How to make a website or blog platform hosting free wordpress

In this video tutorial I am pleased to present you how to make a free blog hosting platform of wordpress.

WordPress is the best blogging solution known and appreciated in the world today, this solution is very accessible and easy to use.

To be a successful blogger you do not need to have knowledge of programming languages ​​or web designer skills, you just need to get on the keyboard and lay your ideas and thoughts on virtual "paper".

WordPress is much more advanced and versatile than Blogger (Google) and it is therefore the most widely used blogging solution in the world at this time.

Blogger from google is a similar blogging solution, but it can't compete with what wordpress offers, the blogger interface is quite rigid and poor.

You have access to an extremely efficient administration interface, the options are more than enough for a blogger thirsty for "blogging".

WordPress has a great advantage, namely SEO (search engine optimization), meaning you only need to deal wordpress asterneti thoughts and promotion, this system is very effective, often the article that you write today will show you the A few days later in the search engines, which means very fast for a blog at the beginning.

Design to WordPress is a child's play theme (blog interface) can change with a few mouse clicks, widgets layout is also very easy.

Writing and editing articles is available to anyone thanks to a WYSIWYG interface (what you see its what you get) that is "what you see is what will appear in the end", of course there is the code mode for those who want to work this way.

Everything about wordpress is very easy, no need to be an expert in PHP or HTML to manage a blog based on wordpress.

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. My congratulations Cristi and all the respect, all the respect and admiration my friend !!! See how many bloggers there will be after this tutorial !!! It will turn out like mushrooms after the rain !!! I think this thing is a good start for those who want to launch a site, could play a little, or do tests on this blog, to see how it is how many visitors will have, that later if they feel ready to launch on their own clean site, without ads etc.… I think I will do a test, to see what limits I have to how far I can go… but I'm afraid… I do not know what… I do not think I am able to manage or please keep a site…

  2. Let me see myself! After that I can give my opinion it looks like, that I expect much!

  3. Super Concrete is worth and beat your head, and thought it better to let out search engines Duminiuca Thanks Cristi and flour.

  4. @Corleone: @Adrian:
    Glad you liked it!

  5. Robciuc Ionut said

    my site: D is made through WordPress… I want to avad if you like

  6. @Robciuc Ionut:
    Beautiful, congratulations.

  7. @Robciuc Ionut: To be honest I don't think it's your site but in the end if you say… so be it… although I doubt it will be yours !!! Since when did you have the site, when did you make it? Come on, I'm convinced… It's definitely not yours and it's not even through word press, please I don't know what you wanted to prove to us… maybe you think we're stupid… but it's not like that 😉 Shame… shame ... .rusinicaaaa !!!

  8. Robciuc Ionut said

    May I never said it was made by me, I said I just work and I can not express properly, is administrator and look at items and see who is written: D

  9. Robciuc Ionut said

    Design and programming systems is made by someone: DD

  10. Robciuc Ionut said

    The coolest is that phase with "poor" with the tags:)) =)) congratulations Cristi

  11. @Robciuc Ionut:
    Ionut's site really is made within WordPress, but WordPress is not that I have presented it, the one who has downloaded and is dependent on your own server or your home PC where- keep him home.
    Altogether website looks good, now I do not know about how content is consistent.
    When you make a website you must have original content, for example site is original content generated by us in proportion 100% in our case is more difficult because you have to create content, but while we and a very good rating because we offer original content that can not be found elsewhere.
    When you have a news site depend on many factors and you get the period of instability due to a lack of events or simply the same item you can find in many places.
    The blog is again hard at first but if you love the world and if you can have a successful reading depends on factors not others.
    Ginditva better when you choose the subject, try something you like, because when you love something truly world and feels like you.
    Ionut, cards and website look good to all of you who want to grab wish you luck and call anyone on our advice.
    Another thing, do not make websites for SEO websites for people that man is important, not google bot.

  12. Robciuc Ionut said

    Cristi I have a question, if you can, it's hard to leave a comment link on your site to another site, but if you can, can I leave a link on comment or send an e-mail Comment Your e-mail: [email protected] | I would like a link to WP templates flour. If you can. Thanks in advance.

  13. HMZ FAIN and I'll try :)

  14. @Robciuc Ionut:
    I did not understand very well, pretty please rephrase.

  15. Robciuc Ionut said

    I mean, I want to make a website with, and I want to find some templates for Word Press. I want something cool templates. If so leave a link or send an e-mail with a link templaturilor them e-mail: [email protected]

  16. @Robciuc Ionut:
    The classic themes are on the wordpress site in the "Extend" section and the more special themes cost money and you can find them on google if you type "premium wordpress themes".
    Premium themes also contain plugins that fit perfectly with the theme, but COSTA…

  17. Robciuc Ionut said

    but how much so?

  18. @Robciuc Ionut:
    I do not know exactly, probably depends on the subject, see for yourself on Google.

  19. Robciuc Ionut said

    ms: P

  20. Robciuc Ionut said

    Cristi, I want to ask you something else, I want to buy a from MYX (do not know if you know that website with 2.62 $ / month) and do not know if it's serious, but many I hear it's nice site. But I'd like to ask you, too, can know something MYX.

  21. Hello. I have some questions too. Where's boby that I haven't heard from him in a long time? Then How to overclock the processor k you showed more for the video card and some things to measure the overclock but you did not actually show how to do it. And the third: I overclocked the video card with ntune and applied the settings but after each computer restart it returns to the initial frequencies. Why? And about the blog… .. I also made one and I have a question. Can I integrate it into a site?

  22. @Andrew: if you post where you need to see the answer to your question and don't repeat yourself !!! look at the tutorial on overclocking the video card… reset for k there are no bios settings… there are software settings… in order to stay permanent the settings have to raise the frequencies in the bios !!! read other comments before posting, try to post to the tutorial to which your problem is related… because we see all the posts… we read wherever you post… if this is the last tutorial does not mean that we do not read the comments of the other tutorials !!!

  23. ADRIAN FFFF talking sense!

  24. @Andrew:
    When doing an overclock you are a beginner you should not make a final overclock because if something goes wrong you do?
    If you do not overclock well and restarts how are you?
    Give him nothing ara restart if the same settings?
    You know it's a good thing that is lost settings after restart, it protects you on you evantuale problem.
    If you do not restart the setting you give good and ready!
    I will present a program potentiometers overclock the video card, but do not jump in head if I did something wrong, as if nothing will give a restart for settings to be the same (wrong) and after restart and you will spinning in circles.

  25. admin_cristi either I wasn't careful or it really isn't… where can I find your email: D… .send me an email please on my email… [email protected] … .This email is also made thanks to you: D… .bv you are the best I would not like to know your gmail: D… ..success further

  26. @OviDyus: Look better… you will see that in each tutorial immediately above it is written in small blue in the left corner Cismaru Cristian, just above the rectangle where the image from the video tutorial is framed !!! Click on the letter "Cismaru Cristian" that's the mail!

  27. boby_admin said

    After each video tutorial you'll see our name and you simply left the name as you click you can send us an email

  28. i have a big problem on pc i apologize k i wrote here but my idu is the one i had beb3_mykk i have a problem it works what works for me pcu… and after that it just crashes because of what it may be :( this happens for 3 days ago
    but I can't stay on the net or on the pc anymore; (don't you have a solution makr adrian or I know how to enter p id to propose something to me… ..a solution… k I don't realize and akum I'm noroks k still going to write (..aici ...... :(

  29. @beb3_mykk: unfortunately I have the same problem and I don't understand what the cause is, 3 more people on the mess give me buzz all the time and tell me the same thing as you, on the forum I see this problem debated… what's going on? is it a virus if I go online, my pc restarts, or it gives me a blue screen with white writing, or it simply freezes and I have nothing else to do, but most of the time it restarts, although I reinstalled windows it does the same !!! It's a virus that spoils our PCs because we all have the same problem, it kind of makes me shiver… what about computers?

  30. bv adrian does the same to me, the window freezes 100 times a day, 100 restarts a day: (((for at least 3 more days just like that so you don't know how much my soul eats from me it's the 4th restart since i try to enter the video tutorial in 20 minutes…… .ENERVANTTTTTTTTTTT AT THE TOP >>>>: ((((pfffff what to be ?? netu ??? what to be ?? I STILL SO MUCH EVERYTHING> .. and it stays like this: ((

  31. boby_admin said

    Do not really understand id phase and do not know what does the Posting
    Can you give a comment anywhere you want as long as it has to do with video tutorial
    Now get back to your problem
    Your PC may restart several reasons
    First, I recommend you install everest or other similar program to see what temperatures you have components
    The first thing you can do and that it is best to reach you is to open the side cover to your PC and watch if computer dust has settled on the CPU cooler and it can not be cooled properly
    It can be a problem and the source. If dusty as well to aspire or have technical problems and should be replaced
    Whatever your problem if you want a solution will need to take them to trace the problem elimination
    I also recommend you to read all the comments from
    and you will surely find the answer to your question
    I do not know for sure which video tutorial we discussed this topic and why I sent these links


  33. @boby_admin: Let's say that with beb3_mykk it was solved but me? I took out the piece by piece, I cleaned the cooler on the processor, I vacuumed the source, I turned the case on the source, I wiped the dust between the parts on the source with a beautiful brush, I erased all the parts carefully, and in vain… it does the same … And the peak only when I go online, no matter what browser I use, it does the same to me, or it freezes or restarts, I don't know what to do to see who is to blame? at least I know which song is to blame… I would like to take a source but what if it's not a source? I would take a video card but what if it's not the card? what do I do… buy piece by piece until I find it? 🙁 It kills me and I die of asthma because I don't know what it can be! I have been sitting on a PC for almost a month with the horizontal unit of the old Fujitu siemens type… because I can't use mine… how do I get on the net how does it give way…

  34. @Adrian:
    Have you tried to uncheck "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" on your network card?
    Right click on it go to Properties and uncheck here what I said above.
    PPPoE is a common problem in the RDS.

  35. @admin_cristi: I have known for a long time about unchecking the Internet Protocol !!! more precisely since I have a net from RDS, even on their official site, this setting is recommended… in vain this is not the cause !!!

  36. @boby_admin: 🙂 thank you but I know how to install a windows correctly, I mentioned above… I have the same result after a fresh reinstall without any software other than windows installed! I don't do anything to him, not even the little tips & tricks… I make the connection wizard I uncheck that protocol, I don't install anything and he does the same, until now he didn't do that, for about 2 months he does that to me… and yes only when I access the net! as for a friend who comes to me with songs… :) imeni is not willing to open his pc for me, or they don't have time, or they get hit when I ask them to do this… I had also thought about this… yes no one wants…

  37. boby_admin said

    Adriane to tell you to keep your little friends are missing when
    I personally do not know for a long time but if you had asked me to come with your PC to you or vice versa and I have stayed close to each other one Believe that help you with the greatest pleasure
    Frankly do not know what could be the problem and does not want to give you advice that I am not sure 100%
    Let the day come and change your PC …….

  38. @boby_admin: I have some money aside and I'm still collecting them, I'm waiting for my pension (in case of illness) next month to take it from me… yes I don't know what to do, because I have a configuration from you and Cristi did a tutorial on how to buy a cheap pc… and i'm not sure what to choose… i just need the source / motherboard / processor / and ram… as a hard drive, dvd-rw and case i have this old, video card i don't want… i want a video card integrated, I hate games…

  39. The problem that I had to restart and I kind 1 month ago, I posted here on the site mea.Nu problem resets even gave me so often, say 1 / saptamana.La me all the time so do not know if going netul I have been unplugged or work.But only made it out of the blue when I wanted to go on a site that oops restart and blue screen appears with a white text on it, but does not get to read what it said because that repede.Dupa disappear course start Windows again when he returned after restart I wrote a message like system recovered from a serious error. Now no longer figures honestly do not know how he revenit.Am installed another windows xp prof sp2, then I installed sp3, then I gave him an update on the Microsoft website. Where I went was the system properties-advanced-performance-adjust settings for best performance, I've cleared out any windows assistance.Nu remote components.
    My guess is that it's stupid to have an updated operating system.

  40. And another thing the system properties-advanced, error reporting, leave it on Enable error reporting (windows operating system and programs).

  41. Thank you very much.

  42. ADRIAN look, you know how I simply SOLVED ALARAM AREAS, IT'S TO BLAME HOW I TAKE IT A LITTLE, IT BLOCKS NETUALLY >>> I had him going great with him, but for 2 days he didn't bother me, so I made a problem with Bobby with protocol, but I didn't know what happened to the alarm zones, that's how I discovered that I'm doing well with no alarm zones.) BAFTA ADRIAN;)

  43. @beb3_mykk: If you read carefully I said that I do so without any software I installed, I do so even immediately after you install Windows, I just wizardu connection and uncheck Internet Protocol

  44. I'm really sorry for u: (nus should catch the problem have resulted in a company to track (that is: (sorry for u: (uffff

  45. Hi. I also have a problem with my nasty source. So when I play Counter-Strike crashes (last night I had the Counter-Strike cup and I couldn't play what you see tomorrow the PC crashes and I wait about 1 minute to it works again), it crashes and when I run a program, I listen to music ETC.I think it's from the source 100%. The question is: can I do something to stop my PC from crashing because I have to wait until they have a new PC (don't make me change the source: D)… ???

  46. @danezu: Yes you can do something… stop playing any games, and give up windows themes, insert the classic windows98 theme… you have nothing else to do… maybe it's not from the source… do a reinstall of windows… I don't know what to say… everyone's PC restarts what the hell is going on? Are PCs going crazy?

  47. I changed the windows of 3 times all different and all the same lucru.O to use the theme from windows98 before use and saw that going faster does not look bne PC yes: D

  48. Hi Cristi, I found this tutorial very interesting! What I want to tell you is: I have a friend in Iasi who has a newspaper with a very large circulation, I asked him to give me a little advertising space (for a fee) but of course everything it doesn't just depend on him, if he has, if he doesn't have space, that would involve adding a page to the newspaper, with what he completes the rest of the added pages ETC. He also told me, brother, a Bloog, maybe you can even find a free support, it's easier to add an advertisement to a blog than to make a detailed description of what you could do for certain people, well with your help I got a little involved and I made that blog. Now I still work on it, what do I want you to do? please come in a little you tell me what it looks like I mean graphics, I really think that on some monitors you can't see exactly how you want it> Thank you I leave the address here and I'm waiting for your answer to know if I still work with writing on it or not ?Thank you in advance!!! The blog address is:

  49. @CORLEONE:
    Very nice Corleone look good but I have two suggestions.
    1 write servis but not service
    2 Your address is not “” but “”

  50. @CORLEONE: I am very curious how do you do system installation through remote assistance? :)) and those with girls on the web did not say on the site, clean and arrange your ideas better, I think they are all mixed up, what you do there has little to do with the "name" or the target of the blog your… make your orders better in ideas, and arrange them better !!!

  51. system installation is missing a comma think in terms of a sample of girls was working normally insist on the object as a work, but say you can see it right? Thank you Adrian! Thank you Cristi! service, but know that rushing knew spoil job, thank you!

  52. Even if I wake up a lot of other questions about the creation of a blog, and despite other nasty comments from others (perhaps selfish to share what they know as somewhat ligibila intro for anyone who wants to make a quick blog ): Bravo!

  53. you are weak brother
    actually had to go straight on Not on google and there and there ...
    you have no job to if you wanted to make your site to host the wordpress

  54. @Mihai:
    I do not know what to tell you, I do not think I'm weak, I 1.86 85 height and pounds, I think is good, what about you?.
    Maybe you have not been paying attention but I wanted to make the difference between stand alone and wordpress CMS script that is hosted on that server.
    If I have done as you said can visitors were unaware that there is also another kind of wordpress.
    Differentiation was made quite clicked, all believe that they understood the idea, except you of course.
    If you are skilled in this area so you better presents and new url to your website professionally.
    Perhaps what we are doing here is not as you and may wish to honor us with a better tutorial.
    If your rule is a good tutorial, I am pledged to withdraw him from the site and post it on yours instead.

  55. Rares-small said

    hello, I came here to ask you for help
    I'm not very expert, but I would like to know how I can show "index of /" on a site with free hosting, or maybe you recommend me one 🙂 I have a counter strike server, and that's the only way to download resources quickly :), look what I'm talking about

  56. I liked the tutorial and I really I did a blog. 10 Note from me!

  57. very good tutorial thank Christ. I started a blog and I expect some comments about it if you can. Thanks and nice day everyone.

  58. Bn to start with inceputul.Am entered the site which Christ did and saw that has a favicon.Acum I want to ask and here's how to put a favicon in wordpress that torment me an hour and fail .
    Thank you!!

  59. Sorry if I post again but I wanted to say in the tutorial website.

  60. Cristi how to delete a blog made with wordpress. But I want to permanently delete it mean to steraga and the search engines Google, Yahoo, etc.. Cause I made a blog and do not know how to get rid of him.

  61. Sarmale, burnt sugar cream… What more articles :))

  62. soryynel said

    bvo CRISTI !!!!! ejty best… thanks a lot for the video tutorial
    eoo shi a try.

  63. emilia said

    Ceau .... I have a problem… I am asked at college to make a blog for this site, but honestly I don't know much can you help me ?? please !!!
    thank you!

  64. VIRGIL_SRL said

    Hello cristi
    I have a problem and want to solve it as soon as possible
    on WordPress have this section????
    I've been looking for it for a month and I can't find it. I looked at your tutorial 200 times I think and I didn't see that section => Plugins <= you can tell me where it would be to give me a link name
    eg / wp-admin / to the
    so please can enter more
    In plain below and read uitete
    1 we extracted the archive file
    2-lam copied in wp-content/plugins
    3-be activated as??????? not stiuuuuu

    After downloading, extract the trilulilu_plugin.php file from the archive. Copy it to the server in the / wp-content / plugins directory. Then activate it from the "Plugins" section in the administration console of your blog.

    Using the plugin:

    When writing a new article, enter the code as described below in the "HTML" (not "Visual") section of the article:

    [Trilu Video] permanent link Trilulilu video [/ trilu Video]
    [Trilu-audio] permanent link audio Trilulilu [/ trilu-audio]
    [Trilu-image] permanent link Trilulilu picture [/ trilu-image]

  65. Adrian said

    @VIRGIL_SRL: As long as you leave the settings for the language to be Romanian, you will not find the Plugin section even in 2 years !!! As you can see, Romanian was used in the tutorial !!! And it was even said where the plugins section is, namely in "Upgrades" this is how it translates into Romanian !!! You also lie that you have watched the tutorial many times…

  66. VIRGIL_SRL said

    I gave the name EC upgrades allow SAL activities?????

    -Add New Post articles I missing the HTML and Visual
    where can activate?????
    My theme odd or pravazuta with this section???

    "When writing a new article, enter the code as described below in the" HTML "(not" Visual ") section of the article:"

  67. Nicushor said

    Hello administrators! If you want you can take a look at "" at the site I created and please ask me a question. How do you convert the files? I saw that some videos are 46 minutes and if you put them directly on the net I think they have 1GB and something. Bn, I caught what you are filming on the screen but I do not know any better program than winrar , than to make from video to video or from video to audio, a converter, cva. I would like to know what you use, you can contact me at the messenger address nike_nicushor_08, because I want to do tutorials and I want to put them on youtube, if you let me help you with some tutorials, I'm good at PCs :)) but these converters give me headaches… ..

  68. I hope you do not mind putting the link k admins to my blog yet:> http ;/ /

  69. Hi. I also have a question. Can I make for example to put some torrents on the blog, let's say and so that others can download them directly from the blog, not to put them on such sites as rapidshare… is it possible ???

  70. hello dear cristi I think you are a genius even if I delayed the creation of a blog I want to thank you for. these superb tutorials made by you and your colleagues I made a blog and if you have time to take a look and tell me your opinion… "" good health and good luck.

  71. steel videotuturial blog said

    With your help I did a blog a little hard and a little beginner are elderly and all I got was the self-learn what I found here and there on the internet but I think I learned 2 years and quite I hope that PC support my living memory and amnesia active combat. Many thanks Cristi

  72. sall cool tutorial but I have a question where these sites take cool wallpapers for pc?

    • Constantine vvvlad said

      sall cool tutorial but I have a question where these sites take cool wallpapers for pc?

      I have more of this kind and if you want I'll give to you only to give me the address where to send tile Bebeotel

  73. I did a blog, but not shown google.De what?
    You need to register it into a search engine and web directory?
    Either wait a good tutorial and I can appear on google ...

    • Cornel: I did a blog, but not shown google.De what?
      You need to register it into a search engine and web directory?
      Either wait a good tutorial and I can appear on google ...

      To show you have to write interesting articles and be patient! You do not have to sign up anywhere if you've made on the blog and the host of wordpress. They will automatically charge your promotion but I said, you must have patience and to write interesting articles and be visited (blog to be visited)

  74. Mom, I've been watching these tutorials on creating a site. If they're super good, do you have a site? as it is about the same way too exactly anyway you are sunper strong from you I know the ones the computer before I had no idea to install a hard drive

  75. Cristisg1 said

    Thank you ! I did stupidity we built inaiunte to watch the tutorial I set English as I realized it was not careless ..! and do not know where to change the title of the blog because I thought the title would remain pasword ie cristisg1 .This tutorial will help me in the problem I hope to be even more careful in viewing good ..! good! : D

  76. I made a blog and I loaded some doc files but when I get on the blog do not see them anywhere. How to make doc files are visible and others like them can download?

  77. Cristi ceau I managed to make myself a blog that takes shape thanks to you and thank you, you are strong I learned a lot and I have to learn.

  78. you are “the best” .. :)

  79. I CAN'T FIND HOW IT CHANGES, the front, the font size, the color in wordpress all the writing appears small and can't be read…. help

  80. Dj Razvanus said

    're loud and ptr this tutorial ms I needed to know how to do a blog so let's all baitetii

  81. ghost9 said

    So the tutorial is too good for this century. Personal send people here with links on my blog defiecare time I could. You are good. Fucking good. Congratulations for everything you do here guys. Thousand one I was a huge help every tutorial that I found here.

  82. Ciprian said

    Hi… I also made a block and I want to put a script with a resume like this

  83. Comin 66 said

    how to add wordpress plugins?

    • how to add wordpress plugins?  

      Unzip them and upload them to "FTP" in the wp-content / plugins folder
      Then of course activate them before it's good to read the instructions for each plugin separately.

  84. Hello!
    I have some questions:-How do I put a 1 area
    2-If you have to post blog articles, and other materials and later if I make a website host those items will be lost?

  85. Hello CINV use platform? I do not manage to blog on google sizably

  86. Mr. Dan Constantin ask if you can help me practice blog inspired me and I do my one on this platform.
    I set all the setings / Basic Add your blog to our listings? Yes Let search engines find your blog? yes
    Plus the mother played by setting Google Webmaster Tools, Google acconts, Google Groups

    Maybe make a tutorial on this would be nice

    • Adrian admin said

      xxdaniel: I beg Mr. Dan Constantin if I can help virtually blog inspired me and I do my one on this platform. I set all the setings / Basic Add your blog to our listings? Yes Let search engines find your blog? yesPlus the mother played the Google Webmaster Tools settings, acconts google, google grupsPoate make a tutorial on this would be nice  Cite me

      You want to show up in google right? Do you have articles you content? Continues to write interesting and will appear in google! Google to put you in mind must see that you're offering. Lasts up to 1-2 weeks to show up but this will happen only if you have content and articles

  87. xxdaniel said

    Do not know why but the first post has not appeared will post once I hope I do not spam
    I wanted to know what settings it must do for my blogu be public
    Where can I check if it is already public (not found search engenu
    How will I know if google blog mia approved and listed in their search the motor

    Sorry to be off topic with a topic

    • Adrian admin said

      xxdaniel: Do not know why but the first post has not appeared will post once I hope I do not spam
      I wanted to know what settings it must do for my blogu be public
      Where can I check if it is already public (not found search engenu
      How will I know if google blog mia approved and listed in the motor apologize cautareImi their are off topic with a topic  

      Simply type the domain of your site in the google search box and enter for example "" of course, you search with your domain. Nobody notifies you when you are on google or not, I told you above what is happening. the more interesting and relevant articles you write, the higher you will appear in the search engine. Don't expect to appear on the first page of searches!

  88. I have a small question Now it no longer appears in the "get a free blog on 'to create a blog I as shown in the tutorial I want to know if there is valid wordpress blog thing should give free or if not shown on the first page ... thanks.

    • Adrian admin said

      Dwarf: I have a small question Now it no longer appears in the "get a free blog on 'to create a blog I as shown in the tutorial I want to know if there is valid wordpress blog thing should give free or if not shown on the first page ... thanks.  

      Click the Download tab (written in orange) then click "getting a free account on" written in blue… it's heavy with you bibicule is heavy…

  89. I have a problem .. How else put owner on my blog?

  90. Elijah Paunica said

    I'd like to know how to add a category in a page.
    Congratulations for the tutorials and thank you for helping us. They are extremely useful, how little for me they were like a training course…. but free… Thank you!

  91. Peter Robert said

    Great set and very well explained! do a good job and appreciated, my respect!

  92. Congratulations explained 10 note! Keep up the good work!

  93. This is a tutorial 10 note
    I've created a blog on their website wordpress
    But what can I do to see myself on Google - to put search engines
    I want a help from you

  94. cristi welcome such a question and find my blog world

    • AdrianGudus said

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    • AdrianGudus said

      razvanCere AjutorTuturor:
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      What your comment here looking for? We have a tutorial with Fraps and you posted a tutorial that has nothing to do with your problem. Therefore, you will only get answered if you post where you mean the tutorial with Fraps. Before I advise you to read and post comments on that tutorial and tutorial text above and make sure you head-tail priate tutorial without running. There are thousands of free software just do not know you to give them. About many of them we also have video tutorial. Use the search box on the top right black border to find them!

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    The tutorial goes well, try to empty the cache or change your browser.

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    Silviu Rose:
    hello, I went on the site to make my wordpress blog but it appears to me as you know appears to link one with free forums, there is nothing like that and not know what to do, waiting for an answer, thanks

    Access and click on the orange button that says Get started here at the top left of the page you will reach or you can click on the blue writing below that button "Sign up now"

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    Finally, after a few pages, written and edited and re-edited to look good, came momentu to add some pictures here and there, now what to say was a little harder to understand why we had two titles, and description, then my problem other text that seems not write it better or something is wrong.
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    • If you refer to an online store can help it
      If you do not have a series of 6 tutorials on creating a site. Type up in the search box "how to make a site part 1", and then replace number 1 with the following and so on and you will find the tutorials.

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  129. Hi,
    I own myself a wordpress blog and never fail to put my various websites, to create links. I followed the steps described in the tutorial, if I go into settings appear those links, but I do not blog blogroll category appears and links to those blogs. I do not understand why. You know what could be the problem? Thanks

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