Yahoo is dying, transferring data from Yahoo to Gmail

Transferring data from Yahoo to Gmail

Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about moving emails, contacts, calendar events, Yahoo Mail account to your Google account.

What happens with Yahoo?

If Yahoo has lately given a fuck about with Yahoo Messenger, it is time to give the post and Yahoo Mail. Sure, they are not to blame but the evil hackers who compromise thousands of accounts, right?
Given that Yahoo Mail and all its services are about to give spirit, and that receive a lot of spam (junk mail), I decided to take my catrafusele from Yahoo account and to move to Google.

What's your take on Yahoo?

I will take only the most valuable content for me, emails, contacts and calendar events.
Yahoo contacts move them to your Google contacts, emails in Gmail and Yahoo move them they'll move calendar events in Google Calendar.

How we take data from Yahoo?

The process is very simple, we do not need additional software or additional web services. We'll use the "Accounts and Imported" feature in your Gmail account settings. This will open a small wizard for us in which we can choose to import Yahoo contacts and Yahoo emails. We can choose only one option or all. If you have a very old Yahoo account that has accumulated a lot of emails, I recommend that you wait a few days after going through the steps to import into Gmail until you are notified at the top of your Gmail account that the import is complete.

Maybe it's best to delete and account.

After making sure that your contacts, emails and events Yahoo, have been successfully migrated into your Google account, you can access this address to permanently delete your Yahoo account.
That said, I invite you to watch the tutorial to see exactly how Yahoo move emails, contacts and calendar Yahoo Yahoo, Google account.
In the end you do a little revealing, some rumors say that Yahoo is selling but this is just a rumor, so do not quote me on that!

Transferring data from Yahoo to Gmail

Video tutorial

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  1. Innocent miclea said

    Hello, if I use yahoo address for login on different sites as those sites do for logging on to the address gmail.Va thanks

  2. To me it does not work, I tried only mention of Firefox.
    Adriane Aporporo what you started folosesto Opera?

  3. OK, I have a Yahoo account just to use the address for different things that seem strange. But where this news as a dying ?! Source, something we can see?

  4. Regards for tutorial. Is how to proceed if we mails grouped in different folders created? These can be exported? (Find no option for them)

  5. Upon deleting the account you will receive the following notification from Yahoo: “Your account has been deactivated and will be deleted from the Yahoo network in approximately 91 day (s). This delay is necessary to discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity. ”

    • Adrian Gudus said

      And so? It was talked about in the tutorial! No longer run the tutorials and tail head them not to fight on the plains stupid comments

  6. Adrian I have a nelanurire for example have an account on a tracker for torrents and have that account on yahoo and if you import data to gmail and then delete contu yahoo longer receive notifications on gmail if I want to change my password or if you want I change something else.

  7. Ros Dorina said

    I was crushed mail address and can not retrieve it who can help me? address is [email protected]Com, tel.0746645446

  8. 1. if you delete your account, and do not get on yahoo messages will be imported after the 30 days?
    2. If you delete yahoo account, to understand that after the 30 days will no longer be able to receive anything from gmail yahoo account?
    thank you!

  9. minimalist said

    How do you have the same username on Gmail and Yahoo, there is a possibility? Ex. [email protected] be [email protected]

  10. Adrian Gudus said

    The "Import new messages for the next 30 days" option is offered as a grace period.
    A sufficiently large that you announce that you close all moved on Gmail and that is to close your Yahoo account.
    Useful if, when you decide to move, has not yet come much expected that email (Yahoo account) but you know they are going to get it.

  11. Long wanted to abolish my old Yahoo account. With about 2 years ago I went through a kind of South Africa and then are overrun by spam and Yahoo do nothing in this regard. Ads from the same companies continue to enter my Inbox.
    With many messages to transfer, it will last long. That means these days 2 will have to stay with off?
    Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I have already answered this question in the tutorial.
      When they've finished moving all messages, you will receive notification at the top, in your Gmail account.
      I can not understand why people ask questions although not looked entirely at the tutorial.
      You do not care, do not want to see the whole tutorial but have questions. I thing I can not understand.
      If you ask me what I already explained in the video tutorial, we do not respect anything that we do. Lack of respect
      And then the world wondered "Adrian, why don't you do video tutorials as often as before"

  12. wick Zdrampâr said

    "Yahoo is dying" ?! Where is the news that ?!

  13. Cristian Chendea said

    I have a question on this subject to import yahoo mail to gmail how import and folders in yahoo mail? If you delete yahoo account, imported folders are preserved?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I just answered another user above the folder structure that you have in Yahoo, Gmail will import. How did folders in Yahoo, Gmail and you will have them. And no, Gmail will delete after you delete your account Yahoo.

  14. with puppy with piglet :)))). piglet hear
    and redirect how do? who sends me mail on Yahoo to reach gmail.

  15. Omeo Huţanu said

    Hello. I have a question about this news. As we know, those from Flickr provides a space for those who 1 T Yahoo account. Do you think this service will be affected? What do you think about this?

  16. Yahoo unlikely to disappear so soon. It was improved and even advertises that you can check out other direct mail in yahoo mail addresses.
    He died Yahoo Messenger as I knew before, but a new version was made totally different.
    It's clear that Google has surpassed Yahoo. Gmail is now in trend, and offer more services package.
    However forte at Yahoo are still news.

  17. elena Yen sima said

    Good morning, I no longer use E.mailuri but I iahoo an archive folder, many, that that which I have filed is important. I would not want to lose them as much folders? Thank you .

  18. I just opened an account on Yahoo and I feel more comfortable than on Facebook where everything was conditioned by finding as many friends as possible, otherwise I was not allowed to comment on any newspaper in Romania - that's what I liked more - and I didn't write anything vulgar, I think it was also about the fact that I'm not a young employee. Instead, I wrote in English to several newspapers in the UK and sent holiday wishes to the Pope in Rome. Now I don't know if anyone is looking at these messages, but I did my best, as they say. Regarding the gmail account on Google, it is very good but you have nothing on the screen, newspaper articles, advertisements, etc. as you have at Yahoo. It is best to stick with both options.

  19. I followed all the steps, I say to import finished but I transferred all content folders. and are quite many. are forced seem to keep yahoo.mail, 1000 of emails they can send one by one.

  20. Ungureanu Florian said

    Hi… I also have a problem… I had a Gmail account for about 2 months giving up the yahoo one… the problem is that I don't receive notifications on the phone when I receive an email or I receive a very difficult email… and another problem would be that I can no longer subscribe to the video tutorial I entered the Gmail address twice and I did not receive email with the latest tutorials

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Open Gmail on your phone, you have a button in the upper left (3 superimposed lines) you touch
      In the menu that appears, you scroll down and tap Settings
      Then touch “[email protected]"
      Touch the "Incoming message categories" section and check all the boxes
      Dai Back (back) and go to the Manage section labels
      Touching each section Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums and each one tick Tag notifications. This is all

      • Ungureanu Florian said

        I did as you told me… now it remains to be seen if I will receive an email with the following tutorials thank you

  21. Ungureanu said

    after I did what you told me I waited next tutorial on email and nimic..alta solving?

  22. Stefanescu Florentina said

    I would like to know that I'm hurting my time but I can not find out how I could do it. I reset my phone and I set the factory settings that it was going hard and I was deleted and the mail that saved my problem is that I only know password and if I give it back I wonder if the old phone number is available and I do not have it for several years and no recovery email is valid only. How do I change my phone number to recover my password?

  23. hello, I don't know why it doesn't work for me, it says to open a pop-up window

  24. it tells me that the request is being processed and to open the pop-up window

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