How to burn Audio CD tracks using ImgBurn

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can burn an audio CD tracks using the free ImgBurn software. As you probably already know different audio CDs CDs mp3. On an audio CD and 20 fit around a track while a CD mp3 fit 140 something songs (depending on file size audio)
Probably many of you still have a home or a car casetfon older who can not read and play audio CDs only. In this case, if we want to make an audio CD for such devices will need to burn them in a certain way. ImgBurn although its interface is spartan and not very clear if you can burn an audio CD can successfully perform this task if you know how to choose the correct function of the software interface.
We've shown in the past methods and software that can make an audio CD using other software or computer how to copy an audio CD. These tutorials can be found using the search box top right of our site.
If in most Burning CD / DVD software we find the clear function "Make Audio CD" or "Burn Audio CD", in ImgBurn this function is not so obvious and yet, once found, it allows us to easily perform the same task as can make any burning software today, whether it's free or not.

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  1. Hello. Adrian, Cristi, make of you a good deed and show me some settings to connect to the internet router to another. I really need. Please

    • You have a great idea, many of Romania would need a tutorial, how to tie a rooter net to another, not only to steal net as would others think, but the fact that we have a say big house and Rooter is the entrance, and I sit with the laptop right in the other corner of the house, there have only a signal line, and if I connect net from rooter to another would be a good idea, it was only one example, there are a thousand examples of such tutorial.

    • Yes you can I did so, like I did explain I have a wireless modem huawei 655b and I bought a canopy W3002R EMAG very good indeed have many models of routers but that he has very good awning W3002R reppeter universal function and assure you that I go looking for one months until I found what I wanted modem huawei ii 655b room and kitchen Router router tenda w3002r ii ii plug and I only put wireless net in the kitchen and outside in the yard but I tenda router set w3002r front on computer then I put in the kitchen I'll put a link to the product.
      this made me unboxing them
      increase the job. pa

  2. About Hackintosh project that knows?

  3. Hi guys, a tutorial on optimizing windows can 8.1 Enterprise? Especially Cristi, I saw you stuck 8.1 and I would just like a little tutorial if possible. Maybe not only me but the rest of the people who visit your site will be useful, given that it is a relatively new operating system.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Many (if not all) of Windows 7 optimizations can be applied on Windows 8, 8.1
      For "windows 7 optimization" we already have a tutorial, you can find it with the search box on the top right.

  4. A tutorial on how to edit an Android ROM?

  5. Hello I saw tutorials tele about ssd and I and I have a request sami about sdd me what I can and I synchronous memory I looked at the sdd and nustiu if memory is synchronous
    Solid-State Drive (SSD) Corsair Force GS Series, 2.5 ″ 180GB, SATA3, CSSD-F180GBGS-BK
    can you tell me if it has memory Juti sami scron thanks a lot and if you can astep one replied to [email protected]

  6. Dears, I'm deeply disappointed. This tutorial does not believe it will represent. We look completely different from you. From tutorials on root and installing custom rom to get to ImgBurn, a program of all embarrassment, is humiliating. I do not think there is anyone who knows how to burn an audio cd or mp3 and those who definitely do not think using this program. After several days of waiting, frankly, expecting something more valuable ..
    Good luck and continued success!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      This is exactly what I tried with this tutorial and others that we have on the same subject. Let's show users that there are other FREE software that know how to burn a CD and you don't necessarily need to "pull" nero from the torrent or ODC networks just to burn a CD every few months.
      I see in all unexplained desperation to have Nero (not speaking from hearsay but from experience I have for so many years in the development of computers / laptops my clients)
      I do not see the sense to go buy big suite to burn an audio CD or one with mp3. It is heavy, consumes resources even when not used because they introduce all kinds of start-up services. We put in whatever you want to do and offers to open any file you, to read your any CD / DVD inserted to manage your photos and many other things you want to do with other software. Although it is easy for you, many utilizatorri not know how to set default programs. If you have two audio players or browsers 3 not know how to set the preferred audio player or your favorite browser to be used by default when you want to listen to music or surf.
      The most common question received: "domle I installed chrome and then firefox but when I click on something, it opens in firefox and I want in chrome, how do I do it?" or "domle I installed winamp and AIMP but when I want to listen to a song it opens in AIMP and not in Winamp, how do I open it in winamp?"
      I know, for you is simple but many do not! Never assume that everyone knows what you know even if you seem simple things trivial.

      • I for one do not use Nero for many years, do not know why we put the swing in celasi pot all, I use CDBurnerXP cava years and goes well put hd movies on dvd, dvd windows but do not put put the stick with a tool called rufus easy to install Windows or Linux though linux ii complicated than Windows to use this another story. pa

      • laurentiu said

        geniuses if we all did not die

        so any tutorial how stupid it seems he is welcome and appreciated
        because someone has the time to make them

        and who knows not to look

  7. Personal use BurnAware free version which has much simpler and more advanced as ImgBurn (Nero gave up long ago) I honestly do not think anyone burn audio cd now that usb sticks ditch more profitable anyway thanks for the tutorial and still wait other videotutoriale.

  8. Cristi a tutorial about sshd? Do you think deserves an investment in sshd or SSD and a HDD normal?

    • No cristi Darsi I had the same dilemma as you and I studied the products in so many ways and I walk hand I loat a samsung ssd 840 EVO 120GB I use Windows only write 7gb 120 SSD but is merely 111gb Ralita and I'm honestly not at all sorry I was loat chear if 450 lei although my friends said I am crazy that gave him so much money but they do not know the power of an SSD, I hope I was helpful. pa

  9. I expect a tutorial as Cristi

  10. a little weak guys lately with the news… .weak at all.
    that tutorial! you do not really what to put there?


  11. Please if possible a tutorial on how to utiiliza RTMPDUMP android or a similar application that can record video stream stream!

  12. Adrian Gudus said

    Brethren, there are other people who to your surprise (and even mine, I admit {sarcasm}) have not been with us from the beginning, have not gone through the basics of the PC, the copy / paste tutorial and other such tutorials "light". Every day there is / appears an atheist who does not know the simple things that you have probably discovered with us. For them, setting a soft default is not a problem, some have not even heard of Nero, others do not know how to install a Windows.
    If we did a tutorial on "how to install Windows XP" in 2008, we can not now assume that all users in Romania saw that tutorial then and that now they will know how to do it, many only now find that tutorial, only now find out or learn this.
    The idea is simple, a subject does not "go out of style" so easily, it does not lose its value so quickly because every day there will be a "new user" who probably only today pulled his internet or is on his first computer / laptop and for him, all the things you already know are new!
    And to make a simple analogy, although driving was invented many years ago, some only now learning to drive, every day few people learn to drive a car. What a paradox, is not it?

  13. Hello. to make a tutorial about ssds. it has become a little cheaper now and people are starting to buy. to be an exclusive tutorial about ssds. what memories should have on them, samsung, hynix .. the best. what kind of memories to be synchronous, asynchronous and how we recognize them. nand .. mlc, slc or tlc. you have to make a very comprehensive tutorial so that we can understand exactly what we spend our money on. thank you. I say to do tutorials with what people ask for, with what they are really looking for…

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In most cases the more technical details are shown on the online stores. The only solution is to go to sites outside reviews (in English) where are benchmarks. Just so you can find more detailed or manufacturer's website. After packaging or picture displayed on store demo online, you as you realize that use.
      Most techniques will know from the start what works chips Samsung, Intel, OCZ, etc..
      If you know what chip uses Samsung can go on producing company and there you all sorts of information about the type of chip used that technology supports and why not, the limits speeds.
      There is no magic tool or a place where you will find everything you need.
      It requires research on your own, information, and documentation, a thing anyone can do if you want, start by a simple logic and uses Google.

  14. I use xpburner. It's really good. Yes it is nero some desperate ditch him.

  15. thanks

  16. palistan said

    I have a serious problem = DORKBOOT D and I .I tried everything I found on ,, net ,, ………… .in vain, reappears .I can no longer give ,, rename ,,, delete, format neither on external hdd, nor on stick or ssd. I want IT help not like ,, attention to grammar ,,

    • manticore1580 said

      Salut.Daca say you have tried many ways to remove this virus and did not give any results, then I recommend you otherwise.
      Use LIVE CDs (ActiveBootDisk, EaseUS Partition Master, MiniTool Partition, Acronis Disk Director, Wondershare LiveBoot).
      1.Salveaza all important data on other hard
      2.Formateaza all hardware with one of the above software.
      3.Create all partitions (XP - 20.000 GB, Windows 7 - 40.000 GB)
      The software recommended above should burn them on a CD, then enter the BIOS and set the path to the optical drive.

  17. are faithful visitor since 2008 and appreciate your work. Appreciate and tutorials for beginners, and when someone asks me how to do a certain thing you send to one of your tutorials. However I think we should not neglect them loyal visitors far exceeded its infancy (some even thanks to you) and would like more advanced tutorials. As people learn continuously, and always want to know more, not stagnant. Therefore I think there is room on the site for both simple tutorials and some more advanced.

    • We are glad that with other faithful friends, you stay on the barricades with us.
      Constantly trying to balance the tutorials for beginners and more advanced topics.
      It's hard to please everybody. It is important that we work and we can bring useful information to all lovers of technology.
      Our main concern is to avoid superficial approaches that have poisoned the internet.
      Our tutorials should help the user to solve the problem but also to remain with the information in your head.
      You've probably noticed that sometimes repeated two or three times the important stuff, this is not accidental.

      • I could suggest you make some categories: beginner, intermediate, advanced, in which to put the videos addressed to each category. but I think that this takes a long time to rearrange the links. that is, in the category begiiner to find tutorials about the basics of operating a pc, smartphone, just to exemplify what I mean. and everyone can look where they think they will find what they are looking for, hoping that they will not wake up to apostrophe you… my respects for what you do and work power further.

  18. Guys, can a firmware update tutorial on the hdd? I searched the site and did not find any video on the subject, instead we found for ssd a lot.

  19. Thanks for the information Cristi, but what about a tutorial with information / advice about SSDH?
    It is also worth an investment, or take SSHD ssd? What is your opinion oke.

  20. Anonymous said

    Hi I would like to ask if you know something about wiimote
    1 problem:
    I want to run wii games on the PC but I can not because I do not know how.
    Can you help??????

  21. I bought an ASRock B85 PRO4 Socket 1150 veche.Va not fit in case if you can kindly recommend me a case for this motherboard.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Your motherboard is ATX (eXtended Advanced Technology) so you need an ATX / Micro-ATX
      Be careful you do not purchase a cabinet which has only Micro-ATX specification.
      Is a standard ATX motherboard format (as an analogy, as the sheet of size A4, A2 on motherboards of ATX, Micro-ATX)

  22. Ion Barladeanu said

    While a tutorial on how to find out what capacity does a floppy 1,44 Mb or how to start the computer?

  23. to make a tutorial about sharyng between windows xp, 7,8, linux and a tutorial about installing linux router on a pc. with 2 network cards… I would really like to do so yes I don't know how. and how we share in the network to a printer connected to the router or installed on a pc are also printers with lan network. are those wireless how to connect to the network so that all PCs on the network can use it? lan…., to a fax…. would be very interesting

    • Adrian Gudus said

      About sharing between two PCs running Windows tutorial we already have, as well as on the use of networked printers. Tutorials you find using the search box top right

  24. What do you guys about Google Nexus quit? I know the Nexus is the best price performance ratio +.
    I agree with making giant Google to abandon the brand NEXUS?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Do not give anyone anything, and there are just some speculation. And if that happens, however, will not give Google Nexus devices but will give the range / Nexus brand. Future Google products will be part of Google Play Edition Smartphone range basically change the name, it's just marketing
      Google wants to have control over Android and even for this reason will not cease to deal with various manufacturers to launch the next Nexus device or Google Play Edition Smartphone / Device

      • Yes but from what I understand at this point GPE variations of some smartphones are not subsidized famous google and have the same price as the original versions. But maybe if they will somehow disappear Nexus cheap. But if not a bit worse

        • I do not think that will be cheap at all, manufacturers like Samsung and HTC aim to make a profit from the hardware.
          Google aims to popularize the service platform with Android.
          Play edition models are addressed more developers.

  25. Adrian Thanks again for the reply!
    Floston Case ATX Midi Tower, no source, Black Peter Interra as good B85 PRO4 ASRock Socket 1150?
    The housing has the following specifications:
    -Format: ATX / Micro ATX
    -Type of case: Middletower
    It fits the above motherboard and ATX in this case?

  26. Thanks for all the tutorials so far. I look forward we can make some tutorials VideoPad would be great. Thank you

  27. Hi guys, I want to inform the problem to your site of course the problem may be with me, but I do not believe because they are flash-player to date, and is freshly installed Windows.
    The good problem is that when I enter the site, I choose a tutorial to view, it works okay, I put it on FULL SCREEN, it works okay, but at the top it starts writing "CONNECTING…" and it spin that circle, I want to mention that when I click on the tutorial it's okay, nothing connecting appears.
    I hope you understand… maybe I didn't explain so well.

    • When I am doing very well and run in full screen. Merge instant. You may have a problem on the net. Pate be because it's Sunday and everyone is home so more people on the net

      • Hi, when I was using windows 8.1 it didn't work, now that I've plugged in windows 7 and I'm still using mozilla, it started working again. I simply enter the site and even if I don't enter any video, and I just sit on the site, the first time it enters well, and after a maximum of 15 seconds it starts and writes up connecting… but the site still moves well, no problems.

        • Have you tried from another browser besides firefox? Maybe it has something to firefox can about setting something or antivirus is set to block its website to scan do not know what to say.

          • Hi, on windows 8.1 Mozilla works normally. On windows 7 and more precisely on google chrome it works again ok, and on mozilla it works, it appears that the page is loaded, and after 10 seconds “CONNECTING cepe” starts, antivirus I have avast free… I looked better through settings, it doesn't block or scan something. I honestly don't like chrome, even if the net is full of it. Mozilla seems the best to me, even if it's not as "fast" as chrome.

  28. Guys, dc appears connecting up to watch a video?

  29. Please do a tutorial on facebook, exactly which people have been vizualziat facebook profile? I have seen it like that ATEV applications. Would be useful.

  30. Closed somehow this site?

    • See you in the eye cap or have consumed over as ethno-herbs!

      • Costelina said

        Who do you think you drink Nauru me to write it? (or actual consumer lest you if you're not interested in anyone anyway)
        Valentin is right and you look at the time it was posted as a tutorial this week
        if you have entered the site now normally you realize that no tutorials are posted as in past years
        by the way how many classes you

  31. * Hi Guys, while a tutorial about robots.txt?
    I ask because I really need these robots *

  32. Hi Adrian! Downloaded ImgBurn and I wanted to ask if it is illegal to mp3 music download from youtube with youtube converter mp3 to make a cd track.

  33. More than likely that these maneuvers coincide tutorial and other burning programs. Interesting. Thank you. I never knew why my icons appear 1 kb. you want to get original songs on a CD. :))) And insert them into the computer.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There is already a tutorial on how to copy an audio CD with tracks on the PC. You can find it with the search box on the top right using the query terms "how to copy an audio CD"

  34. laurentiu said

    I have a question

    I bought a philips cd magazine spring 026
    problem is read only original tracks

    I tried to do the track with nero cd with ImgBurn 10 directly with Windows Media Player and low speed
    and nothing read

    I 3 way cd purchased in Germany and only those going

    if anybody knows a solution waiting response

  35. Cristian C said

    ImgBurn Salut.Am downloaded from the official site and my Malwarebytes detected a virus PUP.Optional.OpenCandy ..

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Did not a virus but a Potentially Unwanted Program PUP meaning. That means you could install ImgBurn software that might not you desire. These days just about any free software adopted OpenCandy.
      To avoid potential unwanted software that ImgBurn may install as well as other free software, check out our tutorial on: "Unchecky, remove the installation of unwanted software and toolbars" that you can find with the search box at the top right

  36. Hi guys, I bought a memory card 16 g, I was abroad and after we crossed the border and arrived at the destination I could not use that card. I gave my error or 294 292 spunetimi to be his make no can sal format.


  38. What kind of ptr nero cd i need ???????

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