Rss feed means and how to use video tutorial snarfer

So far we have been on the net, now comes to us with technology Addicted RSS (real simple Sindication).

From now on we can direct all news and updates from the internet directly to our computer without lifting a finger.

This video tutorial shows installing Snarfer its setting and how to create the RSS feeds, of course be possible to create RSS feeds in Snarfer is necessary that the website popular support this technology.

Currently in Romania is not too use this option, although the use of RSS feeds may improve immensely daily effort in front of the computer.

Say we have every new stories, information about new software appeared on various websites download, appearances of new games, films and music albums releases, torrents new games, movies, software, all this without even opening your browser.

The following video tutorial will download, install and set free Snarfer application, a free software that I personally liked very much in and are permanently installed in my computer

by Cristian Cismaru


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. Alexander Biro said


  2. very bun.MULTUMESC.

  3. I would like to know how to see a website without being connected to the internet.
    I mean how can store on your computer.
    Thank you.

  4. Remus.
    This thing goes well with sites that do not work html made dependent on a mysql database, or other.
    Websites made in php simple php or object orientated and are powered by a database (as is the are a bit difficult to store on hard, but nothing is impossible and we will try to offer you soon a solution through a series of video tutorials.
    These websites are loaded from different places (in pieces) and is therefore a bit hard to capture into a multi one place.

  5. I knew something something not right now yes I understand ms

  6. Very good hang tutorialul.Nu enter on each site to see what has come nou.deschizi Snarfer and see everything.

  7. @marius: Let me sell you another tip at Snarfer… it updates the new feeds once an hour… me if I post a comment now you will see it through Snarfer only in 1 hour because that's how it is set by default to update the feeds… Now to you update the new feeds faster (minimum time is 5 minutes) follow the steps below: Open snarfer, right click on the title of the feed on the left from the categories, then choose properties, in the window that opens you go to the Updating tab and to Refresh interval choose Every 5 minutes, then click ok and you're done… do the same for the other feed titles, or the categories as you want to call them… success, if you posted a question, and you're looking forward to seeing if someone has answer, just wait 5 minutes for the feed to update..not 1 hour as it was set by default! Good luck!!!

  8. Bravo guys,
    It's great what you do, I learned something (in fact, learned a lot) of you, and thank you for that.
    We often watch since I found your site.
    I hope to continue for a long time from now on.
    Wait and Oother courses
    Snarfer RSR is heavy

  9. viorelpicu said

    @AdrianHi Adrian,
    I did not understand much of this tutorial, namely:
    I want to see who I reply to my post and I'm interested atat.Nu uri.Am understood all other websites that you keep an eye on entire site, I'm interested in just my comments and responses to ele.Cum know this? I salute and respect.

  10. Adrian said

    @viorelpicu: To see the answer to your comments just can not, it's not so smart this software! I see them all, but with the help of Snarfer can not filter and see only comments of certain users! Either all or nothing!

  11. daniel vornicu said

    good! keeps you running all day, I did not play with rss even filters available with websites like uri.Poate is already a tutorial, not sure, but I think many have had your access problem as a DVD inscriptoneaza (rather walk on DVD from home and not PC) ISO or AVI or other to add subtitle, and if there is a player that can read most formatelor.multumesc.

  12. HELLO 🙂! I don't know why you bother that people haven't looked at the acronis tutorials… don't believe what you wasted time with those tutorials. To me, at least, they were very useful (very little is said). Without knowing about those programs I would have lost a lot of information… Who does not like what you do / do is not obliged to watch, but does not know what to lose: D… BAFTA

  13. Very good tutorialul.Felicitari Cristi all that long faci.Urmaresc this website and I can say that I learned my destule.Respectele odata.Numai still good!

  14. Daniel said

    Cristi thank you for tutorial.L I found f interesant.Ma 2008 asked whether you use such utilities .. Why do you have today.

    I have a question: I want to upload some pictures on (Is there a small orange jack and when you shoot on the map with blue dots show you all the photos that relate to the location viewed). Panoramio I tried to put pictures of a particular location .. and when I get on fail to see the pictures loaded and not know why. Can you help me. Thanks

  15. Nice tutorial, just do not know it exists.
    I have a suggestion for a tutorial (actually I do not know if you can make it), namely:
    how to move an image of a virtual hard disk created with VirtualBox (or other software in Windows or another operating system) with an operating system installed on this virtual hard on a real hard disk.
    Clonezilla Acronis, Norton Ghost??
    What software can do this transfer?

    Once again thanks for videotutorial.

  16. Super tutorial. Keep all so good. Thank you for what you do higher fidelity us.

  17. Very useful tutorialu thanks.

  18. Listen? I have an RSS phone and I don't really know how to use it, does it work the same as on a PC? I hope you can help me. Another question is a kind of "wi-fi" or how to call it…. Thanks a lot!

    • And all the time when I give add and want to write the address to go write my download failed, I did not mention that the program installed on the PC: D

  19. Thanks :) I appreciate good Tutoralu.

  20. Super!!!!!!!! something so useful …………. Grade 10

  21. Bravo, Thanks…

  22. Dear Cristi, I downloaded the software Snarfer, I adjusted all kinds of Mawer and now when I want to remove it from your PC or with 1.02.exe Uninstaller (ie specific) fail to pray scap.Te directs me what to do?
    Thank you

  23. Dear Cristi, I downloaded the Snarfer Software, it "adjusted" me with all kinds of malware and now when I want to remove it from my PC, even with Uninstaller 1.02.exe (that is specifically) I can't get rid of it. Please guide me what to do do?
    Thank you

    • How exactly do you manage to get rid of it? What error do you have? What happens? I scanned the executable with total virus and all the antivirus programs declared it clean. I also installed it on the PC and Avast didn't react in any way. Where did you come from the conclusion that he has malware? Then I uninstalled it normally from "Add or remove programs" without any problems.


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