Infobot a robot for Yahoo Messenger who knows the weather, horoscopes, top movies etc - video tutorial

Infobot a robot for Yahoo Messenger who knows the weather, horoscopes, top movies etc - video tutorial
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Hi friends, in today's tutorial I am pleased to introduce a robot for Yahoo Messenger you can inform us about the weather, horoscopes, among the hottest movies, you can put us define words translate into any language we want , we can ask of any addresses postcode in Romania, as well as the telephone area code of a city in Romania, we say that winning the lottery numbers from last week, we can ask what the exchange rate and we can not ask you to do even heavy mathematical operations can for us.
As promised here is the tutorial and the list of abbreviations for the languages ​​used in translation:
ro - Romanian ga - Irish
en - italian it - italiana
de - germana ja - japanese
fr - french ko - korean
African - African Lv - Latvian
sq - the Albanian lt - Lithuanian
ar - araba mk - macedonia
be - belarusa ms - malaysia
bg - bulgara mt - maltese
as - no - norwegian catalan
zh - chinese fa - persian
hr - Croatian pl - Polish
cs - ceha pt - portuguese
yes - Danish ru - Russian
nl - Dutch sr - sarba
et - estonian sk - slovak
tl - filipineza sl - slovena
fi - finnish es - spanish
gl - galiciana sw - swahili
he - the Greek - Swedish
he - hebraic th - tailandeza
hi - induced tr - turkish
hu - maghiara uk - ukrainian
is - Icelandic vi - Vietnamese
id - indonesian cy - galais

The funniest thing infobot, tells jokes and if somehow have, for some reason we are upset or bored. I found this extremely useful robot that often happens to miss the news and weather, or simply I do not know how a transaction is Dolaru or euros. Without hesitation infobot robot helped me every time without telling me he is tired
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
UPDATE 26-06-2010
If you go try to use one ID THESE SITES: infobotro7, infobotro10, infobotro11, infobotro12

Adrian Burlugeanu......

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  1. Very useful tutorial!

  2. mergeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee not give the same error .......

  3. iulian62 said

    Super tutorial really did not know they exist id :)) Thank you Adrian!

  4. basically it's funny

  5. Very interesting accest tutorial.Imi is very useful, especially with translate or vremea.Multumim

  6. or go only 10 messenger???????

  7. ciprian said

    ... I put not go like you said, but I put that to you and went infobot7

  8. Istvan Torok said

    Forte nice tutorial.

  9. francisc said

    Yeah! A nice trick how funny pa so useful. Adriane you had a good idea. Greetings!

  10. I put the book id and tells me "There was an error in the server while trying to add a contact.Please try again." And I do not appear in the agenda

  11. But I searched id (infobotro) to Type Yahoo! ID and gave to talk to him, writing a word and dex and automatic response

  12. Cool! Gave me infobotro reject, saying "I will add a free id" or something, and immediately sent me infobotro12 the list. Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Adrian said

    You can translate and whole sentences, it does not have to enter each one cuvant1!

  14. Yep, very interesting and useful tutorial! (Like many other tutorials by the way)
    I gave him add to infobotro but we did not add it to the list of friends, but as Shark said "But I looked id (infobotro) to Type a Yahoo! ID and gave to talk to him, writing dex and a word and automatically answer "... go.

    I hope I will be able to add more to the list ... and morning work.

    Thank you very much,
    A good evening.

    • Adrian said

      Neither the hell do not want you to read the comments or given before yours. better not take them off? And that does not use one and I do not read them stand out so damn strung like nothing around here? Repeat for the last time!!

      If not going to add infobotro, add infobotro7, infobotro10, as did Cyprian user. READ BEFORE YOU POST COMMENTS Dömle, VA's so hard to read some times. If you already answered your question because a user had the same problem like you before you, you think you just stand someone special know you repeat the same for you, for each one?

  15. Fain robot! Thanks for the tutorial.

  16. egasus08 said

    Very atre. I've heard of it, I found something similar on the net, but it was not mers.Sper mearga.I gave infobotro did not work gave me some error, then the A. infobotro7 and now I put my add request appears pending (so wait)

  17. are infobotro7, infobotro10, infobotro 11, infobotro12 from what I see

  18. Congratulations interesting!

  19. You can write infobotro7 quiet and you will accept it without any problems. Thanks a lot for. tutorial, very useful and helpful.

  20. alex2009 said

    Adrian Hey why do not you do an id that you use only for tutorials and so get rid of different people that give you add non-stop

  21. Laurentiu said

    and min give the same error

  22. Lucian Gabriel said

    Very good tutorial! And would bother with something that should not be here, but I said what's new look more persoane.Am found on a website (do not give names to advertise) an archive with Vista and have 1,5 Mb uncompressed 734Mb (torrent file was not like other people said that I asked, but was zipped). Has anyone idea how they managed to do it? Once again sorry for that I posted this message here and how do we vote as we have seen ac tutorials other users do?

  23. iulian62 said

    Infobotro7 call me any but I tried going 10 and went mia, you can try to 10,11,12 to go ;)

  24. Very interesting tutorial. I went

  25. blackcrissbodo2010 said

    Hello very nice tutorial but I have something to say
    This cute robot we have over 4 months
    However well as Gad vati to give news on Bravo
    You guys

  26. NeoGeoVal said

    Indeed very useful!
    Too bad it is on Yahoo Messenger, the increase did not use it much anymore time!
    Congratulations, do a good job with videotutorialele!

  27. Very hard this tutorial

  28. interesting tutorial give all this information you can find on the net: d for who she is lazy to go looking for water Net: d. app phrases that do not translate correctly see all

  29. Good robotelul.Bravo admins highly anticipated something interesting that in this tutorial.

  30. French fries do

  31. claudiu said

    yes, interesting robot, I do not go mia first but eventually went with infobotro12

  32. If you can not swear in videotutoriale would be ok.

    • Where did you hear swearing in the tutorial? who's who of ainjurat? Are you sure you have not looked at the tutorials and others have posted here wrong?

  33. I knew a long time ago it's good to me I go

  34. What is the status tutorialu Criminal robot that: P: P: P: P

  35. xxcrazyn3sxx said

    infobotro not work but went infobotro7

  36. Why does not add to the list, I tried all day, in all cases, I put the "infobotro100" and still will not, lest we be, or go only 10 mess?, Ajutatine, please admins!

  37. Garmalaul said

    Super cool ....! I put on the list but still nothing anything, wait!

    • Garmalaul said

      GarmalaulSuper cool ....! I put on the list but still nothing anything, wait!

      Okay I put infobotro7 and go .... thanks a lot .... very cool thing here videotutorial!
      PS I appear online Wed.

  38. Pyanystul said

    Goes well, (I went with infobotro7 me) appears online.Eu shame that I have set to occur only has online.Deci IDs minus the rest is useful.

  39. Darkness said

    Super tutorialu

  40. I can not even list inroduce is very simple: I did "add" and nothing happens.

  41. The exact message from the infobotro:

    (04: 35: 30 PM) (id-deleted-for-a-not-create-problems): Hello! Thanks for the tutorial. I made infobot status of solidarity

    II publicly thank this way because I was not online when you gave me this message

  42. Yes error "Your request to add a contact has Taken longer than expected to complete"
    Gives me the same error on the laptop.

  43. interesting tutorial ... what surprised me is that the muzzle sts write if anything like that, "the official tutorial infobot, made by the guys at" that is to understand that it is done to you?? hello: d

  44. leonard said

    very infobotro tried but did not work, I put infobotro12 and state mers.Am best jokes, I think 2 ore.Radeam one singur.Si remaining options are bune.Bravo. {" "infobot official tutorial, made by the guys at" "} bravo guys :)

  45. I do not go: I tried infobot1, infobotro. infobot13 NIKI HOW NOT MERGE: ((

    What to do?

    • infobotro7, infobotro10, infobotro11, infobotro12

    • Hi I tried to stick to the list robot recognized as an id but no one gave me any e ignore.Oare add any thing or calling a mere.astept not answered above address thanks.

      • marioHi I tried to stick robot in the list of recognized as an ID but no one gave me any e ignore.Oare add any thing or calling a mere.astept not answered above address thanks.

        Wait long and hard mail from us. The problems discussed here, give mail to anyone. I say we make an effort to read or given in the solutions that the above comments and read the text above tutorial that I'm sure you did not read.

  46. If you go try to use one ID THESE SITES:

    infobotro7, infobotro10, infobotro11, infobotro12.

  47. IDs are: infobotro7, infobotro10, infobotro11 and infobotro12

  48. May brothers appeared to me but as the opening year list?

    • ionut: Less fra year appeared to me but as the open list?

      Follow the tutorial carefully and you will see there what trebuiue to do.
      Follow the tutorial, I mean the video tutorial.

  49. Know that you will not go ptr. 're trying to add to the list when it offline.Numai add infobotro add a infobotro7, but check online if you do not try nothing.

  50. me like that happened to me.

  51. agentutu said

    infobotro10 channeled to go 100% guaranteed

  52. Mihai Radulescu said

    also very interesting and useful ... but try 2 days and does not appear
    I still say ... May have the operation succeeded. Please check your messenger list later ...?!? GRT what would I do ... I keep waiting for 2 days ... Thanks a lot anyway!

  53. gabicristi81 said

    go super whatever messenger you. Try one of these merg.La 7,10,12 I went with 10

  54. infobotro said

    yes very interensanta it and very useful application.

    • infobotro said

      I find it very useful this application because it gives you all the nose, there were still wet it in the mouth

  55. Anonymous said

    this is done for you

    • francisc said

      "Conspiatiei Theory" - reloaded
      We got it! PFAA! And how carefully I plotted. Adrian sat and plotted how to fool.

  56. Very utli ... something for you 'n' websites are by typing a few letters. Boys Bv, bv Adriane. Only the tip!

    To drive me ::: ::: infobotro10

  57. would be cool Daka and putting cartoon games, etc. ..

  58. It's super robot that! And you make some super strong tinetio tutorials I looked at all so I approved all the tutorials!!

  59. Severus said

    very arrogant robotzelu 'it yours! :)) I love it!

  60. Very much!

  61. status will advertise super: D!

  62. Andreea said

    good .... I love it. Very interesting and helpful ... Thank you: *

  63. Neighbor said

    very tareee bv are the hottest guys

  64. Neighbor said

    go infobot10 bft

  65. gherghel florin said

    foate hard infobotu is mesereas

  66. MARIAN said

    Hello very good application and folositoare.Am still a suggestion (if allowed) and if feasible. Instead of using a title words address bar and replace all words iconite.Si title inspired by this bot a intrebare.Este possible (or perhaps any) integration of a personal messenger online translation program, similar to that used the robot, or even a more advanced? Thank you for your patience and eventually raspuns.SUNTE YOUR THE BEST! have learned a lot from you, keep it up!

  67. trilulilu89 said

    alternative to Google? hehe

  68. dumitru Ciomaga said

    who took the tutorial you did not find him.

    • Lucian Gabriel said

      dumitru Ciomaga: Who took the tutorial you did not find him.

      If you wait a bit to go tutorialul.Depinde your connection to internet.Din from what I understand so videotutorial team and is always (at any time) will be tutorials on this site, they will not delete nimeni.Sper team is upset that I copied words.

  69. Will run on Pidgin?

  70. Go

  71. Bear Arten said

    it's super hard to me go

  72. not working I tried infobot not working

  73. Nu
    I can not add infobotrp it says to wait and ultimately
    You waited but you can add
    a informatzie please respect

  74. miXXeD.uP_Mihai.xD. said

    I added the id, but not online, why?



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