Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information sources worldwide

Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE Sources of Information What is this tutorial with Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information sources? In the Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE information source tutorial, we will show you where you can get fast coronavirus information, specifically LIVE, without waiting for news headlines or online newspaper updates. Why should I … [Read more...]

Quickly shut down your computer including open applications in the background

Quickly shut down your computer including applications What is the Quick Lock on your computer tutorial including open applications? When I say fast computer shutdown including applications, I mean fast PC shutdown without dialogs, no matter what documents or applications are open in the background. Here are some methods that complement ... [Read more...]

When you can make money on YouTube from your videos

When can you make money on YouTube What is it about in the tutorial when you can make money on YouTube? When you can make money on YouTube is about how and when you can start making money on the YouTube platform in your videos. Can You Make Money With A YouTube Channel? Yes, you can make money with a YouTube channel as long as you meet two ... [Read more...]

How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone - when navigation goes crazy

How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone About this tutorial How to calibrate the compass of your Android phone? In this video tutorial you will be shown how to calibrate the compass or compass of your Android phone, when the phone incorrectly indicates the direction in the navigation or tourist orientation software. How the phone compass disturbance manifests ... [Read more...]

Renaming multiple photos or files simultaneously without and with the application

Renaming multiple photos or files at once What is the video tutorial "Renaming multiple photos or files at once"? The video tutorial is about renaming many pictures or files at once. Specifically how to rename files from something incomprehensible to meaningful names; and this for multiple files at the same time. Why rename it ... [Read more...]

Removing browsing data from outside Facebook coming from other Off-Facebook Activity sites

Off-Facebook Activity or Off-Facebook Activity What is in the tutorial "Removing navigation data from outside Facebook"? Some time ago Facebook made available to users registered on the platform, a tool for removing browsing data from outside Facebook. This setting allows us to further limit the amount of data that Facebook has… [Read more...]

Nvidia Max Frame Rate new setting for FPS control

What is Nvidia Max Frame Rate tutorial new setting for? The Nvidia Max Frame Rate new setting is an option that allows the user who has a graphics chip video card from the famous game chip maker, and not only to increase, decrease, or even limit the number of frames per second in games. . Why would the user limit ... [Read more...]

Black theme for Whatsapp - WhatsApp Dark Beta

WhatsApp black theme What is a WhatsApp black theme tutorial? In this tutorial, the black theme for WhatsApp, is a new setting that was introduced in the beta version of the WhatsApp messaging application. Through this setting, you can change the normal theme, which is light in color, and which can disturb the eyes, more ... [Read more...]

Protect against copying a USB stick, SD card or external disk

What is it about in the USB Stick Copy Protection tutorial? At your request, which you addressed in the comment box, we searched for and found a USB stick copy protection software that helps us protect usb stick copies, SD memory cards or any other device. external storage. Thus, they cannot be copied from a USB stick ... [Read more...]