On this page you will find everything you need for keeping your computer clean, malware (virus, trojan, spyware, etc), below you will find most articles related to security, arranged CATEGORY, they will be added to this page as we will be carrying.
Of course, anyone can come up with questions and suggestions related to security may interest your experiences across from malware, can you tell us what problems you had and how you resolved them, in case you have not solved, we can seek advice and our team will try to give a helping hand.
The tutorials below are arranged in order of posting, newest are the first and the oldest are last, do not think that they are arranged in order of performance.

Antivirus programs - tutorials:

Panda Cloud Antivirus (free)

Avast 5 presentation (free)

Microsoft Security Essentials (Free for Windows with liceenta)

Kaspersky anti-virus live CD

Avira antivirus 9 (free)

4 Avast Home Edition (free)

ESET antivirus nod32 4

AVG Antivirus Free Edition (free)

Security suites (antivirus + firewall + other modules) - tutorials:

ESET Smart Security 4

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Comodo Internet Security free (free)

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

Antispyware programs - tutorials:

SpyBot - Search & Destroy (free)

Windows Defender and Super Antispyware (Free)

Firewall programs - tutorials:

Zone Alarm firewall free (free)

Scan programs, anti-virus

Dr.Web CureIt scan and disinfection (free)

Antivirus, Antispyware products of type Behavioral - tutorial

Fire Threat (free)


CryptoLocker, such as disinfecting how do we prevent and recover your files