How to find out if and when someone uses our Yahoo account and Yahoo Messenger ID - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can find out if someone uses our Yahoo account. As I told you in the tutorial on How to find out if and when someone uses our Facebook account, most online services offer this type of logs. Yahoo is no exception to this feature and offers its users the opportunity to find out: time and date, [Read more...]

Save Yahoo Messenger avatars and activate multi messenger without any video software tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can save the avatars of friends from the Yahoo Messenger network, how we can back up our own avatars and how to activate multiple messengers, all without any software or online service for Yahoo Messenger. It has definitely happened that a friend on your Messenger list has a nice and probably avatar… [Read more...]

Three methods by which we can read the archive of Yahoo Messenger conversations - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial we will learn together how to decrypt and read the conversation archives of a Yahoo Messenger ID. As we well know, everyone nowadays, especially in Romania, uses the instant messaging program called Yahoo Messenger. Probably just as many of you wanted to be able to read what your friends, or your relatives, and who they talked to. ... [Read more...]

Infobot, a robot for Yahoo Messenger that knows the weather, horoscope, top movies, etc. - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I am pleased to present a robot for Yahoo Messenger that can inform us about the weather, the horoscope, the top of the coolest movies, we can make it define our words, translate us into any language we want , we can ask the postal code of any address in Romania, as well as the telephone prefix of a city in… [Read more...]

What to do when you no longer see the writing in Yahoo Messenger - video tutorial

More than likely many of you have suffered from not seeing what is written in Yahoo Messenger, neither what the person you were talking to nor what you were writing about, and at the same time you may have wondered what the cause is. , to exemplify a method by which you can fix this problem for which many of you know what… [Read more...]

How to get rid of yahoo messenger advertising - HD video tutorial

We all already use the old Yahoo Messenger, and there are many who are bothered by the annoying ad in the Yahoo Messenger list (in the bottom of the list) of the ad in the webcam window that runs until the person we are talking to agrees to be able to see. Yahoo Messenger is an instant massage software present in almost all PCs, with the help of which we communicate… [Read more...]