Mikrotik hAP ax3 router review excellent – ​​very good speed on USB

What is this video review about: Mikrotik hAP ax3 review great router? Mikrotik hAP ax3 excellent router review - In this review I present a WiFi 6 router from Mikrotik model hAP ax3. It's part of the AX1800 class but comes with some top specs and some blistering USB speeds. What is Mikrotik? Mikrotik is a European company... [Read more...]

How to achieve 2400 Mbps on Wi-Fi - and how to set your router to 160Mhz

What is it about in the tutorial How to reach 2400 Mbps on Wi-Fi In the video tutorial How to reach 2400 Mbps on Wi-Fi we will see how to achieve the speed of 2400 Mbps when using a Wi-Fi 6 AX 3000 router from any manufacturer, but which supports the channel width of 160 Mhz. What is a Wi-Fi channel? A WiFi channel is a specific frequency range used by… [Read more...]

Temperature and Air Quality Widget – REAL LIVE POLLUTION

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Presence turns your phone into an IP camera – don't throw away your old phone!

Presence makes an IP camera from the phone What is the video tutorial Presence makes an IP camera from the phone about? In this video tutorial, I present Presence, an application that turns your phone into an IP camera. In practice, I will show you how you can make a surveillance system using only one or more phones. What does the Presence app do? Presence is a… [Read more...]

Glasswire firewall that sees the entire network - see what applications are moving in front

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Block access to specific Android files – smart without apps

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How to turn off the Android microphone and camera - TURN OFF SENSORS

What is the video tutorial about turning off your Android microphone and camera? In this tutorial you will see How to turn off the microphone and the Android camera. It is an emergency measure that you take when you suspect that there is spy software on your phone. In addition to blocking spyware access to the camera, microphone, or other sensors, this method of stopping… [Read more...]

Samsung factory password reset password - if you forgot your password

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Free BitDefender antivirus installation and presentation - simple and intuitive

Free BitDefender Antivirus Installation and Presentation What is the BitDefender Free Antivirus Installation and Presentation video tutorial about? In this video tutorial "Installing and presenting free BitDefender antivirus" I present you step by step, the free version of BitDefender. This is a good alternative to Defender, the antivirus that comes with Windows… [Read more...]

Scan files before downloading - for added security

About this tutorial Scan files before downloading In this video tutorial (Scan files before downloading) I will show you how to proceed when you want to download a file from the net and it seems dubious. You'll see how the files are scanned antivirus just before you download them, so they don't have to [Read more...]