Msi GTX 1060 Armor 3GB review - peace and performance

Msi GTX 1060 Armor 3GB review - peace and performance For a long time I was looking for a high-performance but most importantly quiet video card, which would help me occasionally in games but especially in video editing. Video cards are noisy The moment a video card starts rumbling, it's as if all the magic is wasted. Even when you want to enjoy the game, to hear… [Read more...]

Gaming and Streaming capture card - AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

What is a capture plate? The capture card is a hardware device that can record video from various sources. In our case, we can record the signal coming from a PC, we can record the signal between a PC / console and a monitor, we can record from a camcorder or from any kind of device that has video output. What is a capture board… [Read more...]

AZ Android phone screen recording Screen Recoreder

Record Android phone screen with AZ Screen Recoreder Whether you want to record gameplay, a chat window or simply your phone screen, AZ Screen Recorder is the best choice for Android. What is AZ Screen Recorder? AZ Screen Recorder is a screen recording application for Android, which allows you to take video captures of [Read more...]

Bandicam, screen capture software and gaming

Hi friends, today I will present the Bandicam capture program, it can capture images, sound and movement both on the desktop and during games, in addition, during the capture you can start the webcam that will appear in a corner. Bandicam's resource consumption is quite small, this is good news for gamers who want to capture… [Read more...]