What are VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies - HD sound - coverage and underground

What are VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies What is the tutorial What are VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies? We will talk, in this video tutorial, about what VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies are and what they are used for. It's very curious, but many people do not use these technologies, even if their phones support these two very important functions. VoLTE and VoWiFi… [Read more...]

Samsung native call recording CSC change - PERFECTLY RECORDS BOTH PARTS

What is the Samsung native call recording tutorial changing about CSC? I think it's pretty clear. In the video tutorial Native Samsung call recording, changing the CSC will show you how to activate the native recording function on Samsung phones by changing the CSC with one outside the EU. Why the recording function is not available… [Read more...]

Move WhatsApp conversations to Telegram

What is the video tutorial about moving conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram? In the video tutorial Moving conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram you will see what are the steps for transferring conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram. Why transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram? Some time ago WhatsApp representatives announced that they would… [Read more...]

Download recordings from surveillance cameras to your phone

What is it about in the tutorial downloading recordings from surveillance cameras? In the video tutorial "downloading recordings from surveillance cameras" you will be shown how to download the images stored on the microSD cards of the surveillance cameras, directly on the phone. Why download images recorded by surveillance cameras? Sometimes we need… [Read more...]

How to properly uninstall an antivirus - very useful portable application

What is the video tutorial about how to uninstall an antivirus correctly? In the video tutorial on how to uninstall an antivirus correctly, I will present you a portable application, with which any antivirus program can be installed safely. Why do we need to uninstall the antivirus with another program? Antivirus applications are not like all… [Read more...]

Net faster by changing DNS and blocking adult malware and content

Net faster by changing DNS What is the net video tutorial faster by changing DNS about? In the faster net tutorial by changing DNS, I will show you how, by changing the DNS you can get a faster net, you can block malware and you can block adult content. How can we get net faster? Net faster by change… [Read more...]

NEW PRIVATE messages on WhatsApp and the alternative Telegram and Gmail

What is it about in the video tutorial PRIVATE or temporary messages on Whatsapp Gmail Telegram? In the NEW PRIVATE messages tutorial on Whatsapp and the Telegram and Gmail alternative, we will see what is the difference between private conversations on WhatsApp Gmail and Telegram. We will see how the people from WhatsApp implemented the temporary messages function and how it compares… [Read more...]

Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu

What is the ColorVu Surveillance Camera at Night Surveillance tutorial about? In this tutorial "Color images at night surveillance cameras with ColorVu" I will present one of the new ColorVu cameras from Hikvision. Rooms that can see in color at night. What is ColorVu? Technically, ColorVu is not a specific technology but a… [Read more...]

How to stop RO-ALERT alerts iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oneplus

What is the tutorial about How do RO-ALERT alerts stop? In this tutorial you will see how to end the messages coming from RO-ALERT, if we are tired of repeated alarms in certain periods. How do RO-ALERT alerts stop? Why would we want to stop RO-ALERT messages? The RO-ALERT system is basically a good thing. To receive … [Read more...]

Record calls with optimal ACR settings and unchained version

ACR Call Recording What is the ACR Call Recording tutorial about? In this video tutorial (Recording calls with ACR), you will see how to record phone calls, so that both sides can be heard. There are settings that we have to make and that I will present to you in detail in the video tutorial. What is ACR? - [Read more...]