Renaming multiple photos or files simultaneously without and with the application

Renaming many pictures or files at once What is the "Renaming many pictures or files at once" video tutorial about? The video tutorial is about renaming many pictures or files simultaneously. Specifically how to change file names from something incomprehensible to meaningful names; and this for multiple files at the same time. Why rename… [Read more...]

Files GO GO files with DIRECT Wi-Fi file transfer

Google Files GO file manager with DIRECT Wi-Fi transfer Files GO is the first official file manager from Google. This file manager is designed to provide a slightly different experience, as it focuses on freeing up space occupied by large files, caches, and applications that have not been used for more than 4 weeks (one month). Application structure… [Read more...]

SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY

Copy SD card, directly to an external HDD, without PC - ON HOLIDAY When we go on vacation, it seems we don't want to take our laptop with us. Why carry extra luggage and risk running out of it (as in some countries it is stolen). However, we need a method of copying the files, which are stored on the phone or on the SD card in the camera. How to copy files [Read more...]

Tutorial Memory Map, a disk cleaner for Android smart

Hello friends, today I will present the Memory Map application, the best Disk Cleaner application. Why do I say it's the best application for clearing memory? Memory Map, compared to a disk cleaner application for android, shows us at a glance all the files and folders in the phone in one image. This image can be pinched & & [Read more...]

AirDroid 3 desktop quickly transfer between the phone and PC

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to AirDroid 3, the desktop client. With the help of the AirDroid application you can quickly transfer files between PC and phone or vice versa, you can reply to SMS (you need root), you can receive emails, you can reply to emails (you need root), you can receive notifications from facebook, twitter, etc., and you can reply to them (you must… [Read more...]

Total control of a PC phone with AirDroid

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about AirDroid, an extremely interesting application that allows us to manage your Android smartphone or tablet remotely, without data cables, without drivers, directly from your PC, laptop or even a another tablet. For this to happen, your Android smartphone or tablet will need to be connected to the same [Read more...]

MiniBin, a more elegant trash for desktop on any Windows - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about MiniBin, a small application that consumes extremely few resources that will allow us to hide the Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin icon on our Windows Vista Desktop, Windows 7, Windows XP and even Windows 8. Installing the MiniBin application will not only not lose the functionality of the trash but we will get rid of… [Read more...]

How to rename multiple pictures or files at once in Windows Explorer - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will present a very simple but extremely useful thing for many of us, it is about renaming several pictures, movies, documents at once, most often you need something like that for pictures, in general cameras digital give some weird names to the pictures. Probably many of you know this method of renaming for… [Read more...]

How to move games or applications already installed in another partition, when we no longer have free space on part C - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will learn how we can move applications already installed in another partition, other than the partition with the operating system. Many of you probably still have old hard drives, with little space allocated to partition C or although they have a large capacity hard drive, they have allocated to partition C only 30-40 GB of recommended capacity for the partition that will contain… [Read more...]

FreeComander, free file manager similar to TotalComander - video tutorial

Hi, I'm Dan and today I will present the FreeCommander program, this is a free and very efficient file manager similar to the famous Total Commander, with FreeCommander we can successfully replace Windows Explorer which is the file manager integrated in Microsoft Windows operating systems, Windows Explorer is quite old and feels the need for a… [Read more...]