Black theme for Whatsapp - WhatsApp Dark Beta

WhatsApp black theme What is a WhatsApp black theme tutorial? In this tutorial, the black theme for WhatsApp, is a new setting that was introduced in the beta version of the WhatsApp messaging application. Through this setting, you can change the normal theme, which is light in color, and which can disturb the eyes, more ... [Read more...]

Windows Share on iPhone and iPad - wireless, and without itunes

Windows Share on iPhone and iPad What is the Windows Share tutorial on iPhone and iPad? In the Windows Share tutorial on iPhone and iPad, it's about transferring files between Windows and iOS or vice versa, using the simple Windows share method. We will not use the data cable or any applications installed on Windows, such as iTunes. We will transfer from… [Read more...]

Useful settings from Chrome flags - hidden on Android

Useful settings through Chrome flags - video tutorial What is the "Useful Chrome flags settings" tutorial? This video tutorial "Useful settings through Chrome flags" is meant to show you some lesser known settings, buried in the hidden menu Chrome flags from Google Chrome on Android. What is the Chrome flags menu? The Chrome flags menu is a lot of… [Read more...]

Windows Share on Android - files, folders and network partitions

Access Windows sharing on Android What is this tutorial with Windows Share on Android? When I say Windows Share on Android, I mean accessing Windows shares, from your Android phone or tablet. What is Windows share (folder, file, printer or partition sharing)? In Windows, since the world and the earth we have the opportunity to ... [Read more...]

RSS feeds from a Google search - notifications for new search results

RSS feed from a Google search What is this "Make your RSS search from a Google search" video tutorial? This tutorial is about how to make an RSS feed from a Google search; That is, you receive notifications every time someone across the internet touches on the topic you are looking for. RSS feeds went into a shadow cone and I don't know ... [Read more...]

Who's connected to your network? - see everything connected to the network

Who's connected to your network? In this video tutorial you will see how we can find out who was connected to the devices on our network, also we will find out the devices that are connected to the network. Find out who steals your Wi-Fi network Who's connected to your network When is it useful to find out what devices are connected to our network? When you forgot your IP ... [Read more...]

Spy microphone detector GPS trackers and tracking devices

Spy GPS Tracker Microphone Detector What is a Spy GPS Tracker Microphone Detector used for? If you are an important man or you simply have a paranoid life partner, you may be tracked through a spy microphone or GPS tracker, and therefore you need a spy microphone detector and GPS trackers. On what principle does it work ... [Read more...]

Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review

Tronsmart Element T6 Review Where's the success of bluetooth speakers? Before the existence of audio streaming via Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, etc., there were not very portable music consumption solutions, and the grill music lover had 2 options. He opened the luggage compartment and made the most of the sound system in the car. He had a portable tool, with batteries that could… [Read more...]

Download WhatsApp file download to PC (WhatsApp for computer)

Download WhatsApp File Download on PC What is this tutorial? This video tutorial (Download WhatsApp File Download on PC) will show you two things, very useful for WhatsApp users. Downloading files from WhatsApp to PCSending files via WhatsApp, to PC How can I send files from Whatsapp to PC? Even if … [Read more...]

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019 - you did not know about them

Tricks and Tips WhatsApp 2019 Why is WhatsApp so successful? Tips and Tricks WhatsApp 2019: WhatsApp is what the SMS application should have been, if of course those dealing with standards and mobile networks were moving faster. WhatsApp fills a void that the SMS left when it was off speed ... [Read more...]