Tronsmart Mega Pro review bluetooth speaker - the best from Tronsmart

What is the Tronsmart Mega Pro bluetooth speaker review tutorial about? This is a review for the Tronsmart Mega Pro bluetooth speaker, which seems to be the most powerful speaker from Tronsmart so far. Features Tronsmart Mega Pro Design Tronsmart Mega Pro Design sends you thinking more about elegance than portability. Finishes… [Read more...]

Samsung update that spoils applications and headphones on USB-C

What is the Samsung Update tutorial about ruining apps and headphones? Sometimes, after an update, Samsung makes changes that damage applications and headphones on USB-C. This happens on Samsung phones but maybe on other brands as well. What happened on my Samsung S10 Lite phone after I received the update to Android 11 with the OneUI 3 interface. [Read more...]

Honor Band 5i measures SpO2 blood oxygen - at an affordable price

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Gaming configuration at 500 euros - goes to school 😉

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Tablet for online school Teclast T30 - good value for money

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Xiaomi Poco F2 PRO review VIDEO beast accessible with Snapdragon 865

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Review Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS + headphones with Active Noise Canceling

Review Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS + Headphones What is Tronsmart Review of Apollo Bold TWS + Headphones? This article is a review of Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS + headphones, in which I analyze and express my opinion about these headphones. Review Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS + headphones What does TWS mean? TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo and in this context refers to headphones… [Read more...]

Display hardware information permanently on the screen in Windows without applications

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Intel Nvidia Gaming for Little Money - Performance for Any Pocket

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AMD PC Gaming at 2800 lei - the ideal price-performance ratio

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