Solving the problem of Windows 8.1 Wireless Connection Limited

Hi friends, today we will solve the problem with wireless connectivity on windows 8 or 8.1 "Limited Connection" or "No Connection".
Even if it is not officially recognized, this is a bug in the new Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems. Users who use Windows 8 or 8.1 receive a message at a time under the wireless connection, instead of writing "Connected" or "Connected", the message "Limited Connection" or "No Connection" appears, in Romanian Limited Connection.
This wireless problem I met on devices running Windows 3 8.1.
I found two fixes, if not go one, try the other one.
1 method.
Go to: Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network and Sharing Center, here click on the network you are connected to and go to Properties \ Configure, here enter the Power Management tab and uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ”. Restart the PC and check if the wireless network is working now. If it does not work, try step 2.
2 method.
Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network and Sharing Center, here click on the network you are connected to and go to Properties \ Configure, here enter the "Driver" tab and change the driver exactly as in the tutorial.
Please note, you have other wireless cards and you will probably have more or fewer drivers in the list, if you only have Microsoft drivers, you must install the official driver from the manufacturer's website.

If wireless network adapter in Device Manager never appears, it means that it is not installed and need to install the driver from the manufacturer's website.
If you do not know how or where to download the drivers, I recommend you watch tutorials drivers categoryAre covered more manufacturers.
I hope that at least one of these two methods to solve the problem. For discussions, proposals and gossip see the comments box.
If of course you have some notes about the tutorial, tell us in the comments section!

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  1. Cristi where to download windows clean 8.1

  2. Cosmin said

    Very good tutorial!

  3. Cristi can move the boot sector of a partition to another. My situation was as follows
    I had Windows XP installed on your PC by a friend about 2 years ago. Alex did not know what they usually eat only very vaguely computer. I installed Windows 7 in dual boot on a partition. Everything good that has ever been made several times but now I come to format the partition with XP to remain only w7. I tried to format the partition with the utility of w 7 but we did. He said something that windows can not complete this action. Alex does not let download mini tool partition wizard formats the C partition (the partition with XP) although the status in writing tool mini boot and active. I made a backup keriver but to partition E (w7 partition) and I formatted C's. All well and good until the next reporinire the pc when I received a beautiful full screen error as there is no boot sector or something
    Problem I reinstalled windows reyolvat a 7 but curiosity can move the boot sector and how?

    • Of course, we can do anything, unfortunately is complicated and risky in case of a disk that you important data.
      It is best to install right the first time, subsequent changes are difficult, time consuming and risky.
      Depends on the hard disk but in general operations like this can take longer than a fresh install.
      If you have only one entry invalid in boot manager, it can simply delete msconfig.

  4. Interesting tutorial. I also encountered this problem with "limited connection" on w 8 and sometimes on w7 64 bit. I hope to get out of trouble.

  5. Cornel said

    Good Cristi,
    This message is not related to videotutorialul've just done, but has to do with your whole activity, which, on behalf of those who follow you, thank you. Video your lessons helped me a lot.
    Although it has been several months in the Apuseni Mountains plane crash are still outraged by the failure of state institutions to locate the plane, although Dr. Radu Zamfir have a smart phone. A simple digital photos, made with that phone with GPS enabled, then sent to an e-mail could help locate the plane. For the purposes of the above, we conducted a number of 6 videotutoriale, all with the title "Dr. Radu Zamfir be located in two minutes." Playlist can be found at:
    I would be honored if you took the least time to follow these videotutoriale and given your experience you suggest me what should be done to make this way known as localization.
    Thank you!
    Cornel Goia

  6. George said

    Cristi now while ago you said you make some tutorials about windows phone and that your colleague Adrian already studying about Windows phone.Cam on when you start posting tutorials??? Sorry I posted in a wrong section

  7. Valentin said

    Cristi when I post tutorials about Windows Phone???

  8. Cristi you could do a tutorial on how to install AHCI in Windows 8.1, I got a ASRock H81m PACA and fail to install AHCI in Windows 8.1 (after configuration of windows, when I change the BIOS from IDE AHCI, does not boot Windows)

    • Matthew said

      Why go after installation and does not pass AHCI before installing windows? AHCI set in bios and then I put Windows. 8 has windows in it everything. and 7 has. I do not know vista

  9. Bogdan said

    Please make a tutorial in the near future but do not forget about how we create a yahoo or gmail email account without us introduce our real phone number or other way to get rid of checking the number. What if you have multiple email accounts? I do not think I let you do several email accounts on the same phone.

  10. dokoce said

    Very good tutorial, so is Windows 8.1 has problems with the wireless.
    I have a wireless printer and laptop with Windows 8.1 not see it, can not find the printer.
    I tried a wireless stick, nothing.
    The printer is seen and works under Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 very well.
    Another observation I noticed that Windows sees far fewer 8.1 wireless networks in range compared to other operating systems.
    I was on Windows 8 solve the problem of the failure of Microsoft, or Windows 9 solved.

  11. 2 method is not valid if the network card does not have an update for Windows 8.1 ..
    To me it appears:

  12. Hello!'d Like and I a tutorial on LED screens, a small guide that instructed us what kind of monitor to buy, encompassing all current ports: HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, but inacelasi time to be, accessible, and good .

  13. Hello Cristi. Want to ask if there are any Windows theme that installs Windows 7 8 or an interface that can be installed on Windows 8? It can make a tutorial to teach us how to disable all applications in Windows 8?

    • Windows 8 / 8.1 when it comes to the desktop interface is the same as windows 7 only as flatter if I may say so. If you want to disable those tweaks like charm bar and alltele write up in the search box on the top right "Disable Metro interface and install Start button in Windows 8 and 8.1" and if you want customization Cristi recommends anyway I mean a pretty serious site It is

  14. Laurentius said

    Cristi Hello!
    If speaking of tutorials: Create virtual machine in Windows 8.1 using integrated Hyper-V technology.
    I think it would be really interesting.
    Good day.

  15. You're probably right with the drivers, but in my case at the Atheros boot delay with the second 30 wrong. I deleted the one I left Microsoft.

  16. Csabaxb said

    Hi, good tutorial. How to solve the problem of automatic connection to W8.1 rds? W7 W8 and connects automatically at every boot or restart wired internet. W 8.1 only manually. I searched many places and seen many have this problem. Does anyone know a solution? Please post it here.

  17. Hello I have a noob question whether there is such a thing: I want to make the PC speaker or buzzer as you want, to make him hear sounds through it and not through sound card. For example to have a speaker system brand 0.5W 8ohm and hear everything on that speaker's question is can make them hear sounds and PCs nebranduite? Gender ASRock, ASUS, etc.. ? this brand or have them special. Perhaps on this occasion I gave a tutorial idea. A good evening!

    • That sounds small speaker is the error or confirmation that motherboard them out at times, it can not be used for sound coming from the operating system.
      However you can make a speaker inside your PC, you can connect it to the front audio jack or folisesti a small speaker jack 3.5 and tie it directly to the audio front, which you can plug an undo to remain in housing.
      It can be done, just a motivation for what you do. I for one do not see any logic in business speaker casing.

      • Hi again, I have a fairly old motherboard on a PC brand and I like that it has that 0.5w speaker in the case and I can hear any sound (music, game sounds, anything…) and I would like to change the motherboard to put an ASRock better than what this brand has, and if I put this ASRock I have no sound in the speaker and I wanted to ask you if possible, because I liked it only I have to carry speakers with me, and the built-in speaker was for. I just don't want more.
        As a brand motherboard not know what to hear that guy if I did not PC speakers, I like that for what I wanted I do not need more. I'll see what I can do. I thought may be uitil. ((

        • Dani27 said

          Old motherboards have internal speaker connector, but the new ones do not have it, but you can connect an internal speaker connecting cords to the speaker with the front panel

  18. Hi Cristi! I also have a problem with my mouse. So, I turn on the laptop, all the best, I do what I do on the net or through basic visuals and suddenly the eject sound of the usb port is heard and the mouse doesn't work anymore, I change the mouse to another port, it stays 2-3 minutes and then it does the same, I move it again, it does the same, then I restart it and start over every time… I reinstalled windows about 4 times on this topic (I know it's not reinstall it like that but I had other problems with it) then I installed windows 8.1 pro and it does the same… I want to mention that a popup appears down there in the tray where it says something about Device is not reconized or something like… if I put a stick or a data cable phone does not. And I have another problem, deleting single files from the pc… just reinstalled windows, I put antivirus the first time and when I restarted it, avg_32.dll is missing! … Any solution? I tried with all kinds of programs but it gets worse… Thanks in advance!

  19. cornel said

    I tried both solutions and nothing, I still get the same. It's the same with Wi-Fi and cable connection. I do not know what to do anymore. I found something else about it somewhere, where I had to write in the admin console something command and nothing. I really don't want to reset to factory settings….
    The culmination is that I booted from a Live USB with Linux and from this the net works without problems, and Wi-FI and wired… Does it seem to me or Microsoft has been downright since Bill Gates retired? Such bugs are unacceptable. If I used something pirated I would understand but my windows came pre-installed on my laptop and taken from an authorized store, so everything is legal.

    • Not just since Bill Gates retired… ALL Microsoft operating systems have a purpose, to get you into the hospital of nerves made when he stays and 5 days to start. Not even with all the cleaning software in the world do you make it work better… so> Linux is big WINNER!

      • Linux is stupid. I do not know what you mean, but the only problem encountered on Windows 8.1 this problem with the wireless that you driver.
        Linux is crap, do not go popular games on it, do not go many useful applications, etc.
        LInux is an ordeal.

  20. Hello Cristi,

    My younger brother, 13 years old, has an Acer S5252 and has Windows 8.1, I tried both methods in the tutorial and he gets an error when he wants to enter nornal in windows a BSOD "DPC_WATCHDOG VIOLATION", I entered safe mode and I applied the second method, it seems to receive the same error at normal boot.

    From what is the error?


  21. Csabaxb said

    Hello, gentlemen admins answer my question may be?

  22. Good tutorial.

    App for that, I have a problem. I have the following configuration
    Biostar P4M900-M7 SE
    Processor: Intel Duo Core2 E6600
    Video card: ATI RADEON HD 4300 / 4500
    RAM: 4GB DDR2
    OS: Windows 7-x64
    Since I bought the video card, my processor is only 50-80%. I don't know what else to do, I also disabled the onboard video from the bios and the same. Sometimes it works well, decreases to 0-1% but after the restart it does the same…. I mention that I don't have any program installed, only the video card driver and that's it… When I install windows immediately, until I install the driver it's fine to say, but after the restart… 80%. I have thermal paste on the processor. What could it be? I wanted to make the PC for my younger brother, not for my hand, but I've never seen such cases before.

    • It's a thing encountered in Windows 8. As a solution, right click on the bottom bar (or CTR + ALT + DEL) and go to the task manager to go to processes, you will see a process that consumes 50% of resources, it's something related to security… antivirus in windows.You can disable that process and everything returns to normal..1… 2% but you will get a warning message that you are vulnerable because you have disabled some of the security of windows, or something this.

  23. Hello Cristi and Adrian, I have a problem and I hope I can fix it.
    I installed windows 8 in dual boot with windows 7, only when I put the wireless driver on win 7 I got "no network access" and "limited access". I have a lenovo g510 laptop and wireless dlink dir615.
    I removed the dual boot and I put win 7 simple, but still it appears. I tried what you did in this tutorial and nothing .. plus other stuff on the net fix the problem but it still does not work.
    Mention that the cable connected to the wireless router go .. but go wireless connection.

    The laptop has been taken for 4 days from emag… 🙁

  24. Costelina said

    Well when you installed the driver wrote there that is older than the guy that you have windows?
    somehow not be installed older driver
    and we do not say what OS you have the laptop on it
    the lights on the modem router are okay?
    You entered the router settings?
    I do not know means you are sorry if any novice driver does not manage to put on a new device
    my advice to you if you install the driver CD with it from there if you enter the site laptop
    and download the appropriate driver for your laptop OS
    there is something (see the e and tutorial site here) if the windows that we installed is newer and the older driver
    enter the control panel and programs of accommodation options for older releases
    I hope you get

    • Costelina said

      My hunch is that once you put your laptop and net
      if so see you read the back of the router admin password and the wireless

  25. Thank you. I hope to resolve, we took the first step, if there appears to do and the second step (variant) wait. anyway thank you for this video

  26. Well, none of the methods work for me: (and in the second one there is my list to choose the drivers are only 2 with exactly the same name and I tried both and none of them worked what else to do? I mention that it has periods when the laptop does this, it is not conditioned by anything and the net works perfectly on the phone….

  27. Thanks a lot, sir Cristitan
    Using method 1 above and following the steps indicated by you, .I finally managed to solve the problem "Limited connection", I mention that I have Windows 8.1 pro and it works perfectly for me now (I have been struggling for a year). I wish you good health and share with us your experience, All the best,

  28. Cristian M. said

    Hello, if you do not go no option above tutorial I discovered a very simple technique:

    1. Run CMD administrator
    2. Write command: netsh int ip reset Resetlog.txt (and press enter)
    3. Restart the computer.

    I wish you all a beautiful day!

  29. ms for help I solved the error of "connect limitid" with the first method

  30. Thanks a lot for help !!!!

  31. Hello! I have an acer aspire 5750 10g and every minute gives me limited conectivity and if you try to close the times my wireless laptop locks .. or remains locked off. I 8.1 windows in the original license. It may be due to components?

  32. Razvan Adrian said

    I need urgent help !!! please !!!

  33. Razvan Adrian said

    Please help I made a blunder !!

  34. January 16 2015 at 22: 17
    Hello ! I have an acer aspire 5750g and every 10 minutes it gives me limited connectivity and if I try to turn off my wireless either my laptop crashes ... or it stays locked off. I have windows 8.1 in the original license. Is it possible because of some components?… .. I did everything that can be found on the net and the problem is still ..

  35. I need some help, please. I had the same problem with limited conectivity and do not know why I put the pot boiling and I do not where I clicked on a disable and I have gone all Wi-Fi networks to which I could connect, including mine. How do I fix it?

  36. it seems to work ,,,, after reinstalling the driver… thanks!

  37. Thanks multtttt

  38. Constantin said

    Hi Cristi! I have a misunderstanding, if you can help me. For a while all download windows 7 for someone and I find nowhere with that sign for wi-fi. I try to find the driver, but nothing. Can you suggest where 7 with windows that take a WiFi signal. I recognize that there are large IT-ist. Thx!

    • If no signs wifi wireless card is turned off or you do not have driver.
      Switching is done by pressing FN + key that is painted sign wifi or bios.
      The driver will take it on the official website of the laptop manufacturer.

    • Costelina said

      if it is not downloaded from "" su padre "" Microsoft it is very clear why these errors occur
      you should know that who offers download whatever version of Windows XP 7 8 8.1
      ie put user modified; customized for what he (PC, laptop) and not never be
      I pray not to sit installation as happens with original OS (does not matter that it's important to be original trial)
      I wonder that there are still users who install Windows modified (viruses) by third parties
      when do you have a gaming PC for less which way but not much security is pretty risky

      • Costelina said

        when they were made available for free to download from multiple versions of Microsoft Windows and 32 and 64
        30 90 days trial ba days was like a server version of 2012 180-day trial

        • Costelina said

          I remember that I installed a game that was made in Windows 7 figures (for that it was weak PC) that works best on Windows XP
          and I said I installed it on Windows server and go smoothly 2012

  39. I welcome cristi a small limited wi-fi I followed exactly the steps you showed you carry in tutorial and a good time I think about 4 hour went super ok akm believe in 15-30 minutes gives me limited so get your wi-fi net of all but occasionally gives me limited..fol please reply me urgently windows 8.1..te

  40. ciprian said

    I also had problems with laptop with limited connectivity but we solved temporarily easier, I simply gave the disconnected the connection after I went online and probably 3-4 months to make this problem. Otherwise congratulations for articles are helpful for some more incompetent and do not have time to deepen some problems with the PC or mobile use.

  41. Lucian said

    Dear Cristiane, I found this article of yours, about, "Solving the problem, Wireless Limited Connection in Windows 8.1" and I have already applied it. Now I will follow, to see, the results. If this time it won't work either, I will install (someone will install it from the nearby GSM Services centers) Windows 7, because it seemed to me to be more stable. Until then, good luck! A nice Sunday!

  42. Cristi Hello! Thanks to these two solutions, I tried both. Unfortunately, none worked for me. I have this problem on Windows 8.1 and now after I switched to Windows 10, the problem persists. Apart from the limited speed, I have a "syndrome" related to this issue, as it were: wireless LED on the button (which should be white when it is on and orange when it is stopped) "beeps" when it white when it's orange. I am sure that the two issues are related to one another.

    I do not know what to do, I tried everything that they could, I tried what you showed you, I tried other methods on the net. Do not go at all.

    What suggestions do you give me?

  43. Flower Cosmin said

    Hi, I tried these methods but in vain've already tried dozens of ways to fix my wireless connection and none has been successful.
    I have different drivers inset nothing
    Changed 4 routers without solving
    When we passed a momendat 7 and windows to see the problem persists although he tried on different drivers.
    Does it do the same to me now on windows 10? I'm already running out of patience and I have a little more and I'm breaking my laptop… ..
    I searched the net and just kind of methods to try to solve the problem and none worked.
    Although there is no solution to this problem?

  44. I tried two methods and the problem still persists and no Wi-Fi connection only when it is connected directly by cable. I reinstalled the drivers but this is solving time after 5 minutes and the other does not. There are other solutions?

  45. I have a Epson printer L355 I managed to connect wirelessly to your laptop (I have Windows 8). When I try to print something comes one page maximum two then falls ,, ,, Internet.

  46. Note 10 +

  47. I tried both versions and walked none. I think my problem is my drivers on PC, otherwise I can not explain. I want to know how I made it in video tutorial driver. I win and original 8.1 hp laptop. I want to know if something affects you put another driver. Priblema because it gave me many headaches ..and seems never ending.

  48. nor me not to go but my big problem is that when I want to download or cet type of windows mise Internet ddeconecteaza tried sal downloaded Depe official website but inzadar another problem nam programs

  49. Hi I have a laptop but Win 8.1 and I have a problem with the message WiFi Connection Limited. I tried both solutions did not work either. Now I sit at fixed cable. What's next. step?

  50. Merci beaucoup. 2 method worked. I was about to format laptop

  51. Method 1 3537 from a Dell Inspiron work.

  52. Is there someone else here? I have a problem, almost a month and I still struggle not give head

    • There's no one, they were all lying!
      Do not tell anyone your problem, not his wake.

      • Hi I have a problem and are florin. I installed an application on android (SWIFT hifi) and can not uninstall, as I Soun that should be disabled and can not find where. Please enlighten me and me. Respectfully.

  53. Hi Cristi, I have W7 and I have this problem with "Connection Limit". it is possible to be from EDIMAX Router, until it is unplugged it does not work. Can you tell me please what I have to do. I have net from rds

  54. Hi… it still doesn't work for me, what else can I do? THX

  55. Hi I have a dell latitude e7450 Wind 8 when I connect it locks netul I know someone say

  56. Stefan said

    Very useful this tutorial !!! works

  57. George said

    I always have limited internet but I leave it for a few seconds and it disappears on its own…

  58. Boss I do not go to give Configuration, dc?

  59. gabriel87 said

    Cristi hello! I would like to help me on a problem or even give me a solution Phase I Wind is the 8 64 bit and we had a few games installed fifa series 2007,2006,2010 etc until yesterday I went all bn entered the game d and today when I wanted to get into playing fifa 2006 appeared to me an error like
    FIFA graphic hardware acceleration Requires 06 and does not want in any way to enter the game what to do should do what advice a solution? and I thank you for your answer.

  60. I followed the steps and the problem was solved, thanks much.
    Good luck!

  61. Hi Cristi, I also have this problem and for me the first method doesn't work because I don't have the “Power Management” tab in the same configurations… And the second method I gave uninstall, and when I manage the drive the same driver appears , I installed it and it still does .. I have an acer travelmate7510 laptop and the net drive is called "Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter" and I have another one here NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Device Manager .. Please help me !

  62. Alina Păliceanu said

    Thank you man! After I struggled some good days with him and gave him no head, because of you we were able to solve the problem with the wi-fi! Thanks much! All the best!!

  63. Hi, I have Windows 8 and unfortunately none of the 2 methods worked… I had problems from the beginning, it shows me a limited connection and it only works after I restarted the PC. Recently I changed the company where I had internet and now it shows me Limited Connection always, I reset the PC to the factory settings deleting all my files, and still in vain. would there be anything else to try before changing the pc?
    Yours sincerely, Dragos

  64. To solve the problem I did the following: I did what you presented in the tutorial, I saw it did not work +
    I went to wireless properties -> Security -> Advanced Settings and checked the box for Enable Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance for this network. Restart the internet and that's it.
    I hope you helped me again!

  65. Thank you very much! I had this problem on Windows 7, and I really did not know what to do. We finally got it done!

  66. I have tried both methods and the limit is: ((((

  67. Revert, I have yet another 3 restart on my laptop and now it works. Thanks a lot. 100% functional

  68. Hi I have a problem I do not know if it can be solved but to say I would like to close a window that still appears to me and if the net is open and if the window is Internet Explort and I do not know how to swallow or that is a virus or I do not know where I walked and I have windows 10 pro apologize that maybe I did not tell my name my name is Marius Danaila and I am from Bacau please if anyone can help me

  69. Carmen STab said

    Thank you Florin!
    Your solution worked for me: wireless properties -> Security -> Advanced Settings and I checked the box for Enable Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance for this network.
    You made my Christmas happy! To be healthy!



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