Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO beast accessible with Snapdragon 865

What is Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO about?

This is a video review for the Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO, which is a very well equipped phone at a more than decent price.

This review focuses on the essentials, and the other special features and functions will be addressed in the future. A separate video will be made for the camera because there is a lot to say and I didn't want to get crowded.

What's up with Poco F2 Pro?

Poco is a Xiaomi sub-brand, which gives us performance at a decent price. The first Poco, which made enough waves, was F1, which was launched at a price of 300 US dollars in August 2018.

At that time, F1 compared to the current F2 Pro came with a major compromise, namely the screen, which was just an LCD, in addition to AMOLED on F2 pro.

True, the price of F2 pro is higher, but that's how things are with the newly launched sub-brands. The first time a reputation is built for them and after that there is an incremental price increase from one generation to another.

At the moment, with F2 Pro we are at the optimal level of features / performance and price. Probably the next generations will cost more, but the pluses will be insignificant compared to F2 Pro.

The recipe for success for new phone brands

Just like Oppo did with Oneplus and now it does with Realme or as Huawei did with Honor, that's exactly what Xiaomi does with Poco.

It is the machine with which you can enter new niches, such as the niche of low-budget enthusiasts.

What's wrong with that?

There would be nothing wrong if the mother brands kept their original recipe. Unfortunately, with the popularization of “chicken” brands, their prices also increase and at some point they break away from the “nest”, and become independent companies, having nothing to do with the recipe that established them.

Oppo's people didn't prove it with the Oneplus Chicken Brand, which once grew well, became a pseudo-luxury product, with which the geek with unnatural brand attachment can be identified.

Where did I buy and how much did I pay for the Poco F2 Pro?

I bought the phone on Banggood.com and I paid around 1900 lei, but now the phone is much cheaper, around 1800 lei, and if you find a coupon, you probably get it even cheaper.

Silver I did it with the card. I didn't use Paypal because they have a very bad course. The bank's exchange rate, in my case BCR, was much more advantageous than the Paypal exchange rate.

delivery it was made in Spain, and I received the package at the door delivered by courier (GLS).

Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO

How's the phone? my honest opinion.

Physical contact

From the first contact I was surprised. The first thing you feel is weight. Poco F2 Pro is a pretty heavy phone, because it is made of metal and glass and in addition it has a high capacity battery.

The finishes are top notch and you never have the impression that it is a relatively cheap phone.

Contact with the software

At first glance, the MIUI interface with the Poco launcher seems pretty… .. over the hand. Fortunately, in a day or two I got used to it and now I can say that I feel at home.

I think if there was something about this phone that would give people back from buying it, it is the software that is not as intuitive at first.

However, once you get past the steep learning curve, it becomes simple and after that you start to discover the advantages.

MIUI it is an extremely customizable interface and can make your phone exactly the way you want it.

Contact with performance

The Snapdragon 865 along with memory and fast storage make the Poco F2 Pro fly.

I never felt like he had a problem with anything. Everything happens instantly and that is the merit of the 180 hz sample rate of the screen. I'm talking here about the scanning speed of the touch matrix, not the refresh rate of the AMOLED which is 60 hz.


Snapdragon 865

8 or 6 GB RAM

UFS storage 3.1

800 nits AMOLED screen

Sample rate 180hz (touch matrix)

Muja jack 3,5mm

IR diode (remote control)

33W fast charging

Large 4700 mAh battery

Bluetooth 5.1

Wi-Fi 6


Motorized selfie camera (screen without holes)

Large main camera sensor

8K filming at 24 or 30 fps

Anyway, I'm not going to list, because there's a lot to write, and it's easier to write down the minuses.


The lack of OIS (optical stabilization), on the other hand, has very good electronic stabilization on video

No stereo sound (mono speaker sounds great)

Lack of water resistance (no one misses it)

Recommend Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO

I recommend it without reservation Little F2 PRO, and still for those who do not like the level of customization and do not manage to get used to the MIUI interface, I recommend Samsung S10 Lite

Buy Poco F2 PRO at the lowest price


POCO F2 PRO global version


Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO

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  1. Yes very good Xiaomi smartphones, I have Xiaomi Redmi note 9 pro and I am satisfied with it version 6g ram 128 internal mem.

  2. I found a coupon, ordered and paid 1735 lei.
    Delivery in one week (3-5 days)

  3. you put 1900 lei on the phone. I say it is acceptable. when I heard from your mouth that now the phone costs MUCH MUCH LESS.
    I was thinking about 800-900 lei. Is it really that big difference from 1900 to 1800? Or do we want to say big things that are actually so small?

  4. Ananie Hiriscau said

    I ordered on Ali Express on September 17 and it came on September 21, at the price of $ 395, about 1600 lei, it came from Poland.

  5. We look forward to a separate video about the camera, especially the low light performance (maybe compared to the Samsung S10 Lite)

  6. Ananie-Ioan Hirișcău said

    I used the Poco F2 Pro phone from September 2020 until now without any problems, although it was difficult for me to switch from iPhone…
    What I want to tell you is that it doesn't load anymore! I found the solution on youtube, in the sense that it must be placed diagonally on the corner of the desk and pressed with the fingers on the other diagonal. It really worked! There are probably some problems with the contacts…
    I wanted to put a picture or link but I couldn't, anyway if you are interested, search on youtube and you will find it!


  1. […] Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO beast accessible with Snapdragon 865 […]

  2. […] Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO beast accessible with Snapdragon 865 […]

  3. […] Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO beast accessible with Snapdragon 865 […]

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