Chrome for forcing YouTube video playback in Flash Player

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how the strength of the Google Chrome browser to play YouTube videos with Flash Player and HTML5 not like Chrome makes two versions onwards.
If you use Google Chrome browser every day, you've probably already realized that if something is wrong with YouTube site. Playback of clips is cumbersome, videos do not see very well nor 1080 resolution, is loss of frames, audio and images are not synchronized player controls to full screen or sound responding late, in some cases appear artifacts processor computer is in great demand and stay in 100% although you probably have a video card performance.
Well these things happen because of several versions here, Google Chrome play videos using the player HTML5 Flash Player not like they do other browsers.
The advantage of using Flash Player is great especially if you use a video card performance, it can use hardware acceleration of the video card, taking thus all the work for video playback processor thus leaving more free CPU for other applications that run in the background. If you have a newer generation Intel processor that supports Quick Sync technologyFlash Player knows how to use this technology to play back video in very good conditions, even at resolutions 4K 4096 x 2160, whether or not you have a dedicated video card better.
Going over all these explanations, in order to force the Google Chrome browser to play the video content in Flash Player and not in HTML5, it is necessary to delete a "ffmpegsumo.dll" file located in the folder where the Chrome browser is installed. You can permanently delete it or move it to another folder in case you later want to return to playing videos in HTML5.
CAREFUL: You should also know that by doing so, applications that use the H264 codec will no longer work in the Google Chrome browser! If Google Chrome updates to another version, the "ffmpegsumo.dll" file will return with the new version. ”And you will have to repeat the steps to delete or move it
The final draw official Google hopes will light on the benefits HTML5 and will say or explain why we insist and force the transition to HTML5?!

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  1. Su me a while I noticed that youtube site moves harder at that point I deleted temporary files and cookies, then I looked over and I realized that HTML 5 took the place of Flash Player, but I think that is a good thing great.
    HTML 5 is beginning and so has those bugs, but time will certainly fix now consume more CPU foate much more than flash player, but will surely be 5 html optimized for consumption much lower than now, the desktop does not bother us very little use, but when it comes to portable dispozitiele this is hugely important. HTML 5 will be more flexible deca Flash Player.
    Me do not mind these so called bugs because I believe more in HTML fosarte 5, even if there are many bugs, including bugs that you mentioned in the tutorial did not mention the fact that if open 3 or more tabs running intermittently content 1080p browser does crash immediately.

  2. Interesting! Until now I did not know that Google Chrome uses HTML 5

  3. Hi, how did I make this "setting" and the 5.1 sound in chrome works: P thank you

  4. View Product said

    I also knew this method, but I use User-Agent Switcher for Chrome, that change user agent. On my current PC just do not feel any difference in performance with i5 4430 but your old computer, things are quite different.
    What should be further noted is that google chrome comes with a flash player based on a slightly different structure, ppapi. You can type about: plugins in the address bar… click on the details at the top right and you can deactivate the flash player ppapi. If it is disabled, it will be replaced by the npapi flash player, ie the flash player installed in the system. Why do I recommend this? From what I noticed, for my old pc that has an nvidia gforce gt 610 video card, there is no graphics acceleration in youtube, software rendering is used… and as the processor is an intel celeron d 331 from 2006, the rendering is pure and simply disastrous. The much poorer performance of the ppapi flash player, compared to the standard npapi, has been discussed many times in forums.
    The problem is that, from what I heard, google chrome wants to completely give up npapi support, it has already happened on linux. Let's see what will be in future versions on windows. That would have pretty bad consequences I think. Ok… maybe from a security point of view it's better, but from other points of view I don't know… .google chrome will have a broken functionality. For example, it will no longer be possible to run java runtime environment in google chrome without a solution from the developers.

  5. View Product said

    If I was not sufficiently explicit to Flash Player NPAPI we accelerate the youtube video card, but I PPAPI at it. It goes without saying that you must install Flash Player for other browsers for Flash Player NPAPI be available. It uses the same flash player and firefox for example.

  6. Hi Adrian,

    It seems that not only uses HTML5 Chrome, by default, but 33a1 Nightly from mozilla.

  7. Valentin said

    To me, the laptop runs on HTML5 fluent 4k clips instead on flash player runs jerky. In conclusion I think that the people at Google were not so bad to stop flash player.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Have you tried to enable hardware acceleration for flash player as shown in the video tutorial?
      Also I recommend you to take into account the advice referred to Vali. Although I was aware of NPAPI I hesitate to mention about that in my test method for flash player crash NPAPI was often especially if accustomed to browse the many tabs open in Chrome. NPAPI trick is a little more problematic

  8. Hello! I deleted the file to me and I run Chrome with flash player but now when I watch a video on youtube in the bottom left corner ruin my video url and will not disappear as I can do to not reoccur?

  9. Catalin said

    To me that was already adobe on chrome?

    • Chrome and IE browsers 11 come preinstalled with Flash. If you mean that you run yourself still default (basic) youtube the flash and HTML not 5 probably did not update at your browser.

  10. Inspector Gadget said

    after your tutorial videos on Youtube runs perfect, girls fight better and give the perfect ass I put Alina Eremia to beat and gives good back now no longer block up her ass
    And I uninstalled Google Chrome because it is consuming more of RAM and I do not pay for Google.Inc
    Good tutorial I realized I had to terminate the contract with Romtelecom.
    In fact I have to sell my laptop on Mercadante and find buyers.

  11. And Ubuntu? that everything you said is true.

  12. I was surprised when, in IE 11 (in windows 8.1) it runs perfectly, without any modification, any 4K video with only 3% CPU. I would really like to switch to IE… ..

  13. View Product said

    As far as I can tell, this stuff is relative, depending on the hardware configuration and probably the operating system used. I said earlier that on the old pc, I only have graphics acceleration for npapi flash. For flash ppapi and html5, there is no graphics acceleration. But it's not an extremely old PC with an old operating system, windows xp. It's a little newer than a video card.

    I did some tests (4k youtube video) on your new PC html5 taking into account performance, flash flash NPAPI and PARP.
    The configuration is as follows:
    GIGABYTE GA b85m D3h
    i5 processor 4430
    video card: nvidia gt 630 2 gigabyte gb
    8 gb ram

    The results are these:

    flash ppapi (software rendering) 4k —– 45-55% cpu (some frames are lost, 8-10 frames every 20-30 sec)
    PPAPI flash (accelerated rendering) 1080p 6-9% cpu (some frames are lost, fewer than 4k, 2-3 20-30 frames every sec)
    PPAPI flash (software rendering) 1080p 15-20% cpu (lost some frames, frames 2 3-every-20 30 sec)

    npapi flash (software rendering) 4k —– 50-60% cpu (full screen initialization lag of approx. 1..2 sec, 0 other frames lost)
    flash NPAPI (accelerated rendering) 1080p 7-9% cpu (lag in full screen initialization 1 sec, 0 other frames lost)
    flash NPAPI (rendering software) 1080p 18-22% cpu (no lag in full screen, no lost frames)

    html5 4k —- (software rendering) approx 35-45% cpu (the clip runs ok from all points of view)
    html5 1080p (accelerated rendering) 6-8% cpu (clip runs ok from all points of view)
    html5 (rendering software) 15-20% cpu (clip runs ok from all points of view)

    Relatively powerful processor, video card instead, is about average. It's ok for a normal user, but you can not ask for things extreme.

    Flash Player NPAPI alone can automatically infer where 4k run a clip, to software rendering for the video card was not designed to decode videos 4k. Even if flash player is set to accelerated rendering, it will not do if 4k clips.
    Html5 and PPAPI flash player, if they are set to run fast, they do whatever the resolution clip, and if 4k clips obviously jerky will run in replay. (Google chrome settings there is an option like "Use hardware acceleration when available" can clear the preference and will have influence if html5 clips).

    Graphics acceleration for flash PPAPI html5 and may or may not be valid, depending on hardware configuration and operating system used probably.
    There should be some options on youtube or google chrome settings and each person should choose how the youtube clips will run: html 5 or flash… because there are differences in the playback of the clips on each device and html5 is not suitable for everyone.

  14. View Product said
  15. View Product said

    Last time I forgot to mention 1080 p, so it must be so:
    html5 1080p (rendering software) 15-20% cpu (clip runs ok from all points of view)

  16. I say rushed to play in html 5 be an option to let you choose what to play the flash or html5 to be stable to html going smoothly. anyway htm5's playing future

  17. I forgot to ask in linux (Buntu) how can we force playback in flash player in chrome?

    • View Product said

      In the / opt / google / chrome are file. You come there with root privileges and you can delete the effect will be the same as in Windows. It would be good to make a backup to the file. In Linux there are no DLLs, but there.'ll's.
      Or you can install User-Agent Switcher for Chrome and you can change the user agent (eg firefox 15). You can make this change in the user agent to be valid only for certain areas in our case
      The change will take effect on youtube and embed youtube videos.

      PS. As I said, linux, google chrome no longer supported NPAPI.

  18. View Product said

    I use linux mint 17 x64… probably and for ubuntu it should be about the same as the location of the file in question. In any case, the second method works in any situation.

  19. Glad to see that Google is trying to escape the crap of Flash Player.
    HTML5 be used to be improved, need feedback. I'm sure he gets much better than the stupidity of Flash Player, which consume resources heavily, like any Adobe product.

    So, for example, play in twitch stream in VLC and Flash Player, and see who consume more resources.
    Flash player 5 often consume more resources.

  20. It seems that I can not play the content SmartTV If you delete that file. So stay with HTML5

    • We have said that Smart TV you but what I know they do not come pre-installed with Flash Player. At least the older TVs. If you delete that file, videos on youtube will be played in Flash player, and if you do not have flash player is logically not work. At least I think so. I Smart TV

  21. No matter what I SmartTV, I'm talking like youtube can give play from laptop to TV.

    What this is about:

    • It seems that the file contains more instructions. You better leave him, the TV play in html5 and should leave him there.
      While html5 will improve significantly with the software developers and hardware manufacturers.
      Even when this flash is superior, this plugin days are numbered.
      Html5 is the future.

  22. don't be upset Adrian or Cristi I know I'm not posting where I should… .he wants me to know what you think about a samsung galaxy s5 replica (copy). It is still a copy with android 4.4, it has a 13 Mpx camera, 2Gb ram, 16 Gb internal memory, 1.6 Ghz processor. what do you say it would be worth? or are they dust?

  23. Trick also works for Chrome on OS X and the following path:

    OS X> Applications> Google Chrome Canary> Contents> Versions> 38.0.2125.0> Google Chrome Framework> Right click, “Open in New Tab”> Libraries> (rename it to and the dedication will be does it exclusively on Flash.

    Before this type in the address bar: about: plugins click on details then go to the Flash player and be 2 versions (NPAPI / PPAPI) give disable PPAPI and everything will work perfectly.

    I hope I was helpful, if you can edit the article to integrate and method for OS X would be perfect, it may help others.

    Thanks for the great job you are doing for those less experienced.

  24. Well, now that Google has completely stopped using flash player in youtube, what will you do? Html5 I think that's the future. I do not use and do not need any flash player on Android

  25. Vlad GALATANU said

    I followed all the steps but I get the error "And he was gone."

  26. caisindonici said

    I have the latest version of chrome but the file doesn't work, I want to get rid of html5 because it loads 10 years and my nerves crack, I want to go back to flash but I don't know how, I upgraded from win732biti to win10pro and maybe that's why

  27. I can't find the file I have version 53 …… ..

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