much for all the tutorials. Guys aim up the good work. Bafta.

  12. Silviu Popovici said

    Using this program because I like the option that you can set the interval at which programs will help to turn the startup operating system to start faster.
    Thank you !

  13. Lucas:
    I greet you,

    I installed this handsome prgramel after I worked all day on the computer, I decided to leave him alone to shut down to conserve battery power completely. Now in the morning, when I started, surprise. He appeared a black screen where I can choose between:

    Continue with system restart
    Delete restoration date and Proceed to system boot menu.

    Because I did not want to risk I chose the former.

    Choosing the first option appeared to me resuming Windows (probably because initially out of battery power when the laptop went into hibernation) and then a blue screen appeared:


    Technical information:

    0X00000077 (0X00000001,0XB4211F26, 0X00000000, 0XA1F94960)

    Can someone help me solve this unpleasant situation.

    Thank you in advance.

    Searching the net I did not to discover a solution.

  14. Hello,
    Every time I give to turn it on, I say:
    WinPatrol Explorer has stopped working

    that would be the cause and what can I do???

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