Renaming multiple photos or files simultaneously without and with the application

Renaming multiple photos or files at once What is the video tutorial "Renaming multiple photos or files at once"? The video tutorial is about renaming many pictures or files at once. Specifically how to rename files from something incomprehensible to meaningful names; and this for multiple files at the same time. Why rename it ... [Read more...]

Repairs memory sticks write-protected or undetected

Hi friends, today I thought of doing a tutorial on repairing usb sticks and memory cards that cannot be formatted and files that cannot be deleted, or which are not recognized by the operating system. I chose to do this tutorial because I had this problem yesterday. I wanted to format the stick and I failed, I received a message from ... [Read more...]

Installing Magic Lantern 64 GB SDXC cards or higher - Video Tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to install Magic Lantern firmware in Canon DSLR cameras on 64GB or higher cards with extFAT file system. Magic Lantern is a modified firmware for the canonical dslr running on the memory card, it offers many options to the users, options that they do not find in the firmware ... [Read more...]

Eraser, delete data safely be recovered without the - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about safely deleting data from a hard disk, external hard disk, USB stick or memory card. As you know, when we delete a file from the hard disk it is sent to the recycle bin. Many will think that by this simple procedure and by emptying the trash, they have lost data and they do not ... [Read more...]

EASEUS Partition Master, a free partition, a better option than the Windows Disk Management - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial you will see how to change a partition, how to resize it, how to delete it and many more, with the free EASEUS Partition Master partitioning program. This is a very good partitioning program and not only, it knows how to do other things, for example it can copy a disk to another disk, a partition to another partition or it can… [Read more...]

How to correct partitions and how to install Ubuntu Linux dual boot with Windows XP - video tutorial

A few days ago we show you how to install Ubuntu Linux with Wubi without modifying Windows but I saw that many of you want to install it in dual bot, but this time really and not through Wubi. Here comes this day, partitioning and installing Ubuntu Linux is extremely simple all you need to succeed in order to put ... [Read more...]

How can we transfer a file larger than 4 gig on a USB stick or an external hard drive

In this video tutorial we will introduce you, more than 4 gigabytes on a USB stick. When we buy a USB stick, it will come in FAT format 32. This format allows us the ease of handling the stick and can remove it from the PC without any risk. The only problem with the fat 32 format is that it is not we can transfer a file larger than 4 gigabytes. One of the solutions is to find it… [Read more...]

Installation of software partitioning, Acronis Disk Director Suite

In this video tutorial we will see how to install the partitioning program acronis disk director, a software that offers a lot of options when working with the hard disk. Creating partitions, resizing, checking and many other options becomes a child's play with acronis disk director suite. But do not be fooled by the simple and intuitive interface of this ... [Read more...]