Panasonic HDC-SD20, the camcorder I worked with so far is retiring - behind the scenes

Hi friends, today I will present video camera that I have worked so far, it is the Panasonic HDC-SD20 a classic camera today but at the time it was released it was placed somewhere in the middle segment of cameras good HD cameras were a rarity, now is a standard even on cameras 200 lei.
Many of you have asked us what we were filming with, now you see live the camera with which we "filmed" so far, you can also compare the films that were made in the past with this filming.
Even now Panasonic HDC-SD20 can record pretty well in good light, good light when I say I mean the day outside and inside with bright light in a room with some normal light bulbs do not work too good, colors are washed out and background noise (image) becomes unbearable.
On the audio side it looks pretty good, it can record 5.1 and stereo in Zoom Mic mode (the sound "follows" the optical zoom), unfortunately the camera does not have a plug for connecting better microphones and you have to limit yourself to what offers the camera or use an external audio recorder and then synchronize the audio recording with the video using video editing programs (waste time).
A function that I found super interesting, although I did not use it too much, is PreRec, it makes a buffer of a few seconds when the PreRec button is pressed, the camera records a few seconds in advance and waits for us no matter how much it is need to press the Rec button, I told more in the "tutorial".
This room is quite old, has a 2-3 years I do not recommend to buy this camera unless you find super cheap, are stronger alternatives in the market, technology has advanced significantly in-2 3 years, especially in the processing and codecs.
From now on I shoot exclusively with DSLRs, they have a much better quality image codec used on Nikon and I love it (H264, B-Frames), even though YouTube digest them more quickly. With AVCHD (. MTS) I take forever to climb something on YouTube, the video codec that uses Nikon D5100 things go like greased.
I do not recommend DSLR video with family, better get your video camera, DSLR's are annoying in some circumstances, no autofocus, no good for video stabilization, the battery does not take too long, limiting 20- 30 minutes for a file and others that I no longer remember now. I still prefer DSLR for filming because I need the image quality of Full Frame sensors or APC-C have, resolution, goals and more superb. I should mention that I only shoot a tripod and rarely need to restore focus.
About DSLR that I used in this film we will discuss in a future tutorial.
This is NOT a tutorial, not even a review is an overview of the equipment I worked with.
Please carefully consider the quality of the video and the comments box write us your views.
Filmed with Nikon lens D5100 18-55mm @ 35mm, external microphone, natural light

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Warning!
    We say again, this is not a tutorial or a review of the product, it is just a presentation video that I shot Camara some of the tutorials, the footage that was necessary.
    I do not recommend this camera to anyone, not as poor but because they are better alternatives on the market, not sought as the technology is advancing rapidly and the room that I have presented it in the tutorial can be regarded as outdated, especially on the where compression is used the first generation AVCHD with 17 Mbps maximum bitrate quite a bit for the 1080 60 or 24p.
    No DSLR is not a good solution for home video since the focus is largely manually stabilize the lens does not work well on video-20 30 minute limit per clip, battery anemic video, etc..
    DSLR video is great penru but only under certain conditions, for me is perfect.

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  4. anonymous said

    nyku: Ram ... I norm

    What me help me with some information please! I have a motherboard M2V old and she wants to put ram ... I normally had 512 mb and I put 1gb.mai can add that to know whether to buy or not. Ms!

    Yes you can add up to 8GB Ram 2 Mhz frequency DDR800 with Maxim., If you want some links where you can buy memory, you can access the following websites:,ddr2-ig1095/frecventa-mhz–v2759,800-ig1555/last/f1f7

  5. Hello…. I have had the Sony CX130 Camcorder for some time and I am very happy with it
    What do you think about this model? thank you

  6. Great tutorial.

  7. George said

    not out as the retirement pension are, does not get any to recharge acumulatoru

  8. The rooms of the JVC what you think. GZ-MG I have a pretty buna.Vreau 135 and an opinion
    if it's good or nu.Va thanks.

  9. Galaxy:
    hello .... I CX130 Sony camcorder for some time and are very pleased with it what do you think about this model? .... thanks

    The rooms of the JVC what you think. GZ-MG I have a pretty buna.Vreau 135 and an opinion
    if it's good or nu.Va thanks.

    Everyone has to choose one room or camera, nothing will tell you to buy Panasonic HC-V700 or HC-X900, all you will want to buy.
    If you think that these cameras are good is ok, if not, you should keep looking for information about them.
    I have no way to know how it performs each camera, it is impossible to test them all, in general it's good to go on products that have proven qualities. Unfortunately we still choose according to your budget and that brings us only weaker in home products.

  10. Cristi, you sami please make a tutorial how to add a movie and sal subistrarea can save movie did sal can upload subistrarea eg blog, site

  11. Cristi Hello I recently got a Sony Handycam filming PJ200 super ok but when shooting computer bag rustling is heard a terrible background be a setting or get from the card is not thinking small class eg I use ADATA Class 6 of 4GB

  12. wonder that maybe something will hit you regardless of background hiss camera problem
    thank you

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