How to overclock video card, plus live graphics and low latency setting

About the tutorial "How to overclock the video card ..." How to overclock the video card? Overclocking means increasing the frequency of a component. In this tutorial you will see not only how to overclock, but also how to view graphs with live hardware statistics on the screen during games. What does overclock mean, what is overclock ... [Read more...]

High performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD - max FPS on LEU

PC Performance Gaming Configuration on AMD What is in the "PC Performance Gaming Configuration on AMD" tutorial? In this video tutorial I will configure a gaming system based on AMD, with which you can play the latest titles at high settings. Starting from the Ryzen 5 3600 processor, I will make a high performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD. Ryzen 5 3600 is a processor ... [Read more...]

Cheap gaming system for 2020

Why set up a gaming system? Cheap gaming system for 2020 ... Cheap gaming system for 2020 ... First of all, many people use a gaming system, and the gaming PC can be used successfully in any other activity; While an office system doesn't really go to gaming. The gaming PC has many components ... [Read more...]

Encore Spunky Buds Review - true wireless headphones

Encore Spunky Buds Review - true wireless headphones What are TRUE wireless headsets? Unlike the semi wireless headphones, the true wireless headphones do not have any wires connected at all. These headphones communicate with the phone and with each other, exclusively wireless. In the model of such headphones I present today in the Encore Spunky Buds Review. Advantages true wireless Earphone Comfort, ... [Read more...]

Tronsmart Element T6 bluetooth box review

Tronsmart Element T6 Review Where's the success of bluetooth speakers? Before the existence of audio streaming via Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, etc., there were not very portable music consumption solutions, and the grill music lover had 2 options. He opened the luggage compartment and made the most of the sound system in the car. He had a portable tool, with batteries that could… [Read more...]

Smart FM Modulator for your car - Bluetooth, SD card, hands free

What is an FM modulator? Smart FM modulator for your car: FM modulators appeared several years ago, but now they have come back with more compact dimensions, better prices and more functions. An FM modulator is a small FM transmitter, which emits at very low power, as long as the signal reaches the antenna of the radio. These modulators have a… [Read more...]

Tronsmart Element Force review - almost perfect bluetooth box

What should a bluetooth speaker have to be perfect? There are some features we want in bluetooth speakers, when we want to buy one The most important thing is the sound quality, which has to be balanced or intensified on the bass, with more bass, according to your preferences. we talk about stuff ... [Read more...]

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Installing NVMe SSDs on Older Motherboards Why Install an NVMe SSD on an Older Motherboard? There are many reasons, but mainly a NVMe SSD has higher speeds than a SATA, and the price is similar. An NVMe SSD can reach 3500 MB / s, while a solid state SATA drive does not exceed 550 MB / s. Why not buy a new motherboard with ... [Read more...]

How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check the health of the battery? The role of a laptop is to be a laptop, and when we say portable we automatically think of the battery. This is why it is extremely important to know how to check battery health. The technology in recent years has evolved extremely fast, but it seems that the batteries have gone a little slower; Despite the larger capabilities of ... [Read more...]

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Only pure wave ups go for boilers and other inductive loads If you have a boiler, you probably have at least one power failure once, and you have noticed that the boiler no longer works. At solid fuel boilers this becomes dangerous because the pumps which recycle the heat agent stop and the boiler overheats Ups ... [Read more...]