What is SmartScreen in Windows 8 and how to disable or enable it - video tutorial

Hey friends, in today's video tutorial talking about SmartScreen, one of the layers of protection that helps us to be safe when using Windows 8.
When we download an application from the internet and want to run it, it is monitored and "scanned" by SmartScreen. The SmartScreen protection layer has the role of verifying the downloaded applications, if they are from a reliable source with a good reputation and if the respective application is popular. All this checking from SmartScreen happens extremely quickly, before the application starts the running process, it is only a matter of a few seconds in which the data collected about the application is compared with a Microsoft database so that in the end we are left or not to run the downloaded executable.
Gossips say paranoid and the SmartScreen would collect data on all the applications installed on the legality data applications, if they are licensed or not, if cracks are used in combating and sanctioning those who pirate software. Not true!
SmartScreen protection layer makes the debt as soon as we double click (and before that it was running) on ​​an application downloaded from the internet. SmartScreen does not inform us if the application contains malicious code (if the virus) or if it is harmful for the operating system only informs us if the source application is reliable.
SmartScreen is only meant to be an extra layer of protection against applications that is unreliable, another barrier that they have to go and so we stay safe. A protective layer extremely useful for the novice in computers.
SmartScreen can not make decisions for us and will not stop scrolling if we do not want this.
Leaving aside the paranoia and conspiracy theory, backing existing Windows SmartScreen 8 is a good thing, for the benefit and safety of users.
However, the most skilled may want to disable SmartScreen, this task is very easy to perform by going to the Control Panel and "Change Windows SmartScreen settings".
This gives us 3 setting options:
- the first and the one that is set by the base when installing Windows 8: "Get administrator approval before running an unrecognized app from the internet" which translates to "Get administrative rights before running unknown applications on the Internet"
- the second: "Warn before running an unrecongnized app, but don't require administrator approval" which translates to "Warn before running unknown applications but does not require administrative rights"
- the 3rd: "Don't do anything (Turn off Windows SmartScreen)" which translates to "Do nothing (Turn off Windows SmartScreen)"
That said, I invite you to watch a tutorial for Windows SmartScreen veda exactly what and how disabled or enabled this protective layer in Windows 8.

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Enjoy !

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  1. nelu Gherghisan said

    Interesting. Thank you. Waiting fervently tutorials on Windows 8.

  2. Some info is sent to Microsoft about files and apps you run on this PC.
    Does it tell you anything? ”“ What do you think is being sent? Application name and manufacturer? :))

  3. I greet you! Very useful tutorial.

  4. very bn came this tutorial, ms adrian we've cleared and this, I at least was in doubt :) bye

  5. Hello! Totally useless this Smart screen! It's a second UAC… If I were to get what Microsoft wants, that is, to run only applications that have its signature, or has another digital signature, then I don't test anything. Including you Adrian, you don't test anything on the site so that we, too, can find out. The first thing they do when installing Windows, disable UAC. If it's Windows 8, I'll disable Smart screen from the installation process. So Smart screen and UAC are the biggest nonsense in an operating system! My opinion… Besides, I see that you also deactivated UAC .. Adrian.

  6. Hi Adrian I want to do a tutorial on how to install net framework on windows 8 because I fail. MS

  7. AdrianGudus said

    Some info is sent to Microsoft about files and apps you run on this PC.
    You say what? ... What do you think sent? Application name and manufacturer? )

    You are too tense…
    Looks like one of the logs that are sent when SmartScreen does the job:
    02 0
    04 U2FtZUdhbWUuZXhl
    05 d3ff5939726c9f8fa6e514fb65eb470a1f9ec7a65b2706732
    06 a03749226c2520
    07 0
    08 45056
    09 1
    10 100
    12 0F98AD9C-D498-42B3-B421-E6C97A8E61E7
    13 B68802CA-B396-4773-8FD9-EEECA4DE65D9
    14 ZW4tVVM =
    15 6.2.9200.0.0
    16 OS4xMC45MjAwLjE2Mzg0
    17 10.00.9200.16384
    18 2
    You've seen so much "valuable" information about yourself that I'm sure you understand… and it's very detailed about everything you do (I hope you've noticed the sarcasm)

  8. AdrianGudus said

    Some info is sent to Microsoft about files and apps you run on this PC.
    You say what? ... What do you think sent? Application name and manufacturer? )

    Exactly so: http://cl.ly/image/3Z0b0A081C0O

  9. polferis:
    Hello! Total useless this screen Smart! UAC is a second ... If you were to take me after like Microsoft, that is to run only applications that have his signature or digital signature is different then not test anything. Including you Adrian, do not test anything on the site to find ourselves, one another. The first thing you do to an installation of Windows, disable UAC. If it's Windows 8, disable the Smart screen since instalare.Deci Smart UAC screen and are the biggest crap of an OS! My opinion ... In fact I see you have disabled UAC Adrian ..

    You're right it is a mess. but there is something new in terms of software integration into Microsoft Windows

  10. EMI:
    Hi Adrian I want to do a tutorial on how to install net framework on windows 8 because I fail. MS

    NetFramework 4.0 comes integrated into Windows 8. For some applications you need version 3.5 which also includes 2.0. To activate it, follow the steps: Control Panel, Programs and features, Turn on or off Windows features. Check the first option in the list, choose to install with Windows updates… OK!

  11. Gentlemen administrators if we are praised as the best sait tutorials will now critical. I posted a comment yesterday regarding the change of the windows interface 8 in Romanian and what happens if you change the official language, but it seems that is not posted on the site or can not find it.

  12. I'm sorry I found it, I am guilty that I did not know where I posted

  13. All videotutorialele are very interesting and useful!
    I want to ask if 8 win antivirus needs since it does not require protection?
    Thank you!!

  14. Adrian Gudus said

    All videotutorialele are very interesting and useful!
    I want to ask if 8 win antivirus needs since it does not require protection?
    Thank you!!

    8 comes with preinstalled Windows virus was present in one of our tutorials.

  15. I trust you! Thank you!

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