Malware in the Android Market, such as helping them track down and eliminate them - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial you'll learn what to do and what we can do when malicious applications detected as malware in Android Market. Doing this tutorial while browsing the Android Market I found some malicious applications that do not belong in Market. These are "published" by the same user as the "Android_market". Here is the list of applications:
12 Flash Player, Flash Player 12 Beta Raonic 3D Game, GTA Vice City 3D, Google Chrome Mobile version, Asphalt Adrenaline 7 3D, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
How do we know that an application is malicious?
- Name is very pompous (resounding) or the name of a very famous game or a highly coveted applications like "Google Chrome Mobile Version" or GTA Vice City Asphalt 7 times 3D
- Details of the application are shabby and not filled all kinds of information about this
- Those who climb malicious applications in the Android Market will not have to disable the ability for users to write a review for the app or post a comment or to give a rating (to vote) application.
- application developer's name is mostly fictitious or misleading. Most often their names will resemble a legitimate developer or will have the name "Android_Market" to gain credibility and seem legitimate
We all cry when we stumble all sorts of useless our internet browsing. If you want a virtual space cleaner, more pleasant, you have to get involved and not be indifferent to what we find around us. Together we can remove and clean online environment.
There can be an entity or a group of people to oversee the entire activity of millions of online users. That is why each of us must have sense of responsibility and engage in a thorough report and make legitimate people that can handle the punishment of malware.
It is easy to "shout" out loud I do not know which site is malicious, it is easy to curse a site that deceive us and we promise one thing but it will not solve anything. The site will not disappear even more will confuse other users! You have to do more than that, you should report things that seem suspicious, malicious. So we help ourselves and our neighbors, we relieve others give the same mess when they search for something. Let's not be ignorant of what surrounds us and do something when we do not like something, not just shouting and swearing times to blame the bad things x and y.
Moving to ours, reporting applications can be made otherwise. Enter this address in your browser:
Fill in the required fields and click Submit. That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what to do when we find malicious applications as they track and how we can help to remove them from online.


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Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu......

Get the Flash Player to see the video.

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  1. Adrian greeting for the tutorial!
    Nustiu as happened but I now I walk in Android browser can not find all those 2 applications. (I have not smartphone)

  2. In my market there are no two applications with flash player. React so fast folks from Google?

  3. d satisfied etutorial.cum find tutorial explaining how to install this application that mimics an Android phone on Windows? thank

  4. AdrianGudus said

    d satisfied etutorial.cum find tutorial explaining how to install this application that mimics an Android phone on Windows? thank

    Write up in the search box on the right is black edge: How can run on any version of Android desktop, you enter and you will find the tutorial. Do not imitate but emulate the correct term, which emulates Android app or android emulator for windows

  5. zine and new application name that sheruiesti android on windows .... plz

  6. LiviuFlorin said

    Those applications are not, Google has done its job, it has removed from the Market.

  7. hello ... is not related to the tutorial, but please tell me 'nice to me a program that helps me find my drivers
    Thank you in advance

  8. Those applications already there

  9. 😉

  10. An idea for a tutorial would be about the task killer to explain whether or not it is necessary to have seen that many people who want fff uses and also saw many parry ff who say not to use so many people think it's in doubts about such an application using one say that I could use a tutorial on this.

  11. I have a great installed on tel. Android 2.3.7 - Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0 and everything went well ... but the problem is that wifi is not working ... then activate it deactivates only

  12. Useful tutorial, and I would be reported as malicious applications but do not give them in the market, we believe that the market is and such malicious applications. If everything has been said we wanted to know what android application uses to see your desktop from your phone to your PC, thanks a lot.

  13. Corrigendum to this videotutorial:

    So you can write directly on the phone (through the Market) and put a review rating to an application, then be like that application to have it already installed in the phone.
    Take at random a app that do not have it installed on your phone and not be able to vote for him (rading) and I write a review. This is because the application is not installed on your phone, do you see mister author / developer is malicious.

    Must state that as viewers move in error.

    PS: I'm not saying that those two applications presented are not malware. Not to be misunderstood

  14. I greet you all, you are a great help to us, but if you do a tutorial on the Windows 7 maneger would be perfect

  15. I first test applications that I installed on VirtualBox Android image ... I found a few "cheat" ... curious is not installed on your PC antivirus scanning applications. Apk phone? I say this for I downloaded an app Fack and ... StrongDC antivirus say it would be ok ... (tested on AVG and BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2012 2011!)! Another interesting thing ... AVG application for Android (which is on the android market and that's ok!) tells me that the app "intentionally bad" is wrong ... what the fuck!??!

  16. Good. Can not find malware application from Android Market. Point 2 can not see videotutorialele on android, when I say install the flash player does not support. The phone is samsung galaxy gt-i5500.Va please tell me what's wrong.

  17. How about WE ARE STOLEN confidential data. Please do not ignore this message and take a look at the Linc, where you will find important information. Cristi .... link removed-admin ..... wait for response from you in this tutorial and if you do I want to know when. Thank you.

  18. As you said in tutorial LET together to make something for an online environment CLEANER!

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