Windows 10 installation tutorial - correct, clean and fast - episode 2

Installing Windows 10 What is this Windows 10 installation tutorial about? This Windows 10 Installation Tutorial is obviously about installing the operating system from Microsoft, called Windows 10. We will go through all the steps from the initial boot, going through my favorite settings during configuration and until installation… [Read more...]

Install Windows 10 - video tutorial

Installing Windows 10 Now that Windows 10 is stable, I've decided to do a full tutorial on installing Windows 10. We'll go through all the steps together, from downloading to installing on a computer. What do we need to install Windows 10? This installation will be a clean one, meaning we will not just upgrade from an older version to… [Read more...]

How to upgrade to Windows 10 forced

Why Forced Upgrade to Windows 10? In the age of fiber optics and 7-second Vines, we easily lose patience. I waited about 1 day and lost all patience. And because I can't wait to try Windows 10 on Acer Switch 12 Acer Switch 12, I switched to the forced upgrade to Windows 10. Probably if I waited for Microsoft, it would take another half day :-) I… [Read more...]