Yahoo status detector

On this page you have a status detector, it will help you find those who are invisible, you will also be able to:

1. Save that person with your contacts list yahoo messenger.

2. Save (stolen) avatar of whom check the status, you can save to your avatar in a computer.

3. You can send the person to whom I scan status message, just like on yahoo messenger send.

In point 1 and 2 you need the yahoo messenger in order to save the contact or you can send an instant message, after the window opens, you will have to select from that list the program yahoo messenger with which you can send a instant message one who sits on the invisible.

2 point (save avatar) do not need anything, just save your avatar.

Henceforth any friend or friend list can no longer protect you, you will always know whether or not they are invisible.

Often people at yahoo do not agree with any script for detecting a person's status on yahoo messenger, which is why when it comes to yahoo messenger they make many changes just to futility efforts of these scripts to detect users on invisible from time to time will appear avatars users and will write there are offline, if it happens that your avatar to be there beside you write that the user is offline, means it is invisible, this thing is due to change very often they make yahoo company to ensure confidentiality of customers who use yahoo messenger application.

Use with confidence application whenever needed, there are no limits scanning, check the status is free, it is a service available to customers courtesy of yminvisible (Detect invisible YM users).