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Application for finding lost Bluetooth headsets - by area

What is the video tutorial App for finding lost Bluetooth headsets about? In this video tutorial (Bluetooth Headset Finder App) I show you an application with which you can find the Bluetooth headset you lost nearby. How to find lost Bluetooth headsets? Bluetooth headset by communicating with [Read more...]

AnyDesk best remote software - better than TeamViewer

AnyDesk best remote software What is this AnyDesk best remote software tutorial about? In the AnyDesk best remote software video tutorial, I present the best remote software, easy to use for everyone. Of course there are a lot of remote softwares that offer even more, but AnyDesk is very easy to use even by those with [Read more...]

WhatsApp deactivation uninstall without data loss

What is the WhatsApp video tutorial on uninstalling without losing data? Today, in the WhatsApp video uninstallation tutorial without losing data, you will see how to temporarily uninstall, or how to disable WhatsApp. Uninstallation will be done without data loss, so we can install and use it at any time… [Read more...]

Free BitDefender antivirus installation and presentation - simple and intuitive

Free BitDefender Antivirus Installation and Presentation What is the BitDefender Free Antivirus Installation and Presentation video tutorial about? In this video tutorial "Installing and presenting free BitDefender antivirus" I present you step by step, the free version of BitDefender. This is a good alternative to Defender, the antivirus that comes with Windows… [Read more...]

Android memory release find large files - internal memory map

Finding Android Memory Finding Large Files What is the Android File Finding Large Memory Release tutorial about? In this video tutorial "Releasing Android Memory Finding Large Files" you will learn how to find large files on Android and how to delete them at a glance. The application we will use is called Disk Usage. This one … [Read more...]

Phone printing application via USB - without PC - USB only

What is the USB print application tutorial about? In the video printing application tutorial on the phone via USB, I will show you how you can print documents to the printer without a PC, only with your phone. You'll see how to connect your phone to the printer with a USB OTG cable and a free Play Store app. Why should I … [Read more...]

Personalized greeting card application for any occasion - online or in-app

Personalized greeting card application for any occasion What is the Personalized greeting card application for any occasion about? In the video tutorial I will give you a personalized greeting card application for any occasion, I present you an Android application, which is also available on iOS, with which you can make personalized greeting cards and invitations. Regardless of [Read more...]

Removing imperfections from pictures in Paint - Photoshop for pimples is overkill

What is the tutorial about Removing imperfections from pictures in Paint? In this video tutorial "Removing imperfections from pictures in Paint" I will show you how to remove pimples, scratches or any other imperfections from pictures. This method allows us to remove things that spoil a beautiful picture. We will do this without any software, but only using… [Read more...]

Scan files before downloading - for added security

About this tutorial Scan files before downloading In this video tutorial (Scan files before downloading) I will show you how to proceed when you want to download a file from the net and it seems dubious. You'll see how the files are scanned antivirus just before you download them, so they don't have to [Read more...]

Manage permissions for Android apps - protect privacy

Managing permissions for Android applications What is the tutorial about Managing permissions for Android applications? In this video tutorial I will show you how to manage permissions for Android applications. Because not all applications need all the permissions, I'll show you how to control them, exactly why… [Read more...]