Giga 50 of free online storage on Box for every Android phone - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a little trick with which we will be able to benefit from 50 GB of online storage space for any phone with Android operating system. Normally, the 50 GB is offered only to LG phones with an "agreement" between the Box and LG service that each user of a LG phone will benefit from 50 GB of space ... [Read more...]

SugarSync, 5 GB free cloud backup and data synchronization between PC, laptop, smartphone - Video Tutorial

Hi friends, this tutorial is about the SugarSync online cloud service, for free we can get 5 gigabytes of cloud space that we can use either for storage or for synchronizing important data between multiple devices, the devices can be: desktop systems , laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablets etc. For several days SugarSync has increased the space ... [Read more...]

How to mount an FTP account in Windows Explorer software with Web Drive - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present a simple method of setting up an FTP account in windows explorer for a more comfortable transfer of files between our computer and an FTP server, we will enter that FTP account as in a regular partition of the computer. our. For the integration in windows explorer of an FTP account we will use the Web Drive software, an application ... [Read more...]

SkyDrive Explorer free hosting 25 Giga online storage of files - video tutorial

SkyDrive is an online file storage service offered to any user, by Microsoft Company, or to any user who has a Live ID or a Hotmail account. This service will allow you to store important files or documents in a secure place on Microsoft servers and can then be accessed from your own PC or from any other PC with the help of ... [Read more...]