Awesome Screenshot layered and two add-ons for Firefox 4 that deserves attention - video tutorial

Awesome Screenshot layered and two add-ons for Firefox 4 that deserves attention - video tutorial
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Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about 2 add-ons for Firefox 4. One allows customizing the smallest details in the browser and allows us to do other screen print web pages sites we visit. The first add-on is called layered and as I said above, it allows us to customize the browser. What exactly stratiform?
- Allows changing the color of buttons, tabs and menu button (the orange button)
- Allows changing the shape buttons, tabs and button menus
- Allows changing the menu button text so instead of Firefox we can write our name in the orange button.
- We can change the look of your status bar, the add-on bar or address bar site
An interesting add-on that merit attention especially for lovers of customization. After all, why not make Firefox look the way we want?
Now let's see what makes Awesome Screenshot:
- We can make a screensot a web page, we can do that only a single portions or entire pages
- Can draw straight lines or curves once I made the screenshot, you can edit, we can add help text or sagetele guidance, selections rectangular or circular, functions very useful if we want to explain something to a person that is not very savvy use the PC or browsing a website.
- If the page which you need to make a screenshot containing sensitive data you do not want to appear in the screenshot, no problem using Awesome Screenshot blurring portions of text you do not want to be visible so you do intelligible text or portion that
- Once made the screenshot, we will provide a link to share-ui picture taken with others, post it on forums, facebook, twitter, gmail or even instant messaging client, being rescued and taken automatically awesome servers. In conclusion, both add-ons are useful and I say we missed.

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Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu......

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  1. good tutorial. thank you

  2. Adi, you said that you can save the image and local computer. It's ok tutorial.

    • AdrianGudus said

      Adi, you said that you can save the image and local computer. It's ok tutorial.

      If I told you, you would not be left Comment

  3. Interestingly, add-ons that are installed in the ubuntu ubuntu software center has the same screen and the same installation. Resembles !!!

  4. Prerequisites said

    Adi, you said, and you can save the image locally on your computer? It's ok tutorial.
    note 9

  5. Adrian Super tutorial, but I use opera and I would like if pote a -adon to work to do the same as stratiform.
    Thank you in advance .

  6. Stratiform not work on Windows than for those who have a Linux platform not try nothing.

  7. Interestingly tutorial! Keep it like this!

  8. interesting, very good tutorial! Good luck in the future !

  9. When I click the right button bar and customize Adonijah Awesome Screenshot is no such right can not move from where it is positioned.

  10. I am installing the custom layered and Firefox4. The bad news is that I can change color AppMenuButton button. Text I could change it, but the color remains orange button. Most wanted to change that color, I realize that does not change, I uninstalled with Revo firefox4 and I reinstalled, all in vain: it customizes everything except the color that button.

    I use XP with SP3 managed so far to alter any color on that button on WinXP?

  11. Okay, I managed to change the color of the AppMenuButton. I reinstalled firefox again after I downloaded the installer from the Internet. Perhaps it was OK installation kit that we had already descended on the computer.

    Very good tutorial, Adrian Bravo!

  12. Bravo for. tutorial.

    But it is an addon for Firefox 4. like it was for firefox3.6 ColorfulTabs, that gives for each color. each tab.

  13. Super tutorial.
    Excuse me off but will kindly tell me what software used to record activity desktop + audio.

  14. footballer said

    adrian sal I would know if something like CentOS 4 to <>
    4 for that version no longer going to remember addons!

  15. I can not install it. mes appears. "Because it is impossible to change the file firefox necessary." please help me.

  16. I have a question with something this add'ons influence? I mean the browser speed ...?

  17. I had myself a proposal for a tutorial better if it's too complicated, I do not mean about screensavers with pictures ie the album, I'd like to do something like a screensaver well understood if it is not too complicated. For a while watching all the tutorials and I like very much. Make a very good tb.

  18. igneaeugen said

    nufaceti dice a tutorial freerecorder 4

  19. footballer said

    fruos adrian shawl tutorial I want to do a tutorial on Adonai Firefox Showcase think there is something like that as you work to put some bookmarks and if you have time please do a tutorial on showcase has more options! ms ceao!

  20. marinescu77 said

    Adriane good job thank you very much I learned something Tineo're all so loud bravo

  21. both beautiful but I think the second best most useful, thanks



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