Video Editing System Configuration

Video Editing System Configuration

Video editing is one of the most difficult tasks for a PC, especially in the era 4K, 6K and almost 8K where large files are enormous, and often, super tablets.
When I say video editing is a hard task, no kidding. Any 2 years ago, I destroyed a laptop, while I was editing a tutorial.
Our video editing system will be configured to manage / edit / export files coated with bit color depth of 8That because we have no professional cameras capable of filming on 10 bit. If we had used the 10 bit hardware configuration, the total price of the system would be much higher.
To this setup for video editing system, I chose Intel because they are the most capable processors video editing. A plus is and QuickSync technologyThat allows us to export more quickly if we choose h264.
i7 6700K is the highest performing processor for socket 1151.
Asus motherboard is well equipped, with 10 gigabit Lan, USB C, display port (for distribu integrated) and sufficient slots for video cards and PCI-e SSD.
I chose a kit 32gb because they are coloring or video editing programs, which consume a lot of memory, DaVinci Resolve is a good example. If it seems excessive, you can go only 16gb RAM first.
Storage (complex):
As storage devices have a more special configuration, consisting of 3 drives, two SSD and HDD. First SSD you operating system and programs, is a second SSD scratch disk for editors and hard drive for storing files it is raw and exported.
Video card:
Graphics card is not a FITA is absolutely necessary in a modern video editing. If until recently, did not use video card almost all video editing now increasingly more software developers introduced support for video card in their editors.
Corsair VS550 a source of 550W, which can handle with ease.
It's a classic case of quality R1 Zalman model (it's on sale).

Hardware tutorial:
Intel® Core ™ i7-6700K, 4GHz, Skylake, 8MB, Socket 1151, Box
ASUS motherboard Z170-A, Socket LGA1151
Kingston HyperX FURY Black, 32GB (4x8GB) DIMM, DDR4, 2400MHz, CL15, 1.2V
Solid State Drive (SSD) Samsung 850 EVO, 2.5 ″, 250GB, SATA III
WD HDD Blue 6TB, 5400rpm, 64MB, SATA 3
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX video card Gigabyte Windforce 960, 2048MB, GDDR5, 128bit, HDMI, DVI, Display Port
Source Corsair VS550 550W, Active PFC
Zalman housing R1, ATX Mid Tower without power, Black
LG 27 ″ IPS LED Monitor, Ultra HD, HDMI, DisplayPort, Black

Video tutorial - System configuration for video editing

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  1. What do you think desprre Intel Compute Stick v2 2016? intel atom processor. Oaare is good for surfing the net and Youtube, video mail and streaminguri something? If it moves Windows 10 hard Chrome Os can put on it? (As chrome os not consume more resources and I think it would be faster than a Windows, and chrome os 97% do I do on Windows)

    • For simple tasks, even for streaming, Intel Compute Stick is perfect.
      Intel Compute Stick for proper tasks:
      Browsing the web
      Edit Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice
      Simple games or older
      Accessing social networks
      Download files
      Transformation in NAS (network storage)
      Transformation in server
      Transformation in media center
      Multimedia Player for TV
      Streaming Video / Audio
      ….and more

    • I have one model STCK1A32WFC bought from Altex (the promotion is these days). I use LG Smart TV connected. Windows comes preinstalled with 8.1. Then you will want to upgrade to Windows 10 but this model have problems in that after the operating system upgrade, stick no longer boot. Intel posted a procedure in which the first and most important step is the update BIOS and then upgrade to Windows 10.
      I do not know if it works but the product's forum are ChromeOS users who have installed Ubuntu.
      Yes, go for everything listed Cristian. I have personally installed and TVMC (Kodi a version of which comes with pre-installed add-ons).
      As for me, I did not hurry yet to pass Windows 10 8.1 that runs very well.
      PS - It's a bit noisy, not unbearable, because it has a small fan.

  2. Hello, I even expect a new tutorial in this series configuration. I wanted to ask you to recommend me a SSD 120 GB, but I had no patience and I opted for a ssd exact model of the video (but 120) currently are pleased and took video card you prezentato everything on your recommendation and are very satisfied.
    Like suggestion tutorial I would ask if you can do a tutorial on software that compresses your windows and you explain to us how it works with him or if I can now bun.Nu as it is called but I saw something online. I think it would be good software for SSDs lower. Thanks for the video and guidance, luck and all the best.

  3. I understand why you recommended still able Freesync monitor and nVidia?

  4. procesoru ala has no cooler, so I had to put a cooler cart

  5. a configuration for music production?

    • Dorian Band said

      A similar video configuration is required for music production. VSTi, use PROCESSOR (high performance), Samplers (VST audio samples) use RAM as much and fast as possible, Mix, Master (Processor, Render out (D / A converters on the audio card (Dedicated board)… (iMAC is preferable for something professional)

  6. I would also like advice for a system that I use for photo editing. (Photoshop and Lightroom). Ptr possibly recommend any laptop that?

  7. octav homoranu said

    excuse me Cristi! I've been following you for many years… I still don't understand why you insist on doing tutorials for desktops…, they are morally outdated and I think they will disappear in about 2-3-5 years of our lives! this is the technology… we go on much smaller devices now ..a laptop today copes brilliantly with games and video rendering… why should we buy computer hardware that consumes power and occupies a generous space in the house? As a tutorial, it's OK, but it doesn't make sense in our century when a smartphone works wonders!

    • Video editing you need working speed (fast SSD), processing power, cooling components and smooth comfort of use (large monitor).
      Let's say you find a good laptop for editing, but what do you do with the small screen, low quality, like color, that you find in the laptops. Still better is the large monitor!
      Smartphones are devices for video consumption, not for video editing. Editing applications for smart, are too simple to outcomes somewhat decent.
      ARM processors can not achieve the level of complexity, which x86 architecture offers.
      I think we should remain grounded. Regarding miniaturization, smaller devices or objects are not always preferred.

  8. Cristian Sakut. I am very glad that you did this tutorial. Even you choose the components you chose and I doing a build, in addition to housing, power, and video card you have chosen. Video card, according to the best value for money is GTX 970, since you said it best e GTX 980, but remember that they are more powerful than GTX 980, as GTX 980Ti or GTX Titan X anyway GTX 960 is too weak.

  9. Cristi,
    Is it possible to have a tutorial with the purchase of a laptop for games - 2016?

  10. Scorpionel said

    PFOA, Mr. Cristi, did not know what happened to me now ..
    So I have a windows 10 unlicensed, and now when I have opened your desktop PC default, chrome, and 2 edge games in store, nothing else, neither my computer does not appear anywhere .. I said something in the lower-left but n -I got to read, but I understood it was something that Microsoft blocked my account local windows..din little research on the internet I found out that I should stick with a Microsoft account, which is not too it I use, so we had to go through hundreds of checks with ten of those codes by mail and telephone.
    And when I gave restart and I saw my desktop not know how I relieved (I know that sounds weird
    Anyway I told you that maybe you do know something or tutorial based on these events ..

  11. Cristi Hello!
    I recently discovered your site and I want to tell you that do a great job
    both you as well as Adrian; I am glad that there are also people who share
    information, with such ease and clarity of expression, to understand and the less savvy in IT.

    - this system would handle, in the first phase (because of the money) and without a video card,
    only for photo editing? would affect only visible on the screen or playback speed processing
    in photoshop?
    - can you define as accurately as possible the word - rendering?

    - what are the differences between ssd - SATA III (did I also find mSATA?), M2, PCIe? you could make a presentation
    video, in this sense, if you can, of course.

    • Dedicated video card is well suited to gaming and video editing applications or photo editing where shorten and speed work in the timeline (video, you cut-paste, etc.).
      Sata3 is slower compared to the PCIe interface. M2 and consist of mini mSATA SSDs. I'll do a tutorial, it's quite convoluted job.

  12. Mihai Corbu said

    Hello Cristi, the procesoru this: Intel® Core ™ i7-6700K, 4GHz, Skylake, 8MB, Socket 1151, Cooler Box that would be necessary? Pretty please give me a sfat.Multumesc!

  13. Hello Cristi, for editing HD and Full HD video, go gforce 940mx Nvidia with Intel Core i5 7200u in VideoPad or movie maker? Good luck continuare.Cum ruined a laptop with video editing. Can you tell me?

  14. Hello,
    What would be the cheapest system capable of playing movies 4k ultra HD? I do not interesaza games.
    I need 4k TV or HD can run uktra the current full HD TV?
    Thank you!

  15. Robert said

    Hello Cristi,

    I keep looking after a video card for video editing and I can not decide at all. I do not know what to choose between a SAPPHIRE Radeon ™ NITRO R9 380, 4GB GDDR5, 256-Gigabyte GeForce GTX bit and a Ti OC 1050, 4GB GDDR5, 128-bit.
    GTX 1050:
    + Is newer
    + Has powerful gpu
    -only bit vs 128 256
    + Is Nvidia and read through forums that would be better harmonized with programs like Adobe Premier Pro and Suite
    -shadere versus 700 1700
    + Consumption is much lower than 70w Sapphire vs 220w. 2 as the difference Sapphire motherboard connectors separately. That translates into a greater source of stress, (corsair 550) higher heat inside the chassis and running (even in the room hot summer days, which is not pleasant)

    What do you think is best for editing? R9 with 380gb and 4bit 256 or 1050 4gb and 128bit

    Additional data here:

    Thank you!

  16. Hello Cristi ... I want to know your opinion of me pt.editat pt.urmatorul pc built in adobe premier video 4k cc 2017 ... if these components are ok.
    I7 processor 7700k Kabyle lake 4.2ghz
    Gigabyte Pl.baza z270-hd3p
    KIT memory 8 2 × 16GB DDR4 3000mhz
    Kingston SSD 120GB WINDOWS
    MSI video cards AERO GTX1070 8GB DDR5 256BIT.
    MONITOR LG.21.9 ULT.WIDE ... wait a parere.mersi

  17. Hello Cristi ... I want to know your opinion of me pt.editat pt.urmatorul pc built in adobe premier video 4k cc 2017 ... if these components are ok.
    I7 processor 7700k Kabyle lake 4.2ghz
    Gigabyte Pl.baza z270-hd3p
    KIT memory 8 2 × 16GB DDR4 3000mhz
    Kingston SSD 120GB WINDOWS
    MSI video cards AERO GTX1070 8GB DDR5 256BIT.
    MONITOR LG.21.9 ULT.WIDE ... wait a parere.mersi

  18. Please help me to buy a computer with the necessary configuration to process hd video. I have a budget of 2600 ron.Thank you.

  19. Hello. I have a problem and I can not figure out where I'm wrong. I have a computer for i7 configuration video editing
    I changed the old video card with a G970 Phantom nvidia. In Premiere Editing, I can not see the video files in my editing line. In Da Vinci Resolve I do not even allow myself to bring video files but only audio and photo. I installed the latest driver on the nvidia site and it still does not work. How can I solve this problem?

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