Free photo editing program and easy to use tutorial video

In this video tutorial we present a free photo editing software Magic Photo Editor. With this program we can play and experience fun combinations such as. - we frame a photo - we put two pictures together - we apply a flower or a cartoon to the picture Now don't expect that you can compare it with the Adobe Photoshop software ... [Read more...]

On what criteria, and how buying components for a computer tutorial video

Nowadays a computer is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity for almost everyone. It required a tutorial to show you how we do when we have to buy PC components, or gadgets (cameras, video cameras, etc.). In this tutorial I have presented the natural way of information before making any decision to buy something. Of course ... [Read more...]

Set Windows XP - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we present tricks and settings that can improve our computer performance and that can bring us more energy for a less efficient computer. If we have a computer with a graphics chip or a weaker video card you can give up some graphical aspects for a better running of the operating system. You can also watch ... [Read more...]

Installation and setup tutorial video codecs package

In the following video tutorial we will present how to install and set up a codec package but first of all how to download it and where. K-lite codec pack full is the name of the codec package that we will install together. Before that you must know that you must uninstall the old codecs (if any) and you must have all the players ... [Read more...]

Maintenance free hard drive

In this video tutorial we present a free (free) defragmentation program for the hard disk and that will keep our operating system as fresh as the first day. The hard disk is one of the most sensitive components in the computer and that is why we must pay more attention to it. Defragmentation can be done either with the windows utility or with a specail program of… [Read more...]

Aero interface of Vista on XP

Everyone wants his system to move well and especially to look great, maybe as good as the mac or aero view, but without giving up the functionality of the xp. Now we have the solution to this problem and it is called a vision inspired brico pack, an application that covers the xp in new and shiny clothes. The following video tutorial on changing ... [Read more...]

Programs to clean and maintain your windows

In this tutorial video we present a free program that can get rid of errors or temporary that do nothing but make our windows or other operating system difficult. With CCleaner we can start programs that start in startup and do nothing but to devour resources that your PC needs so much when you start it or after a restart. All with … [Read more...]

How we test a hard drive or USB stick

In this video tutorial we present two free programs that will help us make a decision when we want to buy either an external hard drive, hard disk or USB stick. Many times when we want to buy a USB stick or a hard disk the product details can be quite vague or we may not be completely satisfied and then we have to test ourselves ... [Read more...]

How I can see photos and movies from your computer to your TV-video tutorial

Many people are wondering how you can watch movies and pictures from your computer on your TV, so that you don't have to sit in front of your monitor for half an hour, as long as you have a movie. The solution is presented in the following video tutorial and consists of the use of a s-video cable, a s-video adapter scart and a video card either from envy or from others. Our video tutorial presents the setting ... [Read more...]

How fair game tutorial video downloads

In this video tutorial you can watch how to properly download iso files with games using the user program without having to use a torrent search engine or log in to a Romanian torrent site. In principle, all files are downloaded in the same way be they games, music, movies, etc. As an example in this video tutorial I chose to ... [Read more...]