Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review

Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review
5 (5) 100%

Review Tronsmart Element T6

Where's the success of bluetooth speakers?

Before the existence of audio streaming via Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, etc., there were not very portable music solutions, and the grill musician had 2 options.

He opened the trunk and made the most of the sound system in the car. He had a portable tool with batteries that were consumed immediately.

In the first case, finish the battery from the car, and then look for current through the area to start the engine.

In the second case, you had to carry large batteries with you, which ended quickly and cost a lot.

The emergence of bluetooth speakers with batteries!

The second big "trick" after bluetooth was the batteries, which, after the end of the box you put it in charge and take it from the end. No need to give money to batteries.

The third big "appearance" that practically led to the explosion of the bluetooth speaker market was the audio streaming from the cloud.

Download WhatsApp file download to PC (WhatsApp for computer)

Download WhatsApp file download to PC (WhatsApp for computer)
4.4 (8) 87.5%

Download WhatsApp files to your PC

What is this tutorial for?

This video tutorial (Download WhatsApp File Download on PC) will show you two things, very useful for WhatsApp users.

Downloading files from WhatsApp to PCSending files via WhatsApp, to PC

How can I send files from Whatsapp to PC?

Even though WhatsApp is a mobile application, it can also be used on the desktop, using the WhatsApp Web feature.

WhataApp Web is a feature made available by WhatsApp service administrators, so that users can also connect from their PC or even from any other device through a Web browser.

How to send files through Whatsapp on PC

Using the "Group" function, we will make a group with a single member and the administrator (who we are). After the group is created, the only member of the group will be deleted.

The group will only stay with the administrator, meaning only we will be in the group.

In this way we can […]

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019 - you did not know about them

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019 - you did not know about them
4.2 (20) 84%

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019

Why does WhatsApp have so much success?

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019:

The WhatsApp application is what the SMS application should be, if, of course, those who deal with standards and mobile networks are moving faster.

WhatsApp fills a void that the SMS has left when left out of the speed with which communications networks have developed.

Apply to Facebook comes with image and video transfer, the possibility of organizing groups, with various comfort functions and lack of limitations.

Whatsapp has many undercuts!

In order for WhatsApp to keep a simple and intimidating interface, developers have implemented all sorts of tricks that are not so obvious at first glance.

Because it's a mobile app, the classic touchscreen controls like tap and hold, [...]

7 cargo stuff in Google Chrome that you did not know

7 cargo stuff in Google Chrome that you did not know
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7 stuff stuff in Google Chrome

What is a web browser?

The web browser is an application that knows how to open html pages, scripts, images, which can play video, etc., etc.

No problem can be said that the web browser is the most used application on desktop platforms, where we do not have dedicated applications for Youtube, Facebook, etc.

The browser is basically our window to information, news, blogs, vlogs, movies, etc.

Which is the best browser?

I have made a comparison some time ago about "which is the best browser" but that does not matter. The main factor in everything today is popularity.

Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and that's why I decided to do this 7 tutorial with useful features on Google Chrome desktop.

7 stuff stuff in Google Chrome

Shortcuts or shortcuts - you can make shortcuts on your desktop or in the taskbar for your favorite sites. Home Button - [...]

Tronsmart Element Force review - almost perfect bluetooth box

Tronsmart Element Force review - almost perfect bluetooth box
4.9 (12) 98.33%

What should a bluetooth speaker be so perfect?

There are some features that we want to bluetooth speakers when we want to buy one

The most important thing is the sound quality that needs to be balanced or enhanced on the low, with more bass, according to your preferences. It measures the battery's autonomy, just talking about portable stuff. Dust, water and shocks, to stay calm the beach, the pool or the rain (IP rating). Playback capabilities other than Bluetooth (jack jack aux, micro SD card slot) Price is another extremely important factor

Tronsmart Element Force review - a very exciting boxer

The Tronsmart bluetooth box ticks all the important features and functions, and that at a very good price (Chinese magic)

We have a strong and balanced sound with more than satisfactory volume. In short, it sounds loud and good.

I can not say that [...]

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera
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Turn the phone into the surveillance room for where it is not worth installing rooms.

Surveillance cameras do not keep us from thieves, but at least we keep in touch with what happens when we're not where the camera is mounted.

As we all know, even if cameras have been cheap in recent times, it's still costing you money to install a room and that's why it's not worth installing rooms anywhere.

Maybe we do not want to watch for a long time.

Sometimes you want to supervise a place, rather than for a short period of time. It is tempting to use a phone as a surveillance camera.

The advantages of using a phone as a surveillance camera

The phone has a battery, which allows us to put it almost anywhereProbably anyone who has an old home phone that can recyclePortability and configuration options The ability to stream on different platformsThe phone already has it, you do not have to [...]

Different IP cameras in an app on Android

Different IP cameras in an app on Android
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Different IP cameras in an application

Each watch camera manufacturer has its application to watch live images transmitted by that camera or surveillance cameras.

Problems arise when we have surveillance cameras from different manufacturers. Then you need to open an application for each room.

Surveillance cameras must be able to be seen in a single application.

TinyCam Monitor is an application with which we can see all the cameras at the same time on the screen, and the application settings allow us to choose faster or clearer video streams.

The initial setting of TinyCam Monitor is not too complicated, especially if you follow this tutorial. All you have to do is scan the network and the cameras will appear immediately. Those who are more obstinate will introduce them manually, which is not a very complicated process.

Why do you have to make sure you?

Install TinyCam Monitor FreeAvailable IP / port / user and password [...]

Review router Tenda AC10 - pleasant surprises

Review router Tenda AC10 - pleasant surprises
4.1 (14) 82.86%

Review router Tenda AC10

How did this router get to me?

First of all I have to tell you that it is not a sponsored tutorial. Tenda AC10 Router I bought it personally.

My brother asked me a few days ago to find a router that can be stopped at night, wireless on the button.

On many routers, it is possible to program wireless switching off and on, but he (my brother) wanted a router to turn off the wireless signal from the button.

I have cast an eye on the market but have found such a function (wifi switch on the button) only on expensive routers.

When I was beaten, I found in an Altex this router, and I said to try. I knew from the box that he had this button (wifi switch on the button), otherwise we would not take it. The router is called the AC10 Tenda and also has a brother named AC10U, which also has a USB port (AC10 does not have a USB port).

Now [...]

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations
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Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Status of conversation encryption in applications.

Nowadays all chat services such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, provide us with encryption methods that make our conversations free from third-party eyes.

What does this encryption mean?

Encryption and decryption are techniques by which a text or data is hidden under inconspicuous characters using encryption keys that use different text or data streaming methods.

Silent Encryption Example:

Let's say we want to encrypt and send the text "SALUT". By using some keys, we make the word "SALUT" replace with "Hi7 = FwU-23" which is a meaningless string.

This meaningless character string can be decrypted using a key, and the person receiving the message will see "SALUT" instead of "Hi7 = FwU-23".

What's the problem with encrypting applications such as Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.

The basic encryption of Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts will only keep you from the eyes of a [...]

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network
4.7 (16) 93.75%

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

The wireless signal passes through the walls of the house.

When using a Wi-Fi network in the home, we need to be aware that that wireless network can be accessed by other people, neighbors, or people who are nearby.

Better securing Wi-Fi

We also talked about other security issues when logging in to the router, we also talked about breaking a Wi-Fi network with social engineering or using the logon vulnerabilities. Today we will talk about intrusion discovery.

Take the problem of illegal connection seriously!

This is not about connecting your neighbor and spending bandwidth, and that anyone connected to your network can scan your traffic, intercept your data, steal your sessions, as shown in this tutorial.

How can you tell if someone connects illegally on your Wi-Fi?

With Wireless Application [...]