Online check ROVINIETA ITP and RCA before the road

What is the ROVINIETA ITP and RCA online verification tutorial about? Before leaving, it is a good idea to do an online check for ROVINIETA, ITP and RCA, so as not to wake up with fines. In this video op tutorial I will show you how you can do this check. Why check online the validity of ROVINIETA RCA SI ITP? It's good to be sure… [Read more...]

How to clean the phone's USB port of impurities

How to clean the phone's USB port of impurities What is this video tutorial about "How to clean the phone's USB port"? Today I will show you how to clean the phone's USB port of impurities, without damaging the port contacts in any way. CAUTION, the port must not be cleaned with metal objects Materials used for removal… [Read more...]

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 review high autonomy - wireless headphones with ANC

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 review high autonomy What is the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 tutorial with high autonomy about? Today we have a review with the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 headphones, wireless headphones with very long autonomy. It may sound incredible, but in one month I uploaded them only once and they are at 50%. What's with the Tronsmart Apollo Am headphones? [Read more...]

What are VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies - HD sound - coverage and underground

What are VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies What is the tutorial What are VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies? We will talk, in this video tutorial, about what VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies are and what they are used for. It's very curious, but many people do not use these technologies, even if their phones support these two very important functions. VoLTE and VoWiFi… [Read more...]

Samsung native call recording CSC change - PERFECTLY RECORDS BOTH PARTS

What is the Samsung native call recording tutorial changing about CSC? I think it's pretty clear. In the video tutorial Native Samsung call recording, changing the CSC will show you how to activate the native recording function on Samsung phones by changing the CSC with one outside the EU. Why the recording function is not available… [Read more...]

Display the processor temperature in the Windows taskbar

What is the tutorial about Displaying Processor Temperature in the Windows Taskbar about? In the tutorial Displaying the processor temperature in the Windows taskbar, I will show you how to display the processor temperature in the taskbar (bottom right next to the clock). Why is it useful to see what temperature the processor has? Sometimes it is very important to keep an eye on… [Read more...]

DIFFERENCES between YOXO and FLEX - Orange and Vodafone digital subscriptions

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOXO AND FLEX What is the tutorial DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOXO AND FLEX? In this video tutorial, "THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN YOXO AND FLEX", I will show you the differences between the digital subscriptions from Orange and Vodafone, ie YOXO and Flex respectively. We will see what is profitable and for whom, because not everyone needs unlimited net or… [Read more...]

Tronsmart Mega Pro review bluetooth speaker - the best from Tronsmart

What is the Tronsmart Mega Pro bluetooth speaker review tutorial about? This is a review for the Tronsmart Mega Pro bluetooth speaker, which seems to be the most powerful speaker from Tronsmart so far. Features Tronsmart Mega Pro Design Tronsmart Mega Pro Design sends you thinking more about elegance than portability. Finishes… [Read more...]

Samsung update that spoils applications and headphones on USB-C

What is the Samsung Update tutorial about ruining apps and headphones? Sometimes, after an update, Samsung makes changes that damage applications and headphones on USB-C. This happens on Samsung phones but maybe on other brands as well. What happened on my Samsung S10 Lite phone after I received the update to Android 11 with the OneUI 3 interface. [Read more...]

Honor Band 5i measures SpO2 blood oxygen - at an affordable price

Honor Band 5i Measures Blood Oxygen SpO2 What is the Honor Band 5i Measuring Blood Oxygen Tutorial about? Honor Band 5i measures blood oxygen is not a tutorial, as we used to, but a presentation of a smart bracelet from Huawei, which is called Honor Band 5i. Honor Band 5i is a special bracelet in that it provides us with… [Read more...]