Zune, an indispensable multimedia software for those with Windows Phone 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present the Zune software, this is a multimedia center for synchronizing all devices in the Microsoft portfolio: Windows Phone 7, Zune player, Xbox, etc., I said at the beginning of the phrase "Zune software" because there is and a device called Zune, a kind of iPod from Microsoft.
Zune without any file can be transferred to and from Windows Phone 7, those who have a smartphone so I know very well.
On the multimedia Zune is interesting enough, you can open video, audio, photo, over all this can ripui (turning tracks in MP3, WAV) and burn CDs of music (track) or format MP3 for whom Wants.
With the help of those who have a Zune Windows Phone smartphone will be able to update your phone when it receives notification on your phone, you simply connect your phone to PC and Zune does the rest.
Sync will be the most used function for Windows Phone, this can be done either via USB cable or by wireless phone, that if you have a router and PC are connected to it and the phone (on the same SSID).
Besides the functions of sync with the devices Microsoft's this Zune is quite interesting, I especially liked the slideshow accompanied by your favorite music, so much I liked how to manage music collection, I can say that I'm used to him now and now I find another player in the stone age.
Modern in style Windows interface 8 (Metro UI)
Intuitive way of working
How easy music management
The accuracy with which categorizes pieces
Wireless Synchronization with Windows Phone (when the phone is loaded)
The multitude of formats recognized
MP3 support (finally!)
He has no equalizer
It has advanced settings for audio and video
There is a help file on the local
Instructions nearly zero
It would have been interesting working a remote (PC-phone and vice versa)
Those who wish to purchase a smartphone in that period has to bend his attention to Windows Phone smartphones, they are priced at less than advantageous, for example this HTC Mobile Phone 7 PRO .
You should know that all Windows Phone smartphones have high specifications, the only problem remains the low number of applications, we hope to solve soon.

Download Zune software

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. … .Is it better to have a phone with "windows in it" or any other bone "? … This is the question… it is certain that with a quarter of the price of this phone you can make a desktop with which you can direct missiles… right it is that it will not fit in your pocket :))))))))) small means money, good tutorial!

    • John Unknown said

      Hi, when I install Zune it tells me so 'Windows 7 portable device update' didn't install because a required service is not running on this computer.

      Error code: 0x80070422

      What can you do in this regard?

  2. Hello! When I play a show I totorial following error Server not found: rtmp :/ / / simplevideostreaming / mp4 :/ can you help me to solve this problem considering the fact that I like Gogle Chrome browser and windows7 and net connection is secunda.Pe 10mb on YouTube, 220.ro etc all go on this site but nu.Multumesc!

  3. Ju

    Hello! When I give play to a totorial displays urmatoareServer not found error: RTMP: // / simplevideostreaming / mp4: / can you help me to solve this problem considering the fact that I gogle Chrome browser and connect to the net and windows7 secunda.Pe of 10mb on YouTube, etc all go 220.ro but nu.Multumesc this site!

    Empty the cache is not a problem for us, videotutorial.ro work properly, have no problems with streaming, even I can say that loads very well.
    Again, empties the cache or use another browser.
    I can see tutorials on mobile net mobile network (EDGE).

  4. software3g said

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    1. You can have your laptop in the car and the phone battery discharged. and you can call directly from a laptop claims PHONE free limited inpusa site. or you can restartezii if dynamic IP modem and then restart every'll still had 2 free calls
    2. There are many people abroad and the many sounds from your mobile or landline apeluluii where costs are higher.

  5. Congratulations tutorial! Player is excellent and moves surprisingly well. I think I'll give up AIMP.

  6. Some tutorials for After Effects would be super hard, not really seen many video tutorials in Romanian about this software.

  7. danny23mr said

    hello cristi I also have a htc mozart with wp7 and I can not in any way be able to send or receive anything via bluetooth besides this new operating system my opinion is that it comes "naked" very few settings you can not customize anything more settings I had on my first phone 8 years ago a t190 was :)) and the thing that you always have to be addicted to zune drives me crazy

  8. I look 14 trial after ??? findca I tried all sorts of combinations and still have not managed to sign somewhere ?? enlightened me or wait 14 days ??? thank you !!!

  9. very good tutorial, but I did not understand how so and add the music I set the folders where we have music and everything, but I do not appear in the collection? I do not mean music folders appears nikaieri? how do? Thank you?

  10. I installed the Zune this but am very impressed with him. First installation took too much because I installed updates for windows !!! I do not set the update because I happened to her. Windows crashed my site from a wave of updates. When I go and do a year as the first day. And this program has installed practically forced forced. That is an unconscious from Microsoft .. Secondly consume too many resources, past and 100 mega RAM. But it was expected because it shows how they look, that nice. But it's pretty chaotic. To put the music playlist first have to put in section Artists (just drag in drop) and then in all by the same process in the playlist. And the Artists do not put the order in which you enter, you have to look. I personally have not found a method introduced songs like winamp or other programs, safer method I say. There I used the video or pictures'm not interested. It VLC for movies, music and newer use Winamp AIMP (excluding music, consumes very little). I installed the Zune that are looking for something new (for me). Maybe one more thing to say but finish here.

  11. I discovered that you can't repeat a single song unless you put only one in a list and give "repeat". The "repeat" button is for the entire list only. How can you make a program look good but be so limited and not introduce important features? As if a factory were making a car without a steering wheel. So in other words Microsoft FAILED!
    Who is preparing to install something to acknowledge this.

  12. Nokia lumia 610 its acquisition of a Buna.am and tried to use programu zune to put songs on it but not really what I understand reusit.din can not put my rightone.intrebare a favorite song that's how I would do this and if I could phone in my favorite tracks but only 30 seconds but not entirely, and another question my image like that ping only change but to 2 3 weeks while in your tutorialu changed imediat.cum I saw that you did? thank you and your continued success .munca not in vain

    • Hi, I also have a Nokia Lumia 610 and I don't know how I could install the Xbox on my phone for games…. I tried to install it from windows phone .. when I'm logged in it doesn't appear under the INSTAL icon but when I'm not logged in it appears to me ,,,,, I tried to install it, yes, it doesn't work… .. If anyone knows how I could install it, find me at ID: laur_bossu_sangerosu ……. thank you very much

      • I also recently bought a nokia lumia 610… I installed zune on my pc, but I don't know how to put songs in my phone… how to take pictures from my phone… .same problem… please who knows how to answer my message… or on mess id: camy022493

  13. Hello how zimi please remove images from the zune pc ???

  14. how to send the games? I have a nokia 610 and zune software but do not know how to send them

  15. hello cristi… let me ask your id to ask you more about zune… a question would be about games

  16. Brother, do a tutorial and how to download an application from the marketplace and how to put it on the phone and where to find it. Quite difficult for me…

  17. Cristi still find us and us in mind! :)))

  18. intaleg not anything of this telefonu that no call goes blututu no pl zumer bag in el.imi zumer say and where to find me ??

  19. hi..I have an lg e900 with windows 7… I tried to put applications on the zune so I can put it on the phone, I didn't succeed? can I put applications ?: how can I copy video from phone to pc using zune? I didn't succeed… 🙁… when I enter the marketplace on my phone I can't download anything..how can I solve with these programs… is there any software on the net to be able to put applications on this phone directly? and if I enter the phone to download applications with "xpa" it tells me "non support xpa" what to do? I am waiting for an answer ... esteem

  20. Transfer via Bluetooth only works after you update to Bluetooth 7.8 and take share from market place after updating.
    For programs and games are entering the market place the icon on your phone and you can download what you want.

  21. I have nokia lumia 710. If you have any questions let me know.

  22. hello I bought a Windows Phone 7 (ZTE Tania) and I want to please explain to me how I can download programs and how you can instala.Cu Zune I did, I managed to add the PC to the phone music poze.Eu example if I download a program from the internet on your phone (eg skype, youtube, yahoo, facebook, etc) fail to instalez.Imi you need another application to download or program.Astept details how can I download and install software, applications, etc.

  23. I do not know what the ZTE but should be the same as other brands of windows phone. To download programs and applications uses icononita the marketplace by phone. You must have Microsoft account to download something from the market and you have WiFi on your phone if you want to download larger programs of 50 mb. If you have any questions me to tell me.

  24. Buna.am and I nokia lumia 610, but I can not manage at all el.In First I installed Windows XP on PC, so I can not download the application from the start Zune.Deci I can not download anything from your phone to PC. I want to ask, how can I put a picture on facebook for instance? that tells me that my browser does not support photos and put them through the mail or can not so! sucks so badly phone via Bluetooth asta.Nu mention that I can not receive or send some pictures, music so what to do?

  25. Good anemone. First Zune goes on Windows XP, I had installed Windows XP and when I went. Maybe you SP3 on Windows XP and that you do not go. To put photos on facebook application you need Facebok is taken from Marketplace on your phone, then you must have in phone photos you want to upload them to Facebook. In order to work you have to do bluetooth windows update 7.8 using Zune phone, then download bluetooth share the Marketplace.

  26. Hi poate can someone help me… how can i put on a lg e 900 a song as a ringtone other than the phone

    • marius radu said

      Hi razvan… I also have a lg e 900 and I would like to ask you to help me with some information…, namely how can I put my music, pictures, etc. on the phone on my PC with a data cable?

  27. To put a song on your phone, you need to reduce the song so that it is less than 1 mb in size and does not exceed 40 seconds. after you have modified the song, you put it in the zune to the collection of songs you want to transfer. After you have transferred the song to the zune you have to look on the right side where there is a table that says "genre" there you have to write the song "ringtone" after which you transfer it to your phone and it will appear in the top menu to ring tones. If you still have questions I am available.

  28. Howdy,
    I do not see Zune phone, No Device Connected appears to me, is like music atop give him show me

  29. Howdy,
    I do not see Zune phone, No Device Connected appears to me, is like music atop give him show me

    can someone help me please. thank you.

  30. to put my zune music by e Paid? I saw that to ask me a song I need to buy puncte..ma can help someone with more information?

  31. Kdee Hello! No need to buy the music they want to put it on zune. You just have to take a song and shoot zune to your collection on your phone. For more details please contact me mess.

  32. shawl
    I bought a nokia lumia 820 and I want to know what I should progam to see films with subtitles and all. normal movie but I can see no subtitle. should I download another program for processing?

  33. Mircea Ionut said

    I have a question for admin, why not let me do my zune account?

  34. Adrian Gudus said

    Mircea Ionut: I have a question for admin, why not let me do my zune account?

    As you sign on, you need a Zune Zune compatible device (a smartphone with Windows, an Xbox)


  36. Hi, I recently bought my Nokia Lumia710, and it gives me a lot of headaches, I downloaded and installed zune, it works, it's ok, but I also insert USB into my phone and PC and I don't get it back, it tells me connect? and i don't know what to do… dak can you please give me some advice

  37. hello, i have a nokia lumia 620 and i can't download anything …… I'm waiting for the answerssss… ..

  38. Lucian Razvan Tudor said

    please, if possible, what can I do to be able to register on the zune because I tried and I can't have my new phone and so that I can add different songs on my phone as a ringtone or so that I can open an office to write and apply for different companies and I can't send it to the e-mail, it's just written in the phone. It would be possible for someone to show me the mo mota type.

  39. Lucian Razvan Tudor said

    now I bought a HTC 7MOZART

  40. I also have a Nokia Lumia610 and I want to put my music on it. I don't know at all. you can help me. thanks a lot…

  41. I have an HTC HD2 that I installed WP 7.8 updated by Zune to 7.10… my problem is that I can no longer transfer any songs to my phone from my computer (for example an mp3 song) because it does not add it to the playlist and does not sync it with my phone without logging in with a live account ID… I made an account and it still doesn't work, it says there is a server error… I ask someone who had such a problem and solved it to tell me what can I do?

  42. ilie irina said

    ZTE Tania a good .I was ok about 3 2 luni.a-date luni.dintr not going to find I connect to wifi.imi write tp link connecting conecteaza.nu but not know what to do with el.l -I went and repaired degeaba.nimeni he knows how to put them in the windows repare.nimeni not phone.de when I took made me probleme.cine can help me?

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