Block or disable uTorrent creatives

Block or disable uTorrent creatives
Block or disable uTorrent creatives
Hello friends, in today's tutorial we'll see how to disable advertisements from the famous torrent client called uTorrent.

Why disable uTorrent ads?

One of the main reasons is security. It has recently been discovered that some uTorrent commercials use a exploit flash player to install malware on users' computers, which is also confirmed by other Bleeping Computer users.

Another reason is that the commercials that must upload and display uTorrent will consume computer resources and bandwidth of the Internet. Users with a less-performing computer or laptop will notice that uTorrent is slow, it responds slowly and the graphics interface is slow to load.
When we do not have a good computer or laptop, but we want to do more things at the same time, every optimization made to each software will count!

How do i stop the uTorrent ads?

The process is very simple, we do not need additional software. Open uTorrent, go to Options, then Preferences and in the window that opens, go to Advanced,
In the Filter box, enter the following names one by one:

And we change their value. If the default value is set to true, we set false and if false is set to true.


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  1. Unfortunately, the following lines do not go:


    It gives me true without a star, if I double-click it falsely stars me.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      "If the default value is set to true we set it to false and if it is false we set it to true."
      Next time read the tutorial text before leaving comments or drawing conclusions

  2. But it goes wrong

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, the razor filter settings work. Good luck!

  4. Cristi Buzica said

    Thank you very much! 100% works!
    Let's be such great tutorials!

  5. He went to me perfectly. ! You should add to the site a special section for each user that allows us to save every useful tutorial and have a list of all! Thank you

  6. These settings also went to me that are pretty much the same.

    1. In the Options section, choose Preferences after choosing Advanced or directly on the reed wheel
    From the top right bar and choose Advanced after we write in the offers box, and filtered options appear below
    We select each option that is true and change it into false.
    The offer_content_offer_url option leaves it as worthless and ok.

    2. If we want to eliminate and advertise with, buy uTorrent Plus all at the Advanced write option
    Bt.enable_pulse and set it to false all in the search box we write gui and we are looking for the option
    Gui.show_plus_upsell that we set on fake and ok.

  7. Very useful these video tutorials and even very well explained.
    Could you please do a video tutorial on expanding the video memory for Intel integrated boards (Intel® HD Graphics) without the help of the BIOS. I have a model laptop: Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14H and when I check the video memory is only 64MB. I replaced the 2GB RAM with 8GB but nothing has changed. I searched the internet for methods but I understood that I only go from "Intel® HD Graphics 4000" upwards.

    Thanks for the great video tutorials!

  8. Bogdan said

    … Or, even simpler, install qBittorrent and you're done, don't bother with the uTorrent overview.

  9. luciangl said

    Do not better use / install 2.2.1 utorrent super fast / light? It runs smoothly on any tracker and is even recommended by 0day trackers.

  10. Mihai.M said

    Thank you! All my respect for your site!

  11. Nelson said

    Very good, it worked.

    Thank you.

  12. FastAndreiiii said

    Good boss so brother

  13. Lucian said

    It worked, thank you!

  14. Go 100% a short and practical tutorial.
    Thank you !
    If you can get a TV tutorial tutorial in the future, I've never seen one yet.

  15. Stefan S. said

    It works !! Shit, stay! Thank you!

  16. Go 100%, a good day!

  17. I personally recommend Qbittorrent without advertisements and much better than Uttorrent tested for years goes shaving !!!! All the best!!!!!!!!

  18. Cristian Alexandru said

    Thank you. Finally torrent without ads. I already hate them everywhere I see them. Live 1000 for Adrian Years!

  19. Bravo! It worked superficially.

  20. Rob3rt Constantin said


  21. Augustin said

    Is there a big difference between utorrent and qbittorent? Both programs are very similar and qBittorrent is open source if I'm not mistaken. I knew you were an open source fan

  22. Nelus Olteanu said

    Hi all
    If you try PicoTorrent, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. It has better download speeds than other clients, it does not have advertisements, it's very simple. I've been using uTorrent for years, but with Pico Torrent I do not compare!

  23. I will respect you and I will be grateful for all the mucas you do.

  24. From a certain version, Utorrent starts up itself in startup after a restart even if it's set from msconfig to off. Do you know what the problem is? Can it be solved?

  25. Wow, even goes with the latest version

  26. Laurentiu said

    Thanks, simple and to the point. Without advertisements.

    • I did exactly as it was described in the tutorial and it worked perfectly. I do not mind the ad itself, it bothers me to steal quite a lot of space from my screen. Thank you for everything.

  27. Cool! One million thanks !!!

  28. Cristian said

    Thanks . It really worked! All the best !

  29. Cristian said

    The best tutorials that help beginners and advancers in the IT domain!

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