redirect to smb

ANTI-HACK, vulnerability Redirect to SMB

Hi friends, today we solve the problem of vulnerability "Redirect to SMB" which was discovered a few days ago and that affects all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Vulnerability in Windows applications based on naivety, which will soon feel to log SMB server. At that time data logging are spit out, where the attacker intercepts them

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How to connect an external microphone to your phone or tablet

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Prevention and elimination programs toolbar / adware

Hi friends, some time ago I explained how to get some software (viruses) strange in our PC and especially in browsers. Then I showed how we get rid of these troubles and left hand to show you how we do ... [View tutorial ...]

Free upgrade to Windows 10 and Project Spartan

Free upgrade to Windows 10 and Project Spartan

Hi friends, today we have two issues. The first relates to the new Spartan Project browser and that it is related to the second free upgrade to Windows 10. 1. Project Spartan is the new browser will equip ... [View tutorial ...]

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One Oneplus review, my favorite phone

What does "a good phone"? Does a cumbersome interface or unnecessary preinstalled software? It means that your company should be (HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.)? None of the above. A phone ... [View tutorial ...]

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Review Oneplus One room, almost DSLR

Hi friends, today you will be introduced to Oneplus One camera on a phone very cheap and extremely hard to find. The park is a bottle of oil Ceausescu. One Oneplus phone is a ... [See tutorial ...]

Memory Map

Tutorial Memory Map, a smart disk cleaner for Android

Hi friends, today I will present application Memory Map, the best type application Disk Cleaner. Why say it's the best memory cleaning application? Memory Map, compared with an application ... [See tutorial ...]

Best tablets 2014 - 2015

Best Android tablets (value for money)

Hi friends, today we see who are the best tablets on the market (quality-price), not throwing money down the drain. I remember when I got my first tablet, Asus TF was 101 was beginning ... [See tutorial ...]

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How to install Wordpress, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a NAS

How to install WordPress, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a NAS - video tutorial

Hi friends, I am Christ and, in this video tutorial will show you how to install Wordpress, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a NAS, yes you heard right, you can host your website on a NAS, which we will ... [View tutorial ...]

How do Google Plus widget for Blogger, WordPress or HTML sites - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can put a widget Google Plus Google Plus our profile on our blog Wordpress or Blogger or even on a site done in HTML. How are all ... [View tutorial ...]

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Deep Cool S40 REVIEW

Deep Cool S40 review, quiet and inexpensive cooler

Hi friends, today I decided to make the CPU of the PC as quiet. For this I use Deep Cool Gammaxx S40, a CPU cooler that is inexpensive and very quiet, and is also ... [View tutorial ...]

Super Flower Golden Green HX 450W 80 + Gold

Super Flower Golden Green HX 450W 80 + Gold

Hi friends, today I will present Super Flower Golden Green HX source 450 80 + W Gold, a super power efficiency, quiet and cheap. Super Flower is a relatively unknown producer in Romania, ... [View tutorial ...]

Calibration new Samsung TV T24D390EW

Calibration T24D390EW + Samsung TV reviews

Hi friends, today I will show you how to calibrate a TV / monitor Samsung model 24D390EW. This method can be used for other TVs Samsung and other brands, noting that the ... [View tutorial ...]

Video Tutorials: Storage - Backup

Why bad moves and how do cleaning computer

Why bad moves and how do cleaning computer

Hi friends, today we see that slowly moves the computer, who is guilty and how do cleaning in our computer (software). Many people have the impression that the processor and RAM are guilty ... [View tutorial ...]

Write protected USB bug fixed (permanent settlement)

Write protected USB drive FIX (final solution)

Resolving error "USB Drive is Write Protected! Hi friends, some time ago I made a tutorial in which I solved the problem of undetected USB stick. In the comments section of that article you posted ... [View tutorial ...]

Seagate Expansion 2 TB External Hard Drive USB 3.0

TB Seagate Expansion 2, 3.0 USB external hard drive at very good price

Seagate is a well known company that manufactures storage devices for consumers and business environment. Today I will present a Seagate external hard drive product that is very roomy and go ... [View tutorial ...]