Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review

Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review
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Review Tronsmart Element T6

Where's the success of bluetooth speakers?

Before the existence of audio streaming via Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, etc., there were not very portable music solutions, and the grill musician had 2 options.

He opened the trunk and made the most of the sound system in the car. He had a portable tool with batteries that were consumed immediately.

In the first case, finish the battery from the car, and then look for current through the area to start the engine.

In the second case, you had to carry large batteries with you, which ended quickly and cost a lot.

The emergence of bluetooth speakers with batteries!

The second big "trick" after bluetooth was the batteries, which, after the end of the box you put it in charge and take it from the end. No need to give money to batteries.

The third big "appearance" that practically led to the explosion of the bluetooth speaker market was the audio streaming from the cloud.

Smart FM Modulator for your car - Bluetooth, SD card, hands free

Smart FM Modulator for your car - Bluetooth, SD card, hands free
4.1 (17) 82.35%

What is an FM modulator?

Smart FM Modulator for your car:

FM Modulators have emerged many years ago but have now returned with more compact size, better pricing, and more features.

An FM modulator is a small FM transmitter that emits at a very low power, as long as the signal at the radio antenna is reached.

These modulators have a radius of 5 meters and feed to the lighter socket of the machine.

What does a FM car transmitter use?

These car gadgets are especially useful for older machines, they can not play music via bluetooth or USB sticks.

For a classic car, for example, it is a crime to change the original sound system, because this action could spoil the appearance of the interior.

The same goes for cars that have good sound systems. It's a shame to change [...]

Tronsmart Element Force review - almost perfect bluetooth box

Tronsmart Element Force review - almost perfect bluetooth box
4.9 (12) 98.33%

What should a bluetooth speaker be so perfect?

There are some features that we want to bluetooth speakers when we want to buy one

The most important thing is the sound quality that needs to be balanced or enhanced on the low, with more bass, according to your preferences. It measures the battery's autonomy, just talking about portable stuff. Dust, water and shocks, to stay calm the beach, the pool or the rain (IP rating). Playback capabilities other than Bluetooth (jack jack aux, micro SD card slot) Price is another extremely important factor

Tronsmart Element Force review - a very exciting boxer

The Tronsmart bluetooth box ticks all the important features and functions, and that at a very good price (Chinese magic)

We have a strong and balanced sound with more than satisfactory volume. In short, it sounds loud and good.

I can not say that [...]

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards
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Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Why install a NVMe SSD on an older motherboard?

There are many reasons, but mainly a SSM NVMe has higher speeds than a SATA, and the price is similar.

An SSM NVMe can reach 3500 MB / s, while a solid state drive SATA does not exceed 550 MB / s.

Why not buy a new motherboard with NVMe support?

The main reason is that a new motherboard involves very high costs. Even if you say, find the cheap motherboard, you still have to spend money on the DDR4 RAM, that old one does not work anymore. You also need to change the processor, because that's how it works.

Performance gains, on the other hand, will not be so great, because in the last 6-7 years there have been no high performance leaps, but rather [...]

How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check battery health on your laptop?
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How to check battery health?

The role of a laptop is to be a portable computer, and when we say portable we automatically think about the battery. so it is extremely important to know how to check battery health.

Technology has evolved over the last few years, but it seems like the batteries have gone a bit slower; Despite the higher capacities of LIPO batteries, they have remained the same number of Charge Cycle Counts.

Because of this, mobile phone batteries tend to no longer keep the amount of energy that they kept at the beginning.

Some say it's good to remove the battery from your laptop!

If you think about it, it would be a good idea to keep the battery in the charged drawer when you use your laptop at home and to plug the battery only when you leave and need mobility.

It's logical, you guard the float charging battery, which tends to [...]

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else
5 (10) 100%

Only pure-wave ups go for central and other inductive loads

If you have a central heating station, you probably had at least one current, and you noticed that the boiler does not work anymore

At solid fuel plants, this is dangerous, because the pumps that recirculate the heating medium stop and the boiler overheats

The normal ups and downs of the computer like this Mustek 2012 go very well with PCs, TVs, radio sets, etc, that is, anything that does not have a motor. For power plants, refrigerators, air conditioners and others with motor, computer UPSs are inappropriate.

What are extra pure UPSs?

Pure Wave UPS for power plants have a special inverter that generates pure sinusoidal current, just like the power supply.

Computer UPSs have a simulated wave, which can damage the machines that work

Another advantage of the UPS for the thermal plant

Using external batteries is the strength of [...]

2019 Affordable Gaming Calculator

2019 Affordable Gaming Calculator
4.6 (9) 91.11%

2019 Affordable Gaming Calculator
Today we will set up a gaming system. This PC will work very well with all existing games, even with a large framerate, suitable for fast-panel monitors (120hz, 144hz, etc.).
Intel i3 8100 Processor.
The choice is a strange thing for many who have not found out that from Coffee Lake i3 has 4 cores, the number of perfect gaming kernels.
Additionally, the frequency of this processor is fixed to 3,6 Ghz, which makes it very agile.
Gigabyte B360M DS3H motherboard.
It is compatible with the Coffee Lake processors, which is strictly necessary, and we also have a M2 NVMe slot for extremely fast SSDs.
Video card
Nvidia GTX 1060 video card made by KFA
Choosing a GTX 1060 is natural, because the board has a decent price for the performance it offers.
Even now, with the emergence of the RTX series, GTX 1060 remains a [...]

Chuckie Egg for Windows without emulator - my childhood game

Chuckie Egg for Windows without emulator - my childhood game
4.5 (8) 90%

Chuckie Egg for Windows without emulator

Chuckie Egg is one of my favorite childhood games. It normally runs on a compatible platform, console or emulator; But this version is for Windows and can run directly without emulator. That's exactly why I decided to do this tutorial.

Gameplay vs. Graphics

Although Chuckie Egg has almost the oldest graphics in the world, it still has a soul. that means you catch yourself from the first levels and you can not leave it.
In multiplayer mode, everything gets even more thrilling, because each player will wait their turn after the gamer who's on the buttons, wins or loses a life.
The pleasure of the game does not necessarily mean fps, graphics, effects and polygons.

For children it is excellent

For kids there are lots of games on the tablet or online, but this game is small, it runs on the PC, where the baby is comfortable in the chair, and in [...]

How to connect a network hard disk to OpenMediaVault (network storage)

How to connect a network hard disk to OpenMediaVault (network storage)
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How to connect a network hard disk to OpenMediaVault

What is a NAS?

NAS comes from Netowork Atached Storage, a network-connected storage device that can be accessed remotely from the local network or the Internet.

What is a Network Atached Storage good for?

Let's say we have an external hard drive that can be connected via usb to the PC. It can only be accessed from a PC. If we want to connect it to another PC, we need to disconnect it and connect it to the other PC.
A NAS can be accessed over the network by all those who are connected; And with a forwarding port or a VPN server, we can access the NAS from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The difference between a dedicated NAS and Raspberry Pi.

The difference between a Network Atached Storage and Raspberry Pi with OpenMediaVault is small and is based on the hardware limitations of Pi. On a dedicated nose [...]

How do you test the bass from the speakers with your phone?

How do you test the bass from the speakers with your phone?
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How do you test the bass from the speakers with your phone?

Everyone knows that not all speakers are the same. Some are cheaper, some more expensive, some better, some worse.

What makes a boxer sound good.

A good speaker must have a response frequency from 20 Hz to 20.000 HZ, all at a uniform sound pressure across the beach around the 90 db SPL (sound pressure level).
See the image below:

Why cheap speakers do not have bass?

For bass we need a large, heavy and expensive speaker. we also need a large enough resonance box and filters for a faithful sound. All that costs, and cheap speakers, that's cheap, because they're cheap ... .uuuu, how deep I was!

Brand, fitze.

Big names have high prices, but quality is not always pricey. Buy speakers for you, for ear [...]