SyncToy synchronization or automatic backup for files and folders - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will talk about the SyncToy application, this folder synchronization software is produced by Microsoft and costs nothing, anyone can download it from the Microsoft website or from, at the end of this text introductory above the video tutorial. SyncToy helps us synchronize folders in different places on… [Read more...]

How do download, upload and transfer large files with FileZilla video -tutorial

How to transfer large files is a problem we have all encountered sooner or later. The methods known to all: odc, dc ++, strong-dc, bitorrent, lime wire, utorrent are some applications that can partially make a file transfer, namely only download. We want a file transfer program that can transfer files in both directions and in [Read more...]

How to transfer files via ftp-server with FileZilla tutorial video

This method is one of the most popular ways to transfer files and yet I hear people who do not know this and try to transfer files through yahoo messenger. File transfer via ftp (file transfer protocol) has a very wide spread, being used in all areas where a stable transfer method is needed and how much… [Read more...]