How it unfolds and how it manipulates format with magic iso maker FIU video tutorial

Sooner or later we all met or we will all meet certain files, downloaded from torrent websites, which we can not undo because they are in a strange format called FIU.

There's nothing to deal a new FIU's that in the next tutorial video with an exciting program similar to PowerISO, called magic iso maker.

This magic iso maker helps us to manipulate, convert or burn this format strangely named FIU.

This format is not strange, even very sure is a format that we can base to store files without fear that it will deteriorate over time, as it happens with ISO or other formats.

This matter is checked by me and is just what mea.Personal we had no problems with this format unlike other formats that I often had headaches.

In the following video tutorial we will see how it downloads, how to install and how to set magic iso maker program that can open, manipulate and modify files and iso FIU.

by Cristian Cismaru


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. hello .. bro can say that I'm strong you're ff bn as one can find someone to help those that mn, adika those who are not so good in the computer .... I watched 90% of tutorials that you have did and now I know much more and tineo chesttii.multumesc so on.

  2. good and this tutorial CRD ff k all tutorials are 10 note ;)

  3. very good tutorial, but I have a question: why can not directly use uif format and need to convert it into iso? can not install directly from FIU?

  4. @cornel: For many programs do not know how to work with FIU, and if I see some programs that FIU does not know how to work with them! FIU is more an archive, file encryption is not really good but UIF image name I pray ... FIU is a more understandable way "inpachetare" of several files

  5. Thank you very much, now I understand.

  6. Hi poi and after doing the ISO files as you open?
    me I downloaded a game and I formatu FIU was done by Magis ISO but when I give it to open it opens the program: |
    need to make the file on cd or: D

  7. @denisa: After you convert the ISO or burn it to a CD / DVD or ISO image using an emulator such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 52% which is free, you do not understand what I'm talking about Daemon Tools ... tutorial we write up the search the right page Daemon Tools, Daemon Tools and virtually simulates a CD will not need to burn it on CD you can use it ... your emulandu will be explained in the tutorial that better ...

  8. Very good tutorial ...

  9. radu77 lest it beb3_mykk disguise? Vain warned the boy that does not look back to see posts ... and leave comments .... ladies you people ... what the hell let these texts like "good feet" must be pretty dumb to let such comments ... some wheels have jumped to the head or have 11 years and get bored and what she say? Let's let the people some cometraii ... God!

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  11. gaby_mario said

    Hi, I followed the steps and I said IAI crash, and I know him somewhat to computers but that the error when I want to extract the uif format I never saw her, can you help me??

  12. Welcome. Do not let me manipulate files larger than 300 MB I write like them a trial version. Why do I need to register it somehow? If so who can help me with registration of 1001 I got serious and I did not register! ...

  13. @rZy: Being limited in the trial version you use, if you want to use it full option should it buys or to register! Almost all trials are so ... or gives you all the functions to 30 days or limits your features ... Sorry but we do not how to help with serialului.Este a soft money, adik trade, and we can not give your serial because that would mean something to promote piracy and is illegal! gotta find out yourself about the show ... and you take it on torrents or ODC, we have tutorial on how to use torrents or huburile.scrie and you to search up to right: Apex or utorrent or bitcomet, you enter and you will find tutorials, they can search by their software ... and more!

  14. roserubis said

    I do not I descuracat somewhat
    puitn help? Thank you!

  15. @roserubis: Magic Iso're sure it's trial and is registered?? Cause if you do not have a license trial and you want to convert him will not let cnvertesti all pictures than 5 percent of it ... I aca ... this may be the problem ...

  16. I have a problem I followed the tutorial 100% and I give to bring the image to convert tells me "file is too large addind" dc I say this??? this is my id if you can help bv.iulian

    • Please write in google: UIF to ISO da enter and click on the first result, download this little program that requires no installation, is portable, run it, the first fallen you browse through PC and add in a uif image you browse 2 and choose where to save iso result from the conversion, little program is free and super easy to use, I hope I've been helpful!

  17. hello. I have two parts of a game RAR archives. in the archive are two files, one over 300 MB format. mdf and one 5 Kb format. mds
    I have experience with virtual CDs, but I get the idea. I installed magic iso, software for image and magic disk imaging software for running, for I understood that these formats are made with magic iso. however we did nothing. I made virtual image of two archives but actually see mount drive image that opens with the two sides filed. some instructions? ..

    • Extract the archive you will give images Daemon Tools and try to install it, or Alcohool 52% is still an emulator like Daemon Tools, if you can not write up to use Daemon Tools Daemon Tools Search hit enter and you will find tutorial!

  18. thanks for reply. I tried to extract but what I see is a white window. View write-up name of the game. Then there are tabs File Edit View Help. Non ascii characters in the window after window showing processes be long and white ..

    • Adrian, mdf (decrypted media file) is a specific format program
      120% alcohol, try to install the program and mount mdf picture with him, you may see direct installation arhiva.La Will he make a virtual disk in my computer, you right-click it and choose "mount image> open" and calea.Din show him what you said two images (mdf and mds) are in different archives, normally should be one near altul.Sau I understand gresit.Daca can not go and try to extract put them in the same folder, and then try again to install them in virtual times with times and revino.Bafta tools.Incearca daemon.

  19. BRAVO! something beautiful!

  20. Hi, can someone tell me how to convert bin to iso magic iso from?

  21. Hi, I followed the steps for selling a file from the iso uif format, I wrote then a cd with nero but u did not open fisieru it asks u to remove CD and restart it in again, and do this and all do not open the program, can someone Zia me why? thanks

  22. suciu desire said

    I searched DA YO MA HOW TO MAGIC ISO set to work!!!

  23. THE MOST COMPLETE course program is manipulated images as its name says ULTRA ISO, NOT (MAGIC POWER ISO or ISO). And this program can convert any image file to iso file just by throwing on the surface, the rescue asking in what format you want to muult salvezi.Este it harder than what I saw that your use of the videotutorial.Am also asked to present next thing namely how to work with Easy BCD Ultra ISO that is associated with the product firma.Acest program uses the same interface used ptr multiboot cd, dvd bootabile.E may be very complicated although that is in Romanian believe that eases the situation.

  24. and the IFO or VOB to AVI How to turn? all with this program? So we filmed something and put them on dvd ... and now I want to change the movie and I do not FIU does not .. ii IFO and VOB (there are several videos)

  25. Well I got my net after "the sims2" I put crack all ... but when I click on it says "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart applications" I wanted to do as in this tutorial . But the problem is ... you do not have the FIU game. And I have no ISO. Please help me: ((I do not know where to get the FIU. Were even where it is hidden. Thanks in advance

  26. Alexutzu04 said

    I can explain to me how someone can transform (mdf, mds) in ISO? I have a game and I have inneaparat ps2. iso file to recognize it ..

    • Alexutzu04: I can explain to me how someone can transform (mdf, mds) in ISO? I have a game and I have inneaparat ps2. iso file to recognize it ..

      Alex, it seems that the program has the option of converting UltraISO mds / mdf to iso file ... try that cost you?

    • Alexutzu04: I can explain to me how someone can transform (mdf, mds) in ISO? I have a game and I have inneaparat ps2. iso file to recognize it ..

      AnyToIso can convert NRG, MDF, UIF BIN and if there are several

    • Alexutzu04: I can explain to me how someone can transform (mdf, mds) in ISO? I have a game and I have inneaparat ps2. iso file to recognize it ..

      A little trick ...Click hereCopy image ... . Mdf and. MSD the computer then rename the extension . Bin
      Now open MagicISO and click on Tools then go on BIN to ISO . Clicking.
      It opens a small panel in the top and enter your location on that image you change the extension to. Bin in the bottom ... you open an iso image and show new names where you want to save ... go button Conver and click on it .... This image write it on CD
      ............................................. ..

  27. Alexutzu04 said

    Went with UltraISO ms ylye help.

  28. Great tutorial! Keep up the good work!

  29. hello! I put a windows on the net, I want shi sal made by ISO! Can someone explain me how? Please!

    • AdrianGudus said

      VictorHi! I put a windows on the net, I want shi sal made by ISO! Can someone explain me how? Please!

      I did not understand anything from your comment. Be more specific and detail exactly what you want to do

  30. Admyn zim to me if you can turn the ps games pc game but with emulators to play them like that know her pin.


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