How to make CD Audio Track from MP3 for your car or audio systems

How does CD Audio Track from MP3 work? In cars and older sound systems we find CD players that can not play compressed music (mp3, mp4, flac etc.). That's why I need to ... [Read more...]

Debug network card failure Offline-No connections available (with red X)

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Fix Windows high resolution bluetooth windows (DPI scaling)

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How do you make your phone read your text with Select and Listen

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Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Android less known settings 8 Oreo Android User's Guide We have talked on other occasions about the lack of a manual to use for modern operating systems. And even if … [View tutorial ...]

How do you put covers on the eBook, Kindle Paperwhite, FREE BOOKS

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PCs Worse Over Nights - Resolve Meltdown Update

Why are PCs weaker overnight - RESOLVATE update meltdown How do things with Meltdown, Specter and PC performance? A few days ago I told you about the vulnerabilities ... [View tutorial ...]

How to block the misuse of BITCOIN on your PC

How do you block BITCOIN misuse on the PC What's with the BITCOIN abusive mining? Lately, due to the increasing price of BITCOIN, hackers are looking for more and more methods ... [View tutorial ...]

How to listen to YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked

How to listen to YouTube music on your phone with the screen locked In Romania, the idea of ​​a streaming app has not yet gone a long way in which, by paying a subscription, you have access to music from all ... [View tutorial ...]


ASKING THE MELTDOWN OR SPECTED PROCESSOR Meldown and Specter vulnerabilities affect ALL processors in the world, regardless of the operating system. In recent days, press ... [View tutorial ...]

Make Touch Unlock on any Android phone (video)

Unlocked Touch Unlock on Any Android Phone Unlocking the phones can be done in a way and chip. From simple "swipe", pin, patern or password, to your fingerprint or unlock. Appearance ... [View tutorial ...]


HOW TO GET MONEY TO MAKE MONEY BY PHONE Today we do not have a video tutorial but an informative video with a very important topic on a phone call that deviates from ... [View tutorial ...]

LAPTOP WITH SCREED SCREEN (black) - problem solving

LAPTOP SCRATCHED (black) - problem solving What we do when the screen of your laptop is broken and we can not use it anymore. You probably think you're simply connecting your laptop to a monitor ... [View tutorial ...]

WhatsApp, how do we read your deleted messages - yours and others

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Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot

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Create a new partition on a Windows disk

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The best wireless printer or multifunction laser

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IPhone or iPad screenless application recording

IPhone or iPad screen recording without applications From time to time, for various reasons, we need to record the screen, in our case on the iPhone or iPad. If for Windows or Android I have ... [View tutorial ...]

RAM Disk faster than an SSD and is already at your PC

RAM Disk Faster Than SSD! Everyone already knows that a fast PC needs fast storage, otherwise it can not be so fast. Storage at the moment is the only component ... [View tutorial ...]