How to make a simple website in html and a little css - video tutorial

Following your requests, I decided to make a tutorial on creating a website in a very simple way using only an apache server and a text editor (notepad ++) of course and with a MIC help from the freecsstemplates website. How to make a website or how to create a website, are questions that we have all asked ourselves at least once. This video tutorial [Read more...]

Creating a database with phpMyAdmin (video tutorial)

This video tutorial on databases and phpmyadmin is part of a series of video tutorials on server applications, http servers, php, mysql, phpmyadmin and creating a website or blog. We will refer in this video tutorial to the simple creation of a database (in Romanian) or database (in English) with the help of which we will install in the following video… [Read more...]

How to install a web server or http (WAMP server)?

We will watch a video tutorial in which you learn how to install a web server or http. This is not difficult at all, requiring only a little attention and focus on the film that presents the operation in detail. The software we refer to in the tutorial is actually a mini suite of programs: msql, php, phpmyadmin, sqlite manager, programs put in place by some developers… [Read more...]