Xiaomi yi, cheap sport the best room

Sports are a special category rooms, meant to help in the rapid capture of images and videos without worrying confuse or slow us down. Rooms sport been around for years, but consumer segment, have been popularized by the company GoPro, which, in 2004 launched the first room for surfers, able to film and photograph the action up close, where professional photographers could not reach or where equipment does not help them.

Xiaomi yi, cheap sport the best room

Since 2004, the market has been enriched with a lot of similar products. Many of these GoPro "clones" failed to get close to the original, being only rooms embedded with parts found through Chinese webcam stores.
Xiaomi yi Videotutorial
Today I will meet Xiaomi yi, a sports room, which makes it very hard to approach GoPro quality, and in some areas even exceed it (pictured).
Xiaomi yi's advantage is price, not exceeding 300 and a lei. Very little compared with GoPro Hero4 Black, which cost around 2000 lei, or salt Silver Hero 4 1600 cost around lei.
Xiaomi yi not a room made from components webcam. It has a Sony Exmor R sensor 16mp that offers image quality.
Sensor - Sony BSI Exmor R 16mp
Processor - Ambarella A7LS
Lens - 155 °, iris f / 2.8 (software distortion correction)
Connectivity - wifi, Bluetooth (for accessories)
Ports - micro USB, micro HDMI
Storage - microSD up to 64gb
Video resolutions - 2K, 1080, 720, 480
Frame rate - between 24fps and 240fps depending on the resolution
Audio - internal microphone
Small problems Xiaomi yi camera:
Before that, I must say that no sports room has automatic focus. Rooms are focused factory sport (even GoPro).
1. Objective focused factory for self (in resolution video)
2. Some models have sound too weak (resolution video)
In my opinion:
The money, he brainer. We must take into account any accidents, when we lose the room. It's one thing to lose 300 lei, another to lose 2000 lei.
The quality difference between GoPro and Xiaomi yi almost does not exist. Sure, when shooting 4K on the GoPro Hero 4 Black, things change, but overall Xiaomi yi holds up pretty well to the "original."
What is 2K?
2K is an atypical resolution, which is slightly higher than Full HD 1080. 2K on this camera is 2304 × 1296. Depending on the manufacturer, you will see that this 2K differs.
The samples we shot at 25 frames per second, so to synchronize with Panasonic Lumix G7. You can shoot at 25fps 30 or if you change from PAL to NTSC. The camera can shoot in several resolutions at different frame rates sites:
2K - 25-30fps
1080p – 24-25-30-48-50-60fps
960p - 48-50-60fps
720p – 48-50-60-100-120fps
480 - 200-240fps
What about 48fps?
48fps is the frame rate at which the Hobbit film. 48fps allows us to slow down the video timeline 50%, to obtain slow motion perfectly synchronized 24 fps (frame rate of film).
More details can be found in the video. If you want a tutorial on custom firmware on this camera, please email me the comments. I now use a slightly modified firmware, which allows me to shoot at 35Mbps for better details and more detailed textures in motion.
Amazon Price Xiaomi yi delivering in Romania

Video tutorial - Xiaomi yi, the best cheap sports camera

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  1. Hi Cristi, drive the car in the video?

  2. Great! Thank you!

    A tutorial that you expect!

    I know maybe it's old-fashioned, but that's your opinion about having antivirus, firewall today? What do you recommend? Setting mode? People, including myself with my fellow security issues. Each want information from the PC to be protected and we would like to know how we can make. Whether with antivirus, firewall or with maximum attention :).

    Thank you!

    • This topic I addressed him not long ago, as you noticed.
      In today's commercial antivirus it protects you no better than the Windows Defender software, unless you go to sites that are bathed in malware.
      The threats have changed. Now everything happens on the web, where you have Java script malware mingled with players and other wonders.
      An antivirus that scan traffic all the time, you could use the user experience. You will not mind non-stop windows scripts confirmation that anyhow you how to identify them.
      The solution!
      Windows Defender with avoiding certain sites (you know who) is the most elegant and most economical. Another solution is to use free Windows user rights not admin. That way they will not be able to install software or run scripts sucked.
      Another method, see website sucks, do not go in there and ready.
      Of course, it depends on the user. If you click on all those, no antivirus can not help you.
      You have to find the balance between experience and security. You can now blind to your PC with malware programs that you will spoil the experience and speed of navigation.
      What I use?
      Nothing special, Windows Defender, which comes installed with Windows. The former Security Essentials. And believe me, go to my PC almost non-stop. In addition I have a lot of important data. Yet, do not use commercial security solutions.

      • Thanks for the reply, Cristi!

        Perhaps a solution besides those mentioned to you would be to use Linux, but only if we find powerful alternative to Windows-based applications, which we use in our routine in using your PC.

  3. About SSDs not do tutorials? same range of price and capacity, ex-120 240 are many gb

    • ISTRATE Mihai said

      Mr. CRISTIAN.Va Please let me specify which camera is the difference entre xioami yi yi BASIC ACTION and xioami room? I do not know to buy on Amazon, and found in ROMANIA, Xiaomi BASIC.

  4. HELLO crystal
    help me with something you didn't do or explain: how do you film the night in the car and if you can also use the car power supply from the lighter or if it is powered from the car, it goes into standby mode? I have a camera in the car which at night is ……… .. disaster when deciphering the number of the car or especially the colors have gone crazy (prestio roadrunner 515).

    • The camera can be powered Xiaomi yi while tracking, but must start and stop it manually.
      The quality of light is OK where decency, such as illuminated streets of cities. Seen slowly through side streets as long as the street is illuminated. In urban intersections, seen very well (for a small sensor). Worst seen outside the city, where there is no lighting.
      Altogether, performs better in low light than the GoPro.

  5. If you follow the gearbest.com promotion price there is more ok than on Amazon. http://www.gearbest.com/

  6. Hello. You had your chance to make a comparison between this room and the GoPro cheap alternative? (GoPro entry level)

  7. Hi Cristi, I tried to order the camera in the tutorial, and I find out with amazement that amazon.co.uk when I want to order the product gives me the following message "This item can be delivered to Romania"…

  8. bravo Christ. Thanks for your presentation.
    I want to ask you if you agree with liquid cooled processors. for example that: http://www.emag.ro/cooler-procesor-nzxt-kraken-x41-compatibil-intel-amd-140-mm-rl-krx41-01/pd/DD0D2MBBM/
    is a significant drop in temperature? if it would drop by at least 10 degree, if I get one
    I still think of the hose not escape ala liquid at a time in PC. if it's safer on the air.

  9. I often watch, I like videotutorialele, but I have a question, what ZSD?
    I found the phone's camera options.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      ZSD comes to SHUTTER DELAY ZERO. It is a software image stabilization, and helps stabilize the image than if you trembling hands of time you touch the capture button.

  10. GARLIC Bogdan said

    Adrian Gudus you said, you certainly will make videotutorialul to customize your iPhone ringtone. I would like to do soon I needed it. And I'm sure many others would like to know (only not demanded).

  11. Nice tutorial, but you can make a tutorial about the best smartphone flight ship and the best price-quality phone because now is the gift period and I think it is a useful buying guide.

    Thank you.

  12. Hello! He tried someone you connect with iPhone? I saw that there application in AppStore, but I wanted to know if anyone has tested.
    Thank you.

  13. Christ can greet you interested in this video but I think you know what it is I definitely know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsAYhJRAc3I

  14. Hello again, and I want to know if you can do something overclook but with a soft .. as the BIOS can not!
    please help me i really don't know…

  15. I ordered from Amazon at a room, a card and a camera stand, 3 any day now.
    Today, the 4 morning I received confirmation that the payment was made through banking, but surprise, they were charged only 150 550lei lions. I received and email confirmation for products, but the surprise is that it delivers just the card and support. What do I do with them? Now I notice that most links camcorder delivers not in Romania. Yet in my work, I received confirmation that it delivers. Would I try to order another room elsewhere but I am afraid to wake up with both. I think we have to wait to see how to solve.

  16. I received confirmation and camera last night at 2: D. Probably the 2 different locations.

  17. Dan Ovidiu said

    Hello! Of this room and Eken H9 you choose?

  18. Dan Ovidiu said

    Thanks for the reply !

  19. The room has no option to mute the sound on record?

  20. Hello!
    After seeing the tutorial, I also bought a Xiaomi Yi camera. I updated to the latest 1.2.13 firmware. It connects to the phone, the problem is that I can't change any settings, at any attempt I get the message "couldn't update settings", and after a few seconds "settings timed out"

  21. You can order / buy in Romania? If so, where, Thankyou in advance.

  22. Alexander s. said

    Hello Cristi.
    Does this camera also have motion detection? The idea is that I would like to leave her in the car overnight and she might catch something.
    I am waiting for an answer.
    Thank you

  23. Hello, Cristi I did not understand what you say and video delay if / how can escape into space consumption when the room is closed.

  24. If you can explain how in some detail, the better, thank you in advance

  25. Hello, I have a rugaminte you can do a tutorial that special firmware that you use on camera.Multumesc.

  26. Howdy,
    I help myself and someone with a calibration focus for Xiaomi Yi Bucharest.

    Thank you,

  27. Dear Cristi,

    Can not you make another tutorial, updated for car cameras? other camera models.

  28. Hello Cristi.
    How far can I see it in real-time on my phone?

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