How to test Mac OS Snow Leopard on VMware - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will learn how we can test the Mac OS X operating system on our PC be it Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. For those who do not know the Mac OS X operating system is developed by Apple. This operating system comes pre-installed on their products such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc. It is an operating system that will only run… [Read more...]

Installing the Android smartphone operating system on your computer or virtual 1.6 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how we can play with the Android operating system for mobile platforms, especially smartphones, we can install Android on our own PC without the need for a phone that supports Android. Android? It is a Linux-based operating system developed by Google, optimized for touch screens and many… [Read more...]

How to share between the real system and the virtual box, virtual machine is Ubuntu Linux - video tutorial

A few days ago we will show you how to share between the real operating system and the one in the virtual box, being Windows. If the method was a simple one because usually everything in Windows is very easy and everything consists of mouse clicks unlike Linux, on Ubuntu Linux things are a little different and here I mean how to install the Guest Additions utility. If … [Read more...]

How to make all older software work on windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will talk about the compatibility of programs on windows 7, we all know what a misfortune it was when launching windows vista, everyone was crazy because of programs that did not want to run on the new operating system from microsoft, se it seems that the people from Microsoft have fried with soup and now they blow in yogurt because they put us at… [Read more...]

How to Download and install Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista - video tutorial

A few days ago we presented in a video tutorial how to install and some settings for Windows Vista and now we will learn together how to install Service Pack 2 also for Windows Vista. What is SP2? SP2 comes from the service pack, there are some packages put in a package. What does this service pack do? Well it brings better operating system stability, better… [Read more...]

Data recovery if windows no longer works with Puppy Linux - video tutorial

Hi friends, I'm Dan and in this video tutorial we will see how to recover data from C: partition, when the operating system no longer wants to start for various reasons. If, for any reason, Windows (XP, Vista, it doesn't matter) doesn't want to start and you have files to recover, you have several options: - System Repair after the CD… [Read more...]

How to install a windows xp on a usb stick with the help of mojopac - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I will present a very interesting application that I am sure you will love immediately, it is a software with which we will put a windows xp on a usb stick or on an external hard drive. I have to say from the beginning that this stick or hard drive on which we will put windows xp will not be able to boot from the bios, it uses the operating system… [Read more...]

Linux mandriva one 2009 running live cd without installation - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to download, how to burn on cd and how to run live cd a very complete linux distribution, it is about linux Mandriva one 2009 Mandriva Linux One 2009 is the best way to start using Linux. A complete Linux operating system on a single CD for new users but also for those with experience in [Read more...]

How to install and run software on a USB stick with portableapps - video tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn to use the usb stick to store programs already installed and that we can launch at any time and on any computer. Many of you have usb sticks at home that you no longer use, so I thought of taking that dusty usb stick out of the bottom of the drawer and giving it a new life. With the help of the application, or rather a… [Read more...]