Video Editing System Configuration

Video Editing System Setup Video editing is one of the hardest tasks for a PC, especially in the 4K, 6K and almost 8K eras, where the files are huge, and most of the time, super compressed. When I say that video editing is a heavy task, I'm not kidding. About 2 years ago, I destroyed a laptop, while editing a tutorial. Our system of… [Read more...]

PC configuration accessible, gaming and general use

When it comes to PCs, the gaming ones are not much different from those used for editing or office; it only differs from the dedicated graphics card, which is not necessarily required in the office; that is why we have configured an elastic system, which can be tailored to the needs of each one. Accessible PC configuration, gaming and general use The processor I chose to be good, because ... [Read more...]

Performing system configuration socket Intel processor LGA2011cu i7 3820 - Hardware Guide

Hi friends, today we will configure a system based on the new Intel socket, this is the LGA2011 that comes with the new Sandy Bridge series. On the new motherboards we will have support for quad chanel memory, this means a total bandwidth of 256 bits, from 128 for dual chanel or 64 bits for single chanel. Another improvement is the support for… [Read more...]

Processor configuration and generation components at a very good price - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we are going to configure a system based on an Intel processor that has just been launched, this is the Intel G620, a very cheap and quite sprinty processor despite the extreme "clipping" it has been subjected to. A good Sandy Bridge remains even without Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost, Quick Sync, despite these shortcomings we remain with virtualization ... [Read more...]

Upgrade hardware - Backstage

Hi friends, on 12-11-2009 our server was offline about 10 hours, between 12:00 and 22:00, this was due to a hardware upgrade made to improve the services. Due to the increasing traffic on, this hardware upgrade was no longer delayed, the motherboard, processor and memories changed, less ... [Read more...]