Move WhatsApp conversations to Telegram

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Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei - the key you get instantly - TRIED

What is the Windows 10 Pro RETAIL 40 Lei tutorial about? In this video tutorial, which is not really a tutorial but more of an information, I will present you a site where you can buy the Windows 10 Pro RETAIL license for only 40 lei. REPEAT RETAIL license, not OEM. What is the difference between RETAIL licenses and OEM OEM licenses - it is a unique license… [Read more...]

Windows 10 installation tutorial - correct, clean and fast - episode 2

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How to properly uninstall an antivirus - very useful portable application

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Download original Windows 10 installation - video tutorial - episode 1

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Vonino iMart Pro school tablet reset and deactivate RED MDM

What is the Vonino iMart Pro School Tablet RED MDM reset and deactivation tutorial about? I will show you the Vonino iMart Pro school tablet and we will reset and deactivate RED MDM. We will do these operations because these tablets (Vonino iMart Pro) have an MDM application. It does not work properly and confuses children more than coming in… [Read more...]

PowerToys Useful Tools for Windows - Video Tutorial

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How to delete sensitive data with PrivaZer before selling your computer

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Tablet for online school Teclast T30 - good value for money

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Firmware upgrade to Mediatek phones - tablets or phones

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