Kiwi linux live cd and install virtual tutorial video

Linux is free and windows costs money, what do you choose if you need an operating system and we will be forced to give up piracy. Apart from that, linux is a very good system that eats few resources and could fit the disadvantage for a less efficient system. You have to be a little more "open mind" to embrace a linux, but it's not difficult… [Read more...]

Linux stick (how to put Linux on a usb stick a) tutorial video

How to put a linux on a usb stick? This is a question that many have asked themselves but have not found an answer. Now you have this answer in this video tutorial on how to put a linux on a usb stick. This video tutorial is part of a longer series of tutorials on free software, open source software and linux distributions. Unetbootin is the application with which we will put a… [Read more...]

Operating system installation virtualbox video tutorial

This is the last video tutorial in the series of three virtualbox tutorials. Now we will show how to install an operating system in a virtual environment, just using an iso image of the operating system. I chose linux because it is free and yet many people do not use it, why? Because this operating system uses a different type of files than the… [Read more...]

Setting virtualbox (virtualization program) video tutorial

This article is a continuation of the first episode of the virtualbox series and deals with its setting. We will create a virtual hard disk, we will mount an image of an operating system and we will inspect a little the quite easy to use interface of this utility. Setting up the virtualbox is quite simple as we will see in the tutorial, however you need a little attention to… [Read more...]

Install VirtualBox (virtualization program) video tutorial

In this tutorial you will see how to install virtualbox (virtualization program) that can help us test and use different software or operating systems in a safe environment, without affecting in any way the operation of the computer, or its components. This tutorial is part of a series of three video tutorials: virtualbox installation, virtualbox setup, installation… [Read more...]