Winamp free download installation and setting for the most popular audio player - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about Winamp which is a very popular audio player and very appreciated by many users. This player is easy to use when we use it simply without going into its settings, when we enter the settings we see that everything is quite complicated as if its manufacturers have struggled to make the settings difficult to… [Read more...]

How stuffing into the rds-netul startup video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will refer to those who have and use a net from RDS. Those of you who have internet from rds, know very well that when you turn on your computer or after each restart, we can not open a browser be it internet explorer, mozilla firefox, opera, because first we have to connect manually and only after that we can open… [Read more...]

Everest ultimate edition for overclock download installation and setting - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will see how to download, install and set up a software produced by Lavalys that we will use in the following video tutorials on overclocking, this software is called Everest and has nothing to do with the top of everest in the Himalayas and nor with the everest dictionary. This software is very good for overclock lovers but it is not good… [Read more...]

GetRight a download manager to download good quality video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present Getright Download Manager, which is a famous download manager, quite appreciated and highly awarded by prestigious websites and IT magazines. The daily use of this download manager is very simple, all you have to do is click on the download links and getright will take care of the download. Until then, however… [Read more...]

Setup and cleaning maintenance program for windows xp and vista Ashampoo win optimizer 6 - video tutorial

In the next video tutorial we will see how you can maintain, clean and set windows, be it xp or vista, easy with the Ashampoo win optimizer 6 application, which is very easy to use and has a lot of useful options and available to anyone , all under a pleasant intuitive interface and very easy to use. Intuitive use of settings is the basic rule by which… [Read more...]

Modifying hidden settings in windows xp with the free program Tweak ui - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will be able to see how to get to some hidden settings in windows with the help of a free program called Tweak ui, which we will download right from Microsoft, a company you know very well that it produces windows xp and windows vista and not only. You heard well FREE FROM MICROSOFT, to your surprise and this company… [Read more...]

Program remote control and remote assistance from LogMeIn tutorial video

In this video tutorial we will demonstrate how to control a computer remotely through a browser with the services of logmein and a free program also from logmein. For this you only need a valid email address and fill in a simple form, after filling it we will receive an email containing a link of [Read more...]

How to surf anonymously on the net without a trace through the network proxy-tor network video tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how you can surf the net without leaving your confidential data or traces on various sites, which can use this data for less legal or ethical purposes. We will use for this a software package with the help of which we will connect on different servers, many in number and which will redirect us from the server to a server until we… [Read more...]

Download the installation and setup faster and smarter work-browser video tutorial

In the following video tutorial you will have the opportunity to see how to download, how to set up and how to use in the end the fastest and smartest web browser that exists on the market at present. Many will not agree with me at first, but after seeing the tutorial and trying the browser I am convinced that they will change their mind. What is so special about this browser? In the … [Read more...]

How does a free domain when you have a dynamic IP DynDNS

In this video tutorial we will talk about those who have made a site and do not want their ip to appear at the address, we will also talk about that of you who have a dynamic ip and it is quite difficult for them to make a site on this ip (Rds, Romtelecom). My friend Cristi made a video tutorial in which he referred to how to get a free subdomain from dyndns in case [Read more...]