How is an email address and a yahoo messenger id video tutorial

Many of us are wondering how to make a yahoo email address or how to make a messenger id.

The following video tutorial will track the creation of an email address on yahoo and thus creating a messenger id that is the same thing, because when we make a yahoo email address we will use the same address and messenger.

Example: if the email address on yahoo is "[email protected]”, Then the mess id will be“ ion_vasile ”.

Although this time Gmail offers more in terms of options and yahoo mail storage space than the latter is more poular due progranului yahoo messenger chat.

For details about creating email address and messenger id please watch the following video tutorial.

by Bogdan Pelu


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  1. On tel I can not address? mess? I try my chickens 2 months ptr k in my village has no net. Damn!

  2. angela Pirlogea said


  3. Groza mihai said

    EXCELLENT …… keep it up


  5. Alex disable ad blocker

  6. hello and all the respect for the video tutorial team. i have a big problem please help me. yahoo messenger every time i sing out delete all my nush ids what is going to be a hacker i don't know… please help me urgently… thank you in advance. good day

  7. how can I make it I do still have an id

  8. @ionela: as in tutorial only gotta put other data, do not know if going to another id with the same data!

  9. Super cool

  10. I want to make my email so I can do hi5 sami

  11. I want to create my id and do not know how. ast rasp Georgyy

  12. @georgyy:
    First you need to net mobile, then you have to find a program compatible with Yahoo Messenger network, id you do not have to do you can use it on the current one.

  13. Ionut Turcu said

    Why do I get that "Don't Send" error when I close any Internet Explorer window? It also happens when I had Win XPpro x32bit and now when I have Win xppro x64bit. When I use Inernet Explorer x64bit I don't have this problem. Thanks!…

  14. @Ionut Turcu: I explained once if you have windows on 32 bits must run software / programs 32 bit if you have windows on 64 bit then must run software / programs 64 bit

  15. If you have a cell phone, especially Nokia, you can download and install for free opera mini, can do the same after configuration (90%) with what you can do on a PC. can create yahoo id messenger, email address and much more. for Symbian phones and Windows phones work there 8.65 (symbian) respectively 9.5 (windows mobile 5 / 6), this version includes more features compared opera opera mini is designed for phones with java platform

  16. good respect pyt you can cn maybe help me I have a problem …… .I have a lot of mess and I made 3 ides and I can not go to enter the one who had me from the beginning because it no longer works and tells me that my account it has been blocked I want to know how to send an email to yahoo my id is: klaudiu_extreme dak maybe you can send dmv dak nuj contactatima and please tell me what to do

  17. @claudiu: If your account has been blocked, you have nothing to do !! Your account is automatically deleted if you don't use it for a while… I don't know exactly… if you don't log in anymore your yahoo will be deleted automatically… you have nothing to do, they won't wait for you to answer no email, and they don't care about your id, in the happiest case they will guide you to make another id with a different name… or all that if it works…

  18. I can help myself into a problem? MY MESSENGER TO SEE WHAT CAN NOT WRITING TO FRIEND, OR EVEN THOUGH HE WROTE MY FRIEND CAN SEE EVERYTHING I SCRIU.Am messenger and uninstalled from the Control Panel sui then and in PROGRAMS FILES, I reinstalled (I tried and mess 8 and 9 mess) but all the same problema.De home also can not open any e-mailul.V
    thank you

  19. @cristian: A correct uninstallation is done with Revo Uninstaler is a free utility and we also have a tutorial on how to download, install, set up and use it! In vain you uninstalled it with Control Panel / Add or remove, this is a simple and superficial method, add or remouve does not delete well after the uninstalled programs and probably those exact files remained… since I discovered Revo I forgot how to uninstall from add or remouve !!! Write up the search on the right on our Revo page and enter, follow the tutorial… uninstall it with revo and install mess again… I also had your problem after I uninstalled it with revo and installed it again I had this problem, see k can also be from the firewall! do you have a firewall? and if so what firewall do you have? Even with Revo after uninstalling Messenger, go to C / Program Files and delete Yahoo folder manually, but only after uninstalling it with revo…

  20. boby_admin said

    And I had a problem asemanatorae and eventually I reinstalled Windows and got rid of the problem
    Can you help someone who knows how to solve this problem
    On the website this is not just Adrian, Boby or Cristi
    As you want an answer to your problems so you have made to help each other

  21. @boby_admin: You are very right Boby… I would be very happy to be an activity to find solutions together but unfortunately this is the novel… it makes the posts on torrents… hit and run… it only posts when it is in “trouble” and it hopes that someone will help him, and if he happens to solve it himself in the end, he won't come to say how he solved it… that's how Romanians are, people should be only for them… others should care about them but others shouldn't I think… .I really sit and wonder… am I stupid for helping? or do I do well to do this? and… if I do well to help… why don't others do it too? why don't others follow me? I'm sure that if I were to ask now what is being offered to help me destroy a site or kill a man, they will post 1000 people volunteering, who will come up with methods… but why not for good? why not when needed? I DON'T BELIEVE THAT OTHERS HAVE NO SOLUTIONS AND I CAN'T HELP… WHAT DO I THINK IS IN THE MIDDLE? JUST CAREFUL AND LAZY TO TYPE… BUT IF HE NEEDED HELP, HE IMMEDIATELY POSTED… AND IT'S LIKE HIS PASSES LIKE HIM

  22. Thank you. I'll try to REVO hope to go!

  23. I followed the steps exactly as the tutorial but still does not work

  24. After uninstall Messenger REVO And then I reinstalled exactly as TUTORIAL I noticed that now I can read mail but I can not see what makes or what MESSENGER.ORICUM send me a friend is much easier and BN REVO .MULTUMESC

  25. geo210788 said

    I have a prob! dak can Somebody help me! I want to fak another id but where to write code that did not give it! I read the above k need to disable id blocker but do not know where he gasesk! where do I turn?

  26. @Edy: probably someone knows your password… I advise you to change your password!

  27. @geo210788: Fill in all the data correctly… if something is wrong it will warn you what you did not fill in correctly… see if you have firefox and you have the add-bloker addon can also be because of it, disable add-bloker while you id ul… If you don't have fireox as a browser… I don't know what to say… I haven't met you not to give you the code… try another browser… which browser do you use?

  28. geo210788 said

    I installed Firefox and all code aprare.alta I do not know that or else?

  29. geo210788 said

    I installed Firefox and all code aprare.alta I do not know that or else?
    Akum I operate but neither walks nor internet modzila k alone!

  30. geo210788 said

    Firefox does not have it installed and all code aprare.alta I do not know that or else?
    Akum I operate but neither walks nor internet modzila k alone!

  31. @geo210788: Girlfriend do you think k if you ask 10 times do you get an answer faster? Look, because you posted the same question 3 times, I don't even answer you… another time to learn your mind and be patient, and if you write or ask the same thing, you will receive money and you will not kiss on the site… what the hell are you 12

  32. geo210788 said

    sorry but after writing waited 10 minutes and when no! I thought k does not work and why I wrote several times! That's dak not understand k does everyone Naska learned and we are looking and we answer where we k we find a place where we will not be taking the sutures May ignorant guys and we will help! Cuz I want to rasp well and you multumesk dak this is not!

  33. @geo210788: I don't think the code doesn't appear to you… either you don't know how to make an id, or you don't do it and don't fill in properly… do you have kaspersky or bitdefender installed?


    thanks for the info

  35. a video tutorial on formatting laptops or computers can please ..

  36. @Denys:
    A notebook or desktop can not format the hard disk is formatted.
    We have a tutorial on "correct partitioning of a hard disk" you can apply what is there on your laptop and PC.

  37. Please help me out, I'm stuck Photos on HI5, can not see nor with boyfriend nor the mine, even one from AVATAR is seeing I have nothing PAGE AN OUTSIDE Proper writing, PLEASE TELL ME MORE cAN I DO iF SOMETHING Thank you

  38. @carmen:
    When it comes to HI5 restrain myself because I'm not good at that kind of stuff.
    Please someone who knows HI5 to help if you can plizzzzzz Carmen.

  39. @carmen: What browser do you use? Can't you see the pictures on the PC either? And zine if you remember where you last went to what settings… what did you install what did you uninstall?

  40. godzila said


  41. hearing said

    hecacri you are in trouble

  42. merchandise goods

  43. Thanks a lot Bogdan doing now know how to make a mess ID thanks a lot

  44. merchandise goods

  45. Alexandra said

    I have an id that I can't receive any kind of mail. I tried to send from many email addresses and I get an answer that that address does not have an account in yahoo. how do I make an account in yahoo on that id? or maybe when I did that id I set somewhere that I don't want to receive emails? can something be solved? is there anyone who knows? I don't really have them with these :( and this is an email with the password from hi5 on that address. or can I at least find out my hi5 password other than "forgot your password"? plz help me :(
    thank you:)

  46. Alexandra said

    How to change the password ID that I do not say k is not good merge.Imi postcode.

  47. Alexandra said

    How to download Google Earth? Please tell me.

  48. Adrian said

    @Alexandra: There was a tutorial on "how to change the password on yahoo messenger" as well as on "Google Earth" !!! Use the top right search engine and you will find them !!! type in the search engine what I put in quotes enter and look

  49. Misubo $ $ said

    I try to make my one tells me to ask his parents' permission.
    what I do?

  50. Adrian said

    @Misubo $ $:They probably under 18 years, so you have to lie when creating your account to put anu birth so as to give you 18 years ago! Ask and you anu birth 1991

  51. cosmin said


  52. Demeter Imola said

    I want to make a messenger and a hi5 address

  53. Cristina Mihaela said

    i want to do id do not want to be a loser id numaiun

  54. Cristina Mihaela said

    On tel I can not address? mess? I try my chickens 2 months ptr k in my village has no net. Damn!

  55. Adrian said

    @Cristina Mihaela: Well, play the tutorial and look at how to make a messenger id… Where does it say that if you have only one id you are a loser? who says that Is there a law that you have to have 7 ids?

  56. how to stay invisible without me I find someone?
    more recently there is ""
    if I want to stay invisible… I don't understand what the problem is.
    Does anyone know how to make you see I'm not invisible??


  57. @Any: You can not do anything!!! I don't understand you stay on the mess but on the invisible… well… make an id if you don't want to be disturbed by the measures or by others, and put in the list only those you want to talk to and those you want or don't- you have nothing against if they want to see you…

  58. iustina said

    I have a big problem and ask for help I have no idea how come u torrent program I can not copy nimik not appear nimik I have no idea what it's not a great connoisseur of the PC but even this is beyond me expect the response multumesk interesting and educational site I've ever seen before. will multumesk k is help many people.

  59. iustina said

    By the way I installed it but can not remove it why? gandesk me to install it again but I can not even delete it offfffffffffffffffffff that old. I said wait poatee urgent or recommend a program to copy amt of ODC and stream out please

  60. Please play explicatimi me how sami are address hi5 that I have a bit and a freak

  61. He who wants to help me mess waiting rasp on my id [email protected]

  62. I would sy sami yo make a mess yes no apples address please ajutatima

  63. @yonela: there is no way not to go! What does not work? Give more details! There are riddles!

  64. @yonela:
    Do you have a tutorial site that teaches you to do this
    Try to follow tutorialulu queue and secure a head to succeed
    You just have to follow the steps exactly as in tutorial
    Good luck

  65. stelian said

    brothers and I want to make a mess and do not know the address

  66. Adrian said

    @stelian: Yes brother Play the tutorial and forget it's in Romanian it shows you how to click and where… what's so hard ??? the tutorial is in Romanian and you say you don't know… and what do you want us to do? should we do it for you? that would mean knowing your data and password if we do it for you and I don't think you want that !!! Click on the picture above on the tutorial and the tutorial will start, you look at it until the end and you create an email account… god what people brother !!!

  67. ffffffffffffff's interesting what you skris thread.

  68. more adrian u do you think k everyone is just as smart k you ????????????? what is so abnormal you don't know how to create an email ???????? and u you were k ei>

  69. camellia said

    I have a question I want to make an id and nuo why can not it???

  70. @camellia: Read carefully after entering the data and press Submit it will write in red what you did wrong and where… most likely the name you chose to have your mail already exists, adik is used by someone else that name so you have to choose another one, or maybe you are not 18 years old and as such you set the date, you have to lie when you complete the year of the month of birth and put them in such a way that you are 18 years old, to be a major… other reasons I don't see why not would work, learn English or look for someone who knows English to translate what he tells you when you submit… Give more details what exactly does not work?

  71. How to submit a photo address

  72. @Alexia: You enter the email account, write the email address to whom you want to send it, write the title of the email to the subject… write what you want in the title then down in the "big box" write the text you want to send and to put a press the picture above where you write the contents of the mail you have a button called "Attach Files" meaning attach files !! click on it, a window will open, browse through the pc after the picture then click ok and press send… the email will be sent… that's about all you have to do… Come on, it's simple !!!

  73. ms long hard! you've been very helpful! keep up the good work!: D

  74. bseriatrei said

    Hi, can someone explain me how to put pictures in email (yahoo) without attach them to attach files? I want to put them directly next text there somehow a software to attach photos in email?

  75. princep78 said
  76. bseriatrei said

    How do I copy pictures from HI5 as I mentioned 9 internet explorer.

  77. the best schedule

  78. It is very useful program is simple and easy to use
    … .. keep helping us
    thank you
    are a boon for beginners and beyond
    Many thanks

  79. dany, be more explicit, such as "pictures", use more words.
    Express yourselves so that we understand and losers.

  80. I found just now, videotutorial, and I think that every night I have to open it very to the point, accessible explanations, in layman, with no answers, airs, the experts made eexperti. I'm glad I did, discovered,. Congratulations, I needed you, especially us, beginners, who, regardless of the question, even naive, 10 frumos.Nota answer them with congratulations. Glad .

  81. SkyNetMaster said

    Who has problems and can not see written at the mess. I mean write, see what he writes but after he sent he doesn't see anything SOLUTION I GIVE HIM DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS start => run => and what is between the lines write in Run - regsvr32 jscript.dll - what I gave you is the command enable Java Script. after writing give ENTER and something like Java Script activations will appear succesfull !! THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. SOMETHING ELSE BE CAREFUL WHAT ANTIVIRUS YOU TAKE FROM THE NET THAT SOME HAVE THE HABIT TO DISABLE JAVA FINDING IT AS A VIRUS. ONE OF THE ANTIVIRUS IS THE AVASTU_UL. GOOD LUCK!!!

  82. sal all! Please tell me if they can do something for me: someone hacked my id and password to me I tried to change it but I did not know anyone and you idul data acolo.deci I put on something more can be done??

  83. andreea: Sal all! Please tell me if they can do something for me: someone hacked my id and password to me I tried to change it but I did not know anyone and idul what data I put on acolo.deci they can do anything???

    Unfortunately, nothing can be done anymore, it is very important to write down the data with which you made your id, because changing the password cannot be done without entering the data with which you made your id, in conclusion : if you no longer have the data with which you made the id, you can't do anything, except eventually mil to take pity on the one who stole your password, to give it back.

  84. multu!
    s help

  85. policecosmin said

    How to make a bootable cd or a windows program?

  86. policecosmin: How to make a bootable cd or a windows program?

    Write up in the box "search on…" on the right: how to make a bootable cd, enter and you will find the tutorial

  87. 74000 postcode. Do not go

  88. How to use Adobe Dreamweaver to make a website or blog important. I need tutorials if pote.Si as soon as possible if you can please beautiful.

  89. As with the film I called prog tutorial?

  90. Hello my name is Michael I want to ask you a question and Io! I deleted the pictures and leam 2Foldere deleted from recycle bin How do I recover them?? Egzista vre1 Program?? AJUTATIMA VA RAG!!

  91. plopeanu_irina17 said

    please can you tell me how can I uninstall an id?

  92. if I want to make an e-mail address when I want to open according to the tutorial yahoo mail appears to me There is a problem with this website's security certificate what can be done?

    • Virgil: If you want to make me a e-mail when I open yahoo mail as my tutorial appears There is a problem with this website's security certificate that can be done?  

      Set your time, date, month, anu PC game right corner, double click on the clock and set!

  93. You've been a great help, you ten stars, thanks

  94. the stars do not know how to do it, but anyway I thank you

  95. I have an email address and want to create my one but after I create the mess and try to get to click the confirmation link id and I do not recognize the other computer parola.De I managed to make another email but mine fail


  97. superOK!
    Good thing I've discovered!
    Between how YMail have a desktop icon to read emails
    without having to deskid YahooMessenger?
    ms ffmult!

  98. if someone entered my pass often wrong at some point that I got out of p mes can not get that from me .. cm fc to get stuck again pls reply asap

  99. Can not create a mesenger address how to do? fixed as shown in the video go and give up and sing it otherwise is not like this video ajutatima please!

  100. Very good, but do not use yahoo messenger.

  101. Nicholas gianni said

    Hello, I have a problem if I can ajuta.sunt in Brasov, and I have a problem with the id of Mees and my e mail, meaning that no longer open deloc.pentru addresses do not mess dii list I'm worried, but I want to open my emails, read them, there are some important, if you can help me, Thank you, my new email address is [email protected], And principele72 mess, goodbye.

    • Nicholas gianni said

      Nicholas gianni: Hello, I have a problem if I can ajuta.sunt in Brasov, and I have a problem with the id of Mees and my e mail, meaning that no longer open deloc.pentru dii addresses Messi list I'm worried too, but I want to open my emails, read them, there are some important, if you can help me, Thank you, my new email address is [email protected], And principele72 mess, goodbye.  Cite me

      • Nicholas gianni:

        If you no longer know the data with which you made your account, namely: the date, year of birth you entered when you did it, the zip code (postal code) and the security question, say goodbye to the id !!! Type up in the box "Search on…" on the right: change the yahoo messenger password, enter and you will find the tutorial

  102. how can I find the tracing IPs where my address online

    • Pol Ice Men said

      cornel: How can I find the tracing IPs where my address online  

      cornel: How can I find the tracing IPs where my address online  

      cornel: How can I find the tracing IPs where my address online  

      cornel: How can I find the tracing IPs where my address online  

      cornel: How can I find the tracing IPs where my address online  

    • cornel: How can I find the tracing IPs where my address online  

      If you want to know this, I say you're the wrong tutorial looking at sites that relate strictly to your problem.

  103. someone enter the address mea.cum can find out who it is?

    • cornel: Anyone can enter the address mea.cum find out who it is?  

      You can't find out who it is but you can change your account password and you can scan with SpyBot Search and Destroy about which we have a tutorial. You probably have a keylogger through your PC and that person knows or found out your password. SpyBot Search and Destroy searches and scans for keyloggers…

      You can look at the tutorial by clicking HERE (click on the word "HERE" written in red). You can also scan with Kaspersky about which we have a tutorial, click HERE to watch it, or write up in the box "Search on…" on the right: kaspersky, enter and you will find the tutorial!

    • Well …… .you have to give his messaging address and ask him !!! :))) :) :)) :))

  104. Bravo

  105. I did not think that there are people who do not know their Faka a messenger id.

    • I did not think that there are people who do not know their Faka a messenger id.  

      Knowing that not everyone is so skilled that tine.Acest tutorial is for anyone and especially for those who have just learned to start PC

  106. You guys are truly the best I've been a big help thanks

  107. I have a problem I had a power outage and now my address dust mess I profiles appear 2 many times I can do to bring it to normal to be so beautiful as? THANKS

  108. to your message?

    • Virgil: Of your message?  

      f good but I want an answer so I had to repeat myself and now current mess is my dust 2 many profiles have the same meaning and configuration totally changed what can I do? THANKS

  109. mange ionic said

    I agree with this tutorial.

  110. Sorin lambert said

    it is a bit difficult to decipher the hieroglyphs from the loading codes….

  111. MIAHI10 said

    HOW I can do to hear ALA mouse click?

  112. bravo boby you much more successful because tie.mersi much.

  113. What can I do to activate my emailu on Yahoo?

    • What can I do to activate my emailu on Yahoo?  

      Exact.In normally be little if you do get a yahoo ID and address, like I do my costel an id, then your email address will be [email protected] which will be immediately after creating the id and it activated.

      • Exact.In normally be little if you do get a yahoo ID and address, like I do my costel an id, then your email address will be [email protected] which will be immediately after creating the id and it activated.  

        I hope I said the right

  114. After you complete the form ala May I deal with parents occurs as k rid of it .. I can not create my account! I wrote k 50 years and I still do not like :))
    Anyone know?

  115. Zip code is not valabil.ha ha ha.

  116. Costel said

    Are in the account, but can not enter the mail box.
    It gives me error: Error Code 15
    I sent the code to yahoo help team, but nothing was solved.
    What can I do ?
    Thank you !

  117. A tutorial on how to send an email and explain the interface yahoo yahoo is peaciea site please?

  118. works thanks

  119. Dumitru mirabela said

    I already have an email address and I want to do one, and fail

  120. When you send an email, you can find on the computer was sent to (city, country, etc.)? Thanks

  121. not enter the yahoo id you do send your

  122. I don't even know how to start…. First of all I can say that I am a computer novice and I need your help…. some time ago my computer broke down more precisely the memory card - I don't know if I say good if not - forgive me - I called someone to fix it for me, all good and beautiful but when I entered favorites I discovered that I have no files saved-2 I have a channel where I put all my favorite songs where I receive comments and write comments but I can not enter it except as a visitor so I am no longer recognized as to get it back - if someone could help me with information I would thank you in advance - ps I apologize in front of those who are advanced and if you laugh at me I understand - I still have a request - if anyone is found with more pity to help me - don't forget I'm a novice - and you have to explain to me in the beginner's language - thanks again in advance

  123. I thank those who founded this tutorial to help us guys who are, cabbage-thanks again-

  124. I vote aces one you pleasure, but how do I forgive my naivety,

  125. [email protected] those who want to help endure to give me my address is [email protected]

  126. Id but I did not go, and what can you tell me?

  127. As we stick to yahoo id and I can not get help?

  128. MS loud ff

  129. boss the boss said

    How do I create an account mess

  130. madalina to dregutza said

    I also have a problem… I want to make an id but it doesn't work out for me
    if you can help give you a buzz mess maduta_mirela address

    • Adrian admin said

      madalina to dregutza: I have a problem ... I want to make an id but I do not out of Looc
      if you can help give you a buzz mess maduta_mirela address  

      Give more details, what message you get, what's wrong? Did you play the top videotutorialul? You looked to the end?

  131. Is this tutorial we welcome the ICEP most expected and others of the same gender. Thank you had this idea. Ana

  132. Ba are for this tutorial but here I do not know how to use much more. ana

  133. be more accurate

  134. try something and want to see if it works

  135. where to send it

  136. I thought that my address does not work what you vote only say that I read

  137. Also try to make a mess id rather go .. I do not take no password. Any Password I put goes. You do not know somehow cause

  138. yes pt. Messi have?

  139. George Gabriel said


    I also have a problem… ..I can't make a new id… :(, adik I can't see the thing below with "SIGN UP" it only appears somewhere above "SIGN IN"… ..c I can fc in this case, I'm waiting for a reply by e-mail ( [email protected]) Dak can. Thanks

    • George GabrielHi I have a problem ..... I can not fc a new ID ...: (, adik not my thing down there with 'SIGN UP' only appears somewhere above me, SIGN IN "..... that may to fc in this case? wait a rasp by email ( [email protected]) Dak can. Thanks  

      I could help you make a yahoo account fee of course, leave a comment and we understand: D.

  140. alexander said

    I do Booti yahoo for flood
    I want to do more messenger IDs ie boot flood

    Sami and I still call my parents but I say there psu I 20 years

    nustiu what to do ...

    • AdrianGudus said

      alexander: Hi I have a question: P
      I do Booti yahoo for flood
      I want to do more messenger IDs boot ie flood
      and I still say we psu there parintiidar call sami I 20 years
      nustiu what to do ...  

      Shoot yourself because you have your mind in the corners anyway, put your hand and learn something useful, leave the boots… forget one thing, the pitcher doesn't go to the water many times, you see that wherever you go, your ip stays, maybe - someone will knock on your door with a hood… be careful!

    • alexander: Hi I have a question: P
      I do Booti yahoo for flood
      I want to do more messenger IDs boot ie flood
      and I still say we psu there parintiidar call sami I 20 years
      nustiu what to do ...  

      =)) many times before, boy, but once you take your bachelor's degree, and you go to college like everyone else, and after you have your diploma you scan it and send it here on the site and the next day someone will make you a personalized tutorial and adapted to your computer "Pentium 4" and you will be able to flood everyone because Yahoo will know you out of fear and will declare you the biggest hacker in Central and Eastern Europe or if not the coolest in the former communist bloc, until then only good…

  141. IDs do not know

  142. Crâşmaru said

    I want to make a new yahoo address where they send after you fill out the form to register me

  143. just me said

    Hi! I'm also trying to get a new messenger id and it doesn't accept any password, does it have any idea what it's about to clarify for me… that I can't get nervous anymore!

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    with respect and gratitude, Andreea

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    • AdrianGudus said

      how can I make my youtube uncont

      Write up in the search box on the top right black edge: how to make a youtube account, hit enter and you will find the tutorial, or you can search the terms: how to climb a clip on youtube

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      2.Daca beculetele blink, do not worry, there is a way setting. Start your primary computer. Opens one used browsers (IE or Firefox). Type in the address or depending on your wireless router. It will open the router configuration.
      3.Gaseste Attached Devices menu. Here you can find all devices that have connected to your router. So you can disconnect from the network, but not for long.
      4.Acum must set a password for your connection. That will prevent others to connect to your router. Go to Security and Setup menu and choose either WEP or WPA-PSK Key. Now write a password that is not a look. For now you will be disconnected from the internet. All you have to do is to reconfigure the connection password. Click on Apply and then Save.
      5.Dupa follow the instructions you have been disconnected. Double click on the icon with wireless internet on the menu bar on the right. Check the connection and then type the password. Now nobody will be able to connect to your network.

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    Saluatre, I have following problem: I want to add a picture in jpg format the body of a yahoo mail and fail. Do not attach to email, but appear in text
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    The same answer applies to you…

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    I think the world can't adapt to the new technology, really, 80% of those who have phones with Android operating system have not heard of Android Market !!!! (now called Google Play). How am I like that? Stay on all kinds of infected sites to download an application that you can find Free in Google Play? Or people don't know how to create a Google account.

    • That's right, not everyone was lucky enough to buy their mother a computer from the age of 3, but it's never too late to learn / try something new. However, it's a shame to see that on such a website, the most watched tutorial is about creating a yahoo ID, when there are so many more interesting and useful tutorials. This says a lot about Romanian PC and internet users…

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