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Email temporarily to avoid spam

Email temporarily to avoid spam
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Temporary Email, permanent email saver

Anyone using an email address knows that at some point, after a while of use, the email box is filled with spam (unsolicited email) with all kinds of offers or who knows what products.

We come to this situation because, over time, we've used our email address too lightly and left it on all sites, and now the email box sinks into spam.

Why is spam coming to our email address?

Even if you left your email address on just a few sites, apparently trusted, after a while you notice that spam comes from many more sources.

Spam has several causes:

Websites exchange email addresses between them.Sites sell email addresses to marketing companiesSites can be broken by hackers who steal email addressesApplications installed on phones that have access to contacts

Temporary email, the best weapon in the fight with [...]

Uninstall root-based system applications

Uninstall root-based system applications
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What is uninstalling root-based system applications?

System apps are those apps that come preinstalled with your phone and can not be uninstalled so easily. Uninstalling root-based system applications is required because root is in violation of the warranty terms, so if you root your phone, you may have warranty issues if the phone fails.

Why do we need to uninstall root-based system applications on Android

First of all, you obviously need the phone, after which:

Data cableUn desktop, desktop or laptopSoftware USB drives for your phone (see below) Platform Tools (see below)

Uninstalling root-based system applications, instructions


Before any uninstallation, it is recommended that you back up the applications you want to uninstall.

On your phone, enable USB Debugging in Developer Settings / OptionsIn the phone, search for the name of the application you want to uninstall with Package Names Viewer [...]

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else
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Only pure-wave ups go for central and other inductive loads

If you have a central heating station, you probably had at least one current, and you noticed that the boiler does not work anymore

At solid fuel plants, this is dangerous, because the pumps that recirculate the heating medium stop and the boiler overheats

The normal ups and downs of the computer like this Mustek 2012 go very well with PCs, TVs, radio sets, etc, that is, anything that does not have a motor. For power plants, refrigerators, air conditioners and others with motor, computer UPSs are inappropriate.

What are extra pure UPSs?

Pure Wave UPS for power plants have a special inverter that generates pure sinusoidal current, just like the power supply.

Computer UPSs have a simulated wave, which can damage the machines that work

Another advantage of the UPS for the thermal plant

Using external batteries is the strength of [...]


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We're taken with the jerk, that's the truth. Day by day we are convinced (fools) with offers that most tempting with Net Unlimited.

The unlimited net is one of those offers that nobody can resist. However, we must be aware that at this time, with this technology, it is almost impossible, as a provider of mobile communications services, to give NET NETWORK clients.

As if the offer with NET UNLIMITED transposed.

You can eat unlimited, but only a sip of the hour You can have the salary you want, within the limit of 50 of lei per dayYou are free when you want, except for the weekends until Saturday

But what are the problems with NET UNLIMITED?


It has the most unlimited net. Unlimited Limited Offer 4G.

If you look closely, clearly write NET UNLIMITED 4G, but things are not really that way, because:

Digi does not have a [...]

Send link to picture via email

Send link to picture via email
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Why would you like to hide a link in a picture sent by email?

The main reason we want to email a link hidden under a picture is that simple links are not too visible in the email. Send link to picture via email

People do not read emails anymore, they only scans quickly and eventually looks at images, so a link will not be accessed as easily as a picture.

For the pranksters.

Another reason you'd like to hide a link in a picture sent by email is that you want to make a fare to your friends or family to send out who knows what sites joking.

How do you persuade the recipient to click on the picture?

You do not have to convince it, but just make the picture interesting and smaller, so it is not very visible, and then the one who wants to see the picture will [...]

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera
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Turn the phone into the surveillance room for where it is not worth installing rooms.

Surveillance cameras do not keep us from thieves, but at least we keep in touch with what happens when we're not where the camera is mounted.

As we all know, even if cameras have been cheap in recent times, it's still costing you money to install a room and that's why it's not worth installing rooms anywhere.

Maybe we do not want to watch for a long time.

Sometimes you want to supervise a place, rather than for a short period of time. It is tempting to use a phone as a surveillance camera.

The advantages of using a phone as a surveillance camera

The phone has a battery, which allows us to put it almost anywhereProbably anyone who has an old home phone that can recyclePortability and configuration options The ability to stream on different platformsThe phone already has it, you do not have to [...]

How to turn the refrigerator into the refrigerator

How to turn the refrigerator into the refrigerator
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How's the idea of ​​turning the refrigerator into fridgier?

In the autumn I made wine as many people want to have in the house pure wine, made by their hand, without all kinds of chemicals. I say that the wine made in the house is "metaphysical" or "philosophical", and the one in the store is "dead" wine.

As I am not a great drinker, of course I was left with wine, something to do. As I do not have cellars, I should sulphate it hard to keep it, and even so the wine does not keep well at temperatures above 17 degrees celsius. It loses its taste, acidity, ages too fast, etc.

The solution is to use a refrigerator.

Why not use a wine cabinet?

Wine displays are expensive and do not have the capacity of a freezer crate.

Refrigerated chillers are more spacious, cheaper and more economical than a wine cabinet.

Wine displays more [...]

Different IP cameras in an app on Android

Different IP cameras in an app on Android
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Different IP cameras in an application

Each watch camera manufacturer has its application to watch live images transmitted by that camera or surveillance cameras.

Problems arise when we have surveillance cameras from different manufacturers. Then you need to open an application for each room.

Surveillance cameras must be able to be seen in a single application.

TinyCam Monitor is an application with which we can see all the cameras at the same time on the screen, and the application settings allow us to choose faster or clearer video streams.

The initial setting of TinyCam Monitor is not too complicated, especially if you follow this tutorial. All you have to do is scan the network and the cameras will appear immediately. Those who are more obstinate will introduce them manually, which is not a very complicated process.

Why do you have to make sure you?

Install TinyCam Monitor FreeAvailable IP / port / user and password [...]

How to Turn Dark on Facebook Messenger

How to Turn Dark on Facebook Messenger
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How to Turn Dark on Facebook Messenger

What is Darkness in Applications?

Dark mode is basically an application theme, the dark theme that comes with a black or dark gray background and is meant to do two things:

Protects your eyes from excessive screen light, being an extremely useful function at night or in low-light environments such as cinema halls or shows where it is not good to disturb others. Save energy by using screen at AMOLED screens. Amneses are known to consume more in open colors than in dark colors.

Do not mess Dark Mode with Night Mode

If above I saw dark mode, in other situations we can also find a Night Mode.

Night Mode is the function by which the color temperature displayed on acran changes from a cold or neutral temperature to [...]

Review router Tenda AC10 - pleasant surprises

Review router Tenda AC10 - pleasant surprises
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Review router Tenda AC10

How did this router get to me?

First of all I have to tell you that it is not a sponsored tutorial. Tenda AC10 Router I bought it personally.

My brother asked me a few days ago to find a router that can be stopped at night, wireless on the button.

On many routers, it is possible to program wireless switching off and on, but he (my brother) wanted a router to turn off the wireless signal from the button.

I have cast an eye on the market but have found such a function (wifi switch on the button) only on expensive routers.

When I was beaten, I found in an Altex this router, and I said to try. I knew from the box that he had this button (wifi switch on the button), otherwise we would not take it. The router is called the AC10 Tenda and also has a brother named AC10U, which also has a USB port (AC10 does not have a USB port).

Now [...]