How to install a web server or http (WAMP server)?

We will witness a video tutorial that teaches you how to install a web server or http.

This job is not difficult, requiring only little attention and concentration movie which details the operation.

The software we refer to the tutorial is actually a mini suite of programs: mSQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, SQLite manager of programs put together by some very skilled software developers thank them this way.

The tutorial is part of a series of video tutorials longer and the construction and maintenance of websites, simple and within the reach of everyone.

Wamp server is also an easy to use application that can not even raise special problems nuts beginners.

More details can be obtained from the following tutorial but also those that will follow this subject very interesting.

The tutorial is made in Romanian.

by Cristian Cismaru


For your visual comfort of this tutorial video can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. Laurentiu Chirnogeanu said

    I like !

  2. I like but please do tutorials about video cards and games

  3. Keep up the good forces bravo sal
    but please do made a tutorial how to create a website.

  4. My respect Gentlemen!
    I think not last long and I beat everyone with your site!
    The first school I did it by learning to write and to count!
    A second school is the website that is your future!

  5. Thanks a lot for assessment.
    Your comment motivates us… ..

  6. very good site….: D
    is very informative… ..
    He helped me a lot
    very cool site ……

  7. my respects gentlemen helped me a lot to your Web site
    What I want to know if you can not find strong dc installation or best of dowload
    thank you so much for presentations

  8. We have something even better than strong dc dc or dc ++ namely apex.

  9. IIS announce stupor that if you make a big prostie.dc installations? I make a hole in 1. 2% windows firewall and you run out easy target to PC

    • kp: IIS announce amazement as if you make a big prostie.dc installations? I make a hole in 1. 2% windows firewall and are easy target to run out of windows pc 3.anumite programs go crazy   

      1. any server makes a "hole" in the firewall. 2. I don't know what "run out of PC" means but no one said it was the most secure web server. 3. always certain programs in windows go crazy… it is a kind of microsoft law.

  10. Right, we have not recommended nuts IIS (Internet Information Services) salt is an integrated http server in Windows XP or more precisely on the installation CD.
    Thanks a lot for your comment and advice.

  11. If it is about security, we should also warn the world about: internet explorer, media player, msn messenger, outlook express and the "super efficient" windows firewall which are not exactly safe and confidential applications, but we promise that we will attack the subject of data security and confidentiality with a series of tutorials.

  12. sary not recommend vb man that I gave myself a tip

  13. Ok I understand.
    But you know what server you like (out of curiosity)?

  14. https

  15. I like many types of servers

  16. I wanted to do a survey between preferring to see the world in terms of http server.
    Now amounted hard lighttpd and I would like to know if anyone used it for a longer period and whether to use that are strengths and weaknesses compared to Apache.

  17. mmmmm from what I hear it's pretty good lighttpd-u and used to using a friend of mine and I ask him what it's like apache give my opinion is better 100%

  18. Ok, I installed WAMP site, I created the page, I want to see lucrarea.Dar friends do not want to give an address made up of figures but I want to give an address with the site name just created. What should I do?

  19. Sorry, we found the tutorial about the question above .If you posted and tutorial for those with dynamic IPs give me a link please!

  20. @Alberto: If you were writing up the right to search job postings and tutorial DynDNS dynamic ip !!! Please use the search engine on the site or filters in blue on the page that have a + in front of Click addition to unpack the respective category and search for what you want, we have other things to do, did not stay to look in your place ! Plus as you had static ip tutorial immediately after the tutorial ends and other tutorials which was recommended in the dynamic IP and God forbid you give tired eyes to read the writing on the site !!! Here are a tutorial for the dynamic IP

  21. @Alberto: Or you could give a nice top to the Playlist and you had all the tutorials available on this site, you found it very easy, but for you it's "hard to type" something on the keyboard, if you didn't have a mouse to die with your computer in front, you have no idea how to use the keyboard!

  22. @Alberto:
    Do not get lazy, and you search the site as there are plenty of tutorials about it.
    We do video tutorials, but we can and bring them to you on a plate, use the search engine on our website, for what I've put in there?
    You are also looking for "dynamic ip, domain, dynamic ip domain", do you realize if everyone would ask for links where would we end up?
    Almost 3000 unique visitors per day we can not serve links to visitors who do not have the mood to look for.
    No offense but do a little effort and you!
    If we lose a few hours to achieve, editing and optimization of video tutorials and you think you can lose a few seconds to use the search engine.
    Here we are not on the mess with the "give me the link" here we are on where we do not have unlimited time.
    See yesterday I posted a tutorial buying a domain, if you want something and have some free tutorials offer from DynDNS for static IP and dynamic IP.
    Put it in the search engine "Dyndns" and you will find it.
    I am writing here to how it was easier to give you a link but I do not want the hell am I doing all the work and you just look.
    Provides the backbone to the job that you should not do big engineering!

  23. @Cristi, I take on my criticism. You're right, but I don't know where the hatred in Mr. Adrian's response comes from. As he refers to the words of cocalar, "it's hard to write" I go directly into the “cocalar” or “pitipoanca” category. I followed several tutorials, I took note of the recommendations and consequently I will do so.

  24. @Alberto: I didn't say anything about cockroaches and dwarfs, but you should know that this is their trait, to sit and fall for them, you put yourself in that category, it's not about hatred, it's about me, I'm sorry you're lazy, drunk … I don't even know what to call you, since you arrived on the site I don't think it's about incompetence, or that you don't know how to search! but rather lazy !!! I'm sorry that some people work for you, you have everything here but for you nothing is ever enough if you don't wander in your pocket! you want everything on the tray, on the nose, under the nose… why do you have the keyboard? not to use it? what would you do if your mouse broke down and you didn't have the money to buy one at the moment? no longer use your pc? Learn to use the keyboard, it is more powerful and has more functions than a mouse. Instead of adminu doing tutorials, should he stop giving you links because you are lazy? How fair do you think it is? Make yourself a site with thousands of filters made just to help the search and daily to enter from these of you to ask you hear where the article X, Y… although it says big button Search, filters and other wonders ?

  25. you are real health and tutorials that are ffff bune.multumesc for all

  26. in phpMyAdmin receive the following messages:

    Configuration contains settings (root with no password). MySQL server may be so vulnerable. Necessarily fix this mistake.
    PHP MySQL library version 5.0.51 you own differs from your MySQL server version 5.1.30. This difference may cause unpredictable behavior.

    what to do?

  27. but where's episode 2

  28. @sebix: you are blind? under the tutorial you wrote in bold in black "Similar Articles" and under that black writing you wrote in blue The titles of other tutorials… click on the first "Install and set xampp containing apache php mysql server and ftp server - video tutorial" and you will throw ”to the respective tutorial… or use the search on the top right type http server and you will find everything related to it… or use the filters on the right of the page in blue… click on the plus in front of the“ web ”or“ www ”category and you will find the tutorial… how difficult it is to search on this site… how did you get here?

  29. Cristi makes a tutorial dedicated to this subject .. "HOW TO SEARCH ON THE VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO SITE" that people "are beaten in the head and can't read !!"

  30. I have a petition of you as my radio I put myself on my personal website done with your [Apache] a site for incepatorii.Va pray so much that I know very multe.Sunteti know all the hottest tinetio so

  31. and go if they use WAMP forum did not XAMPP?

  32. I have a question how do not know anyone with cunostintze informatics May amanuntzite, I'm interested if you know binentzeles server apache have a web and made a subdominiu He then installed a script (another page) web but when you give a subdominiu appears on my main page dominiului B main.
    So what interests me is where I can schimp address or directzionez WebUI A of subdominio to address subdominio A chicken .When address in your browser to WebUI not appear subdominioa B main.

    NOT Atiu if you intzeles but I tried to explain to intzeles,
    In conclusion, the question is who is respunzator a web address (the folder or script or control Panell)


  33. Andrew said

    You're the best Cristi. I really like this stuff with netul, but you can do a tutorial about programming?

  34. gabozz said

    nice work if all goes not so get on youtube,
    directly here I am looking for the first time, "to be healthy as we take care of the rest"

  35. It rarely works fullscreen thing.

  36. and if I do go I ip DYNAMIK?

  37. @Mihay: You sign on DynDNS we tutorial about it, write up the Search right: DynDNS give ebter and find a tutorial !!! We tutorial DynDNS for dynamic IP and static ip for!

  38. Elena Hlusneac said

    Hello! I have read your tutorial very carefully, several times. Everything goes very well until you click on locahost, when I receive the message "The page cannot be found". Please help me with some advice because I do not know how to time!
    Thank you for you exist and I wish you all the best!

  39. Elena Hlusneac said

    Hello! I am very happy to inform you that I managed to install the "wamp server" by going step by step through the instructions in your tutorial, but only after I disconnected from messenger and skype! Thank you! Congratulations for these tutorials especially useful for those interested! With all due respect!

  40. Hi

  41. unbray said

    hello! .. I did everything step by step and when I give "http: // localhost /" it tells me that the page does not exist for hours?

  42. Very good tutorials about apache, how to make a web site, how to make a server, how to make a website, database, msql, php, phpmyadmin, ftp server, http server, web server.
    All those who want to learn about However, find here on site, everything that need to do as say and administrators Sitel is to search, your use of that search engine and you will find everything will interested.

    Keep up the good work!
    Let's just hear good!

  43. Ma forget in each zii at tutorials your, like I makes a second faculty ie of informatica.Multumesc unto you for help that ii give.
    But still am a broblema on who do not know to rezolv.Am as antivirus Kasperski that blocked Mysql, if you can help me about this, to unlock?

  44. levi: I watch every Say to your tutorials, if I do a second degree ie informatica.Multumesc to you, whom you help. But I still do not know a broblema to rezolv.Am as Kasperski antivirus that blocked Mysql if you can help me about this, to unlock?

    Why do you put antivirus that you do not know how to use? See that we have a tutorial on kaspersky, write up in the box "search on…" Kaspersky enter and you will find the tutorial! It must be added as an exception! Stop putting on security software or suites that you don't know how to configure! In vain do you have the best antivirus if you don't know what to do with it, how to go about it and how to set it up!

  45. cristi
    I have a problem: (

    MySQL said: Documentation
    # 1045 - Access denied for user 'root' @ 'localhost' (using password: NO)
    phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, but it rejected the connection. It should be checked if the data in are correct.
    this what ma do?: ((

  46. hello name is remus… I installed wampserver and a site making program called web page maker. I created the whole site and when I give it to publish in wamp server I don't see that white page with everything I put in "WWW.cum" do I see the home page of the site directly?

  47. hello… .I would like to know how to make that white page with black writing disappear every time I fall open the former local… I would like to enter directly into the site

  48. I have a problem I did like in the tutorial but not working on IP, if I write local host works fine but if I put ip does not work, I have dynamic IP router is a problem?

  49. catalin said

    I bought a domain and hosting. I copied Joomla in public_html, but do not know how to install. Computer fail setup Joomla with WampServer. What should I do? So I can make the site work

  50. I greet you all! Glad I found you, you are really good and literally and figurat.Va congratulations and I wish you luck still!

  51. Sal. Can u refreshed and tutorials. You do the one ptr, or more for newer versions

  52. Hello,

    congratulate you on your initiative to put tutorials in Romanian. I'm glad that you exist.
    good luck….

  53. Howdy!
    I and I need your help! I have a Sun Fire server v210 and do not know how to install Windows on it. Can you give me more details about how I could put it into operation? Thank you.

  54. Cohn adrian said

    bravo guys are good but please ask and pictures to know the world, not just voice. Cristii?? , Adyy??

    • AdrianGudus said

      Cohn adrian:
      bravo guys are good but please ask and pictures to know the world, not just voice. Cristii?? , Adyy??

      Find pictures of us on the official page on Google Plus Pages Videotutorial

      • iulian1976 said

        Hi sorry to post here can not be here but I have to have patience to look for a.

        First of all, I want to tell you that you are the strongest brothers bv and who says that you don't know how to speak English, let them go and speak English where they want, that's what we are left with, what do you teach us. So asa with a little English. which we know.

        What problem do I have?

        I installed wamp .. all settings etc from my pc go to the site and order prornes local host and http://ip but when you give to someone entering can not access the site.

        I kinda skinny netul it is the wireless yet but I'll pull the rds curand.Situl is small yet has only 3 those pages and make it a very Empty vreaus and download movie online and on-m created with Web Builder 8 .
        V kindly tell me and me if you can what business or crystals and the other admins if you can to make a tutorila with this problem that many encounter problems this.

        Thank you very much and respect for everyone and all the admins, please do a great job… less often people like you

  55. I installed but I don't want it to be with localhost, but I want to do this with ""?

  56. Sallu and I would like a phone number for contact information I need something in particular if possible

  57. I welcome and I would like a contact number for a particular information

  58. alexandru said

    how do I delete the wamp server from my computer as a yes?

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