What is the diaphragm on handsets and cameras and what controls them?

What is the diaphragm on handsets and cameras and what controls them?

The diaphragm, or the English Aperture, is the hole through which the light reaches the sensor. The higher the diaphragm, the greater the depth of field and the amount of light that reaches the sensor.

With a large diaphragm we can:

1. Get the background blurred in the pictures
2. We take pictures at night with less noise on the picture
3. We can increase the speed of the shutter to freeze the movement

Why do not all the large diaphragm devices and phones?

A large aperture means more glass in the lens, a larger lens, special lenses to combat chromatic aberration.
In short, the large diaphragm costs a lot and is great.

What is the maximum diaphragm on phones?

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 they have the largest aperture on the market "f / 1.7".

The big diaphragm on the phones.

In the case of phones Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, We have a room that is superior to many in the dim light. In the good light the differences between handsets are minimal. However, the large diaphragm helps Samsung phones get the envied background blurred in pictures.

Blurred background f / 1.8 vs f / 16

High aperture lenses for cameras.
Of course any amateur or pro photographer wants fast targets (that is, high diaphragm) for any situation. Unfortunately, the larger the device's sensor, the bigger and more expensive the lens.
It is not economic to have all the high aperture objectives.
Usually zoom lenses (with variable focal length) have an aperture of f / 2.8 and up, except for the 18-35 f / 1.8 lens from Sigma - But this is a lens for crop sensor cameras.
Full frames have zoom lenses that go from f / 2.8 constantly. If you would have larger diaphragm targets, you probably would need some help to take a picture because of size and weight.

The best deal for those with DSLRs.

Rather than buying a very expensive zoom lens, better three fixed targets, which often have a larger diaphragm. The bad part is that you can not zoom unless you change the lens.

On diaphragm phones it's fixed.

If the camera has a variable aperture, which can go up to f / 22, the phones have a fixed diaphragm. I mean, we have a diaphragm open all the time.

Where did people inspire when they created the diaphragm?

If you look in the mirror and pass a light from a flashlight near the eye pupil, you will notice that the iris shrinks to light and opens in the dark. Our advantage is that the whole thing goes to us automatically.

Even our eyes are still broken.

If we suffer serious accidents or eat certain prohibited substances, our iris does not work properly; Or it remains stuck open or closed. That is why sometimes doctors check patients with accidents to see if they have reflections when they pass the flashlight near their eyes.

What is the aperture on phones and cameras and what does it control? - video tutorial

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    • Give the app permission to access the microphone (settings, Apps, WhatsApp details permissions tick the microphone) Success

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      F / 1.9 has a lower aperture than f / 1.8
      The smaller the f, the higher the aperture, the more light comes on the sensor.

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