XBMC, a free media center with which we can watch various multimedia content - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial you will see the presentation of a free Media Center that was originally created for the Xbox, it's about XBMC (Xbox Media Center).

What is a Media Center?

Media Center is a suite of programs designed to give the user a multimedia experience, which uses a media center user will not have to use multiple programs to run: photos, movies, music, these types of files can be run by the media center to provide better comfort to the user.

The media center and computer set properly you can watch TV right from your chair on movies, music, digital photos, for it requires a VGA or HDMI cable to transport the video signal to the TV, we also need a device media center's control, it can be a multimedia remote control or mouse.

XBMC is a complete application, and have available up-to-date weather data per second out of it supports a lot of plugins and scripts that you find on http://www.xbmczone.com/default.asp we says it is a kind of mozilla firefox multimedia.

Setting this media center shows no particular problems, those who carefully follow the tutorial will already know well enough to use the application.

I must say that I used this app a few days and I liked very much, I TV (diagonal normal TV 54 cm) connected to the computer via a VGA cable, I used the remote to the TV tuner (Leadtek PxPVR2200) with MCE Remote option enabled, we controlled XBMC Media Center without direct problems of bed after I've stopped watching it all from the remote application and computer without the need to get out of bed, not being lazy but I must test capabilities the media center.

Thanks to Rafael for the proposal that led to this tutorial, we wish pleasant viewing and hope you enjoy this media center, I honestly liked it a lot.

For those who want to connect the TV to the computer with an HDMI or VGA invite them to watch these video tutorials, the first is for Nvidia video cards and the second is for video cards from ATI-AMD



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  1. Cristi250 said

    yeah pretty interesting, congratulations Notice for your new tutorial

  2. Super the program and interesting, but browsing through iel is too difficult and too many clicks especially when you put a movie you have to put subtitrarae, is too difficult for a beginner I do mean everything to me remain that way to open a movie Pleyer, for example I use (smplayer) Make a music playlist and one movie have it all together and is even easier to use, but greoi.As tutorialu is super and I would like a tutorial on Camtasia Studio 6 if you have time,

  3. Adrian said

    @eugen: Camtasia tutorials found on their official website and are free!

  4. Adrian said

    @eugen: Or do you probably have the impression that we were born with "knowing how to walk with Camtasia" ??? Get your hands on and learn English and look at their tools, and we also know how to use it from there !!!

  5. @ Adrian, adrian's right, I'm still there I learned to use the program and even gives many details as here, no need to know very much English as you realize as you use, one thing I did not I realized I did and how to do to register with all the sound and walked in all The options, or does not register the sound than the mic?

  6. ptr. DONI: to record sound on Camtasia Studio system go to Tools / Options / Device Audio.La to have selected sound driver and set the Source CD Player or Stereo mix

  7. claudiu said

    Ptr Adrian. A lot of nervousness spoils and the Romanian language leaves much to be desired… (with English I saw that you have no problems, I think)

  8. Rafael said

    Hello Cristi.A ETSI well, congratulations and I'm glad this tutorial Of course in general all voastre.Mersi more tutorials, and success incontinuare new!

  9. Rafael said

    Hello Cristi.A ETSI well, congratulations and I'm glad this tutorial Of course in general all voastre.Mersi more tutorials and incontinuare success to you!

  10. Rafael said

    Hello Cristi.A ETSI well, congratulations and I'm glad this tutorial Of course in general all voastre.Mersi more tutorials, and success to you and incontinuare new!

  11. Rafael said

    I didn't want to send 2x only this net works sometimes…

  12. Corleone said

    Do not know why but I can not see the whole movie presented as a server? Hello! Cristi!

  13. costelu said

    Do not know why it is open XBMC meet the noise is heard coming from the flop and the light is always on, the noise disappears after closing the program.

  14. @ Romeo, thanks a lot I'll try to see you, good luck

  15. @ Romeo, thanks a lot I'll try to see you, good luck,,

  16. Cool programul.Il use with placere.Felicitari and thanks for all you do.

  17. cornel said

    Sorry to bother you, but I want to know if there is any technical problem because I do not load properly https://www.videotutorial.ro . Pina 2 days ago was working perfectly and now videotutorialul about XBMC I've seen in any 2 hours. No other videotutoriale do not go well, I tried to see if youtube goes, if it is loaded and I noticed that everything is okay. I asked a friend in another neighborhood in Cluj is the rds but not Romtelecom and told me that he's just the rest of the net addresses loading bine.Sa hopefully will fix it regardless of where it is , congratulations for everything you do and keep up the good work.

  18. Adrian said

    @cornel: It is rumored that due to the storms that were in the country in the past few days, a "fiber optic" from RDS fell… and the connections in the country and the internal sites hosted in Romania are difficult to load, if you enter Romanian sites you will see that they are difficult to load and the foreign ones load quickly… they have problems with the net even those who do not have RDS because most providers are interconnected with RDS and as RDS “makes the law of the net” in Romania, their problems affect all providers !!! I advise you all to call the providers and make complaints, so if they see many complaints they will maybe take measures and check the infrastructure!

  19. Francine said

    good, and consumes very little resources. codecs can I delete it? somewhere there is an optin to Suffle?

  20. Hello I have a big problem! I pulled myself and iam changed procesoru paste lam not open 3 years. Instead pasta before procesoru 40 have degrees now only stay in 60, me a cooler from them at procesor.spunetim to me what the cause is that I can thank you kindly answer to me!

  21. Adrian said

    @ionut: Either you put too much paste or too little… or you didn't know how to apply it… I don't see another explanation !!! You had to delete the old one before applying the new one !!! I do not know what to say…

  22. Corleone said

    @ionut: You stans better cooler retaining clips? 4 I already leam replaced with metal screws with washers insulating rubber of course not to put the plate baza.Daca soon as you do not collect data that YOU CAN overly crooked pin processor!

  23. Corleone said

    @ionut: Sorry but there is the option to edit postu.Am wanted to write was not overly loud as srambi collect pins from the processor!

  24. Romika said

    Hello, I also installed xbmc but it doesn't start, it gives an error, namely "MS default Open GL drivers detected. Please get OPEN GL drivers from your video card vendor" if you can help me with some advice. Many thanks

  25. Interesting. Congratulations. One question - What connections and settings are made (if any) to connect an HP laptop to a normal TV? Is the remote control of the laptop compatible for XBMC? What cable do I need for the connection? Sorry for these profane questions !!!!!!!! Thank you.

  26. Adrian said

    @sorin: Did you also read the presentation text above the tutorial? Of course, don't tell the novel to read ori it's better to kill it than to make it read sf towards the end of the text above the tutorial there are 2 big and wide links… if you like nVidia click on First link if you have ATI on the 2nd

  27. Super good videotutorialul and I do something like what these guys do video tutorials if you enter the http://fileextra09.wordpress.com and leave commenting on this page, or how all those in videotutorial are better, thank you than to learn this site, thank you for everything you do

  28. @Paul: Have you sent this link stuffing careful not to spam you
    About the site congratulations and we will be glad to help videotutorial

  29. Adrian said

    @Paul: if you want someone to follow your tutorials speak in them, as with notepad everyone knows how to do them plus it annoys you a lot to bother reading what you write in notepad… As a conclusion: if you want to be successful you speak in tutorials and leave the notepad!

  30. adfasdf said

    hello guys you are an enthusiast of it, and I wish him baietzi idul preferably one of Mr. Cristi would like some advice from ballroom dan May vbim bn but I prefer the mess dekat I want to leave here 7 commentator kilometers mailu you know my kand suspected comentu I left, wait

  31. Fanibu said

    @Paul: Dear Paul, it seems to me that this is the second time you appear on this site, with the same mistakes you made last time. That is, a precarious and insistent grammar, that on a site of professional video tutorials someone should see your video tutorials. It's like coming to my store and telling my customers that you have the same products and they can come and buy from you. Such a thing sounds disrespectful… not to mention lack of good sense.
    If, Cristi & Co are with common sense and tolerate you is one, but you to persevere in the mistake, denote something else. If I were in their place, I would honestly ban you forever. I tell you this without malice.

  32. Romika said

    With respect ptr.PAUL but you do tutorialel them are weak and I feel like they copied from others and give more departe.Intentia is good but you have to dig ceva.I-it as a tip and not a malice

  33. viorelpicu said

    @Corleone: SalutCorleone,
    I got an Asus MB and CPU mounting E5200 but I noticed that MB arches least two points in the exterior lock plate cooler net baza.Pe something I read:
    “Date of registration: 01/09/05
    Posts: 719 not remove anything from the foot cooler. Stripped the slot on the motherboard, be careful not to bend any pin on there, install the CPU, you can not only in one way due to the 2 2 side slits, it secured socket mechanism. Above chicken cooler box with special care to enter the holes in the motherboard. If anyone has not played it, is enough to push each of the attachment points 4 until you hear a little click. I recommend you start with the interior. Do not forget the power besides CPU cooler. And watch and wires usually are without defender and fan blades may break or stop if cable falls on him while working.

    LE. Lately, the paste on Intel coolers is more than acceptable, although incomparable with Arctic Silver… As a result you can use the default one without fear. Oh, and don't be afraid if the motherboard will bend a little. It's normal. Do not leave any foot mounted superficially, push them until you hear that small click. If you want to unscrew them, turn those legs with a screwdriver in the direction embedded there ".
    At first I was tempted to do like you, to replace the screws isolated 4 4 blockages but above under 4 arculete nuts to ask and to raise self-regulate.
    What do you think about the type of comment above?'s Good or not to arch MB 2 between the attachment points of the cooler?
    What made you give up on retaining the original solution and move to the 4 screws? Looking forward tau.Cu esteem.

  34. Dan Dar3 said

    @ Eugen
    If movie subtitle in the same folder or directory Custom Subtitles (http://www.xbmc.org/wiki/?title=Videos_Settings#Subtitles), And binentels have a name similar to the movie to load the subtitle automatically.

    XBMC is not just a video player, if you set the content type for a folder can bring you information about the film from IMDB, such as plot, poster, casting, etc., information that you can see them before or during performance of the film.

    For navigation are several things that you can do, to define folders exempluy after video press right-click on it and choose Set as default next time you enter the Video will enter directly. If you do and what I said above, 2 3-clicks you get to go ahead to film.

    XBMC runs on Xbox, Windows, Linux, Mac and Apple TV - it's more for a home media center system than a personal computer, it includes video player, audio, pictures (slideshow), weather (weather.com), and a lot of plugins that extend its functionality and allow you to access directly from the internet. Take a remote control, sit in the armchair and let it go.

    Oh, and last but not least, is located in Romanian.

  35. Dan Dar3 said

    For clarification, XBMCZone.com is a repository of addons for XBMC, XBMC is not the official website.

    XBMC's official website is http://xbmc.orgWhere you can find any information you need about XBMC as a forum if you have any questions or problems.

  36. Adrian said

    @Dan Dar3: Thank you nice comments and notes this is the spirit that we want here site.Felicitari And you expect!

  37. gepeto said

    Very good and very folositor.Multumesc this software more!

  38. it's very good movies you see them from the archives

  39. pandelikos said

    cool tutorial. tinetio so on

  40. Saki Dennis said

    Cuz nobody knows the program that works on any xbox, I refer to the old model and this new 360
    Anyone know?

  41. Saki Dennis said

    Anyway she really really cool, thanks
    Bravo Cristi

  42. Andrei21 said

    I Sall and growing problem gives me an error, so I open winamp sounds and when you open and close and you do not hear that??

  43. Saki Dennis said

    Have you tried to reinstall winampu?
    maybe then recovers

  44. Saki Dennis said

    The video freezes when I open the program on Full screen
    ii due to video card?

  45. drshomeboy said

    Cool! I have to invest in a TV Tunner: D. At the moment I have 2 keyboards on the PC, one on the desktop on PS / 2 and a multimedia USB keyboard with an 8 meter cable :)). When I watch a movie I keep her in bed with me :)) (beats payin 'for batteries). I would never spend money on a wireless mouse / keyboard, but the idea of ​​the tuner seems great to me and XBMC is also a good choice, but I wonder if I could make the remote work with KMPlayer. It remains to be seen and studied.

  46. Interesting tutorial guys… ..very nice, if you weren't you I don't know what I would have done

  47. cubdegheata said

    a porcarie.nu can not believe such programs are made if gathered before operare.desi not use WMC systems is much higher than for asta.ms Balaram tutoriale.foarte reusite.bafta!

  48. Lucian Gabriel said

    Note 10 go even better than Windows Media Center in Windows 7 (my opinion) if you were not I do not think we learn from this application.

  49. Hi I want and I'll know where to find XML files for programs ro interested XBMC.Ma Show time romania pro tv and I heard it so ceva.Multumesc


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