Connect PC to TV, wireless, Chromecast

Sometimes we need to connect the computer or laptop to the TV. The variant with HDMI or VGA cable, everyone knows, and on top of that it is quite uncomfortable. Wireless connection is the best and most convenient solution, but also more expensive. Connecting PC to TV, wireless, with Chromecast Today we will use Chromecast, which, more recently, knows how to design the whole… [Read more...]

NUC, the new mini PC from Intel, small, powerful, economical and affordable - video tutorial

Hi friends, I am Cristi and today you will tell about a NUC, the Intel product that will revolutionize the PC is here and we can buy it. NUC is the abbreviation for Next Unit of Computing, a kind of step that Intel has had to take for a long time. Unfortunately Intel has not had the "books" so far, the previous generations of integrated graphics were not exactly ... [Read more...]