PC Backup for Android devices without root and without recovery - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about Android, specifically to see how we can make a backup of a smartphone or a tablet running the Android operating system, using the computer. In general, if we want to make a backup of our Android device, you have to I root device and UIM flash a recovery.
Well, today presented a method to see how we can backup the entire Android device using your computer, without being forced to have root or flash a recovery UIM our Android device, be it tablet or smartphone.
To go to work you have to install Java JDK and Android SDK as presented in Tutorial How to root LG Optimus One output a P500 with Android Gingerbread 2.3.
After you make sure that Java JDK and Android SDK installed in your computer you have to install (also in computer) Android device drivers backup plan to do. Usually package drivers and software necessary for using Android device with your PC is in your device memory or micro SD card that comes with your Android device. If you use Windows or Windows 7 8 is likely that the Windows operating system to detect and automatically install the necessary drivers your Android device when you connect it to your PC. If none of you are lucky, you will most likely find drivers on the manufacturer's website.
After we made sure that the drivers for the Android smartphone or tablet computer will be installed on the Android device to go in and make sure that we tick "USB debugging" in the Settings (Settings)> Developer options.
If you use OS Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean is very likely that the "Developer options" does not exist then you have to go to Settings> About phone (On the phone) and reach repeatedly information "Build Number". Basically through this process assets "Developer mode" to have the "Developer options" and that "USB debugging".
To see what we need to do more to invite you to watch a video tutorial because things are a little different depending on the operating system of your computer. The video tutorial I explain how to find the path where the platform-tools folder and file adb.exe that we need to go through the remaining steps.

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Enjoy !

Adrian...... ..linux.videotutorial.ro

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  1. What special application that helps us see android desktop

  2. Adrian where to download windows enterprise 7 full no trial!

  3. eNd:
    Adrian 7enterprisefull where windows can not download trial!

    There is full! = D

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    What special application that helps us see android desktop

    For a tutorial of your application to show me what I'm doing on the Android Desktop, writes in SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar "Androidscreencast, register display and control your Android phone from PC" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial

  5. After backing Routa guide can be uindu flash the phone then a custom rom, thus guarantee its pierzadu phone ... To get back guarantee that you can restore beckupul so the phone back to the state it was in when I did the backup? status restored LOCKED phone? Thank you very much for the tutorial!

  6. virus2009 said

    As illustrated tutorial and not only, copy information from a text document to explain to someone, who has looked really believe that someone would know, all information is copied from the net, then tested.

    This is useful to those who use Windows, if you upgrade to "linux kernel" Ulti Veriuni, you will notice that you can run applications for Android, so "pirlela windows" pierede field, there is not much until fall until they appear mobile / tablet based on ubuntu, to see what Microsoft says, although not brilliant job with their Light Moki Windows-based friends know them sorry they bought those so-called mobile "destepre Windows 8"

  7. eNd:
    What special application that helps us see android desktop

    It's tutorial on the subject, writes in the search box and you will find Androidscreencast tutorial.

  8. Congratulations tutorial, even as we are extremely useful.
    Let's say that I make backup tutorial, then will I make root, one to play with custom rooms, etc, etc, and if you restore the backup, you have the original android and get rid of root? It seems like you said in tutorial.

  9. So if things do not start trouble like that android can restore backup?

  10. Adrian, what frames per second you catch?

  11. To me it does not work, give it the path to the file where to backup site, makes (0 kb) and in adb cmd writes me: Unable to connect for backup. Where am I wrong?

  12. Adrian Gudus said

    To me it does not work, give it the path to the file where do backup, it makes (0 kb) and the adb cmd writes me: Unable to connect for backup. Where I'm wrong?

    Most likely you do not have drivers smartphone or tablet PC installed. If you had looked at the video tutorial tail cap without scrolling you have read the entire text above tutorial, if you had moments where I said it was important to have the device drivers installed on the PC as Android ADB can see device ...

  13. Adrian Gudus: Most likely you do not have drivers smartphone or tablet PC installed. If you had looked at the video tutorial tail cap without scrolling you have read the entire text above tutorial, if you had moments where I said it was important to have the device drivers installed on the PC as Android ADB can see device ...

    The ADB sees my phone .. I installed drivers ..

  14. Great, works perfectly.
    Follow the directions in the video tutorial. One of the important conditions is to install drivers or does not work.
    Many seek such a method for tablets.

  15. speakurmind said

    I'm surprised to see that - to ease everyone - a connoisseur of orders in the terminal as you, in Linux, and Windows, in a command prompt window to replace manual typing path (a path's as you like points mean!) where do backup, did not you use drag & drop that folder directly into CMD window! It would have been waaaay easier!
    Same thing to go to the location where the folder "Platform Tools" you could right click on the desktop icon SD Manager? dreata click> Properties> Find Target> after you have given double click on Platform Tools and you'd be much simpler in the same location.

  16. Congratulations tutorial, really useful tutorial. Maybe a little research your target and show us how to do root to android phones (with this method) without having to try to make all kinds of flash dangerous solutions.
    Thank you.

  17. Gives me the same error to me, "adb: Unable to connect for backup" I installed drivers in command adb devices shows me correct a number and devices. I changed the path and it still does not work.

  18. I found after a search on the net because of "All You Need is a computer and a device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer.", I giggerbread. I tried dozens of ways we did, if anyone has the solution for. 3.4, I thank you. Bravo for the tutorial.

  19. I have a good urgent problem I could say I have a friend who has downloaded some tracing restored my iPhone and the problem is that now I have my iPhone and I brought everything she had in her own ... basically I of the My I have nothing: no applications tel pictures anything .... The trouble is that she had an older model iphone and now I do not know what to do to get back to what we had before .... sorry but I do not get along just explain in your terms .... not so practical with these backups .... please help me more merciii

  20. Adrian Gudus: Most likely you do not have drivers smartphone or tablet PC installed. If you had looked at the video tutorial tail cap without scrolling you have read the entire text above tutorial, if you had moments where I said it was important to have the device drivers installed on the PC as Android ADB can see device ...

    And to me there ... I just installed drivers ... Windows operating system 8 and kies .. what can I do?

  21. Teodorovici said

    Fain tutorial. Thanks to him, and is very useful. Do more tutorials tablete.daca can.

  22. Do not know why, but the result of my back is only 22 mb?

    • You can change the storage location of backup?
      I made a backup before I went 4 GB C drive and all I could complete. What do you advise?
      I mention 32 gb card in phone. Backup and him?

  23. Hi, I did exactly the steps in the video, everything went perfect but I had a 5 gb partition and I loaded it up I was out of space. I mention the phone 32 gb card. Did I update and it? I never got to see the end ... What do you advise me?

  24. Teodorovici said

    I have a tablet vonino speed HDMI star, and I tried to do a backup after this metoda.Dar me look in Device Manager without drivers and on-site, we found only java and sdk to drivers. What can you do? Thank you.

  25. Do not know why, but I backs up my image is only 22 mb
    I did exactly as in tutorial, just
    adb backup-apk-shared-all-f .....
    Where did not I do right?

  26. It took me some time but I managed eventually
    Adrian whenever you're wrong in the same tutorial and I am wrong because I followed exactly the steps that you were doing :))

  27. Welcome. I did exactly as you said .. everything was fine ... the first .. I put aside "backup.ab" ... and later come back after playing with custom rom etc ... Ideal is next based on what you told me at the end that we can simply to return to the adb restore etc. .. do not know how it PRBL aste .. The biggest problem is that after his backup kernel does not change no change no change rom-u root version disappears. basically do not do anything ... what is this backup .. only the settings .. You said at half that returns everything to the factory ... I nev backup.ab tn a video ... I see that you return to repeat everything goes perfect .. so perfect and creation and restoration ... BACK UP AFTER ONLY SAD RESTART .. Everything's surprise as all rom .. DAY WHAT YOU RESTORES "ul.ab backups" done together. MS

  28. SO IN CONCLUSION AND IN PRINCIPLE ul.ab backups made us .. I did not do everything that the factory CCS Rom 4.1.2 1234 anything you type * # # .. see that nothing has changed .. I NOTE 2 mention .. what to do with back-up ... I need to restore large

  29. Although not widespread one .. m.am dupe you took after you .... AQM leave me so? What do fisieru backup.ab brother .. I did not restore anything ... same rom etc. ..

  30. Elvys Bacircea said

    Hey ajuta.ma undo this mistake .. This is not a backup niki ...

  31. My friend listen in from min video and see that 11 12 to say that this way the whole system back.up is not only apk.uri of sd. And we can play with root without any problem then we can restore the original rom with this back.up ... Well .. is not at all so after getting all custom rum back.up

  32. Iulian said

    Hi Adriane, congratulations and thanks for watching tutorial tutoriale.Am often head to tail, but I have not found a solution to a problem, namely: I just followed the steps in this tutorial to be like cmd to I recognize your device (a Samsung Galaxy mini s3) says "List of devices attached" and no, I do not see any string of numbers such as normal.Am searched the internet drivers for my phone, but on the web 's from samsung kies not find anything but I've already installed.
    What to do? I want to send your warranty and we urgently need a data backup would ask who can help me with an answer to.
    Thank you in advance.

  33. Hello! Around the minute 17 '. There you have to write backup.ab I have a problem .. When I enter after I backup.ab appears "unable to open file". Otherwise I followed all the steps and did exactly that video.

  34. How do I turn on Allview A4ALL Developer Options?

  35. Salut.Am tried to make a backup lg P690, I followed all the steps, but in the end I give enter to start backing up my show "adb: Unable to connect for backup" ... I rebuilt all the steps a few times but I give raspuns.Am same Android SDK from ADTbundle used for windows ... here is the Android SDK which is installed in C drive .. just unpack and you can use ... I've unzipped it into a folder in C drive root

  36. HELLO! I got exactly the same problem: adb: Unable to connect for backup and I installed all drivers so please try to answer us about it!

  37. So after I noticed that did not restore all settings exactly where they were when I made backup ... eg ringtone, wallpaper etc. ... why?

  38. just me said

    Not to me it does not work, give it the path to the file where do backup, it makes (0 kb) and the adb cmd writes me: Unable to connect for backup.Am drivers installed, ADB's what I see telefonul.Atunci happens??? believe that you are very busy ... but I still in your help.

  39. I have a question, namely:

    This method is also backup and EFS folder?

  40. Can someone answer me to me?

  41. Hello,
    the above system with back-up ~ adb backup-apk-shared-all-f C: \ Users \ NAME \ backup.ab ~ make the whole system image (I have a tablet Allview city)? wonder that making an analogy to computers when making a system image to restore the same as it was .. the same can be done with your tablet? I want to do is root but then if you are not sure, do not void the warranty, to revisit / return to factory settings may not appear at the root!

    Waiting for a reply!

    Thank you

  42. Hello, I followed the steps, started doing backups, I hope to be ok, but as far as telling colleagues above observe that not a whole system backup. And what's worse than poor people did root the phone changed and now when restored after the copy does not return to the default settings. Some people have lost warranty believing in yourself and you do not even answer them. And I have an Android phone for days and I do not work 2 GPS. I want to put another rom to see if it's because it's your fault or software. If you do this and can not remain in your restore defective. Do not try this version, you find another internet ma more informed. Can not find something tested so after talking to the world ..

    • All operations involving a risk like that sometimes problems occur because of inattention, others are hidden bugs (see bug samsung eMMC).
      These are all optional, not mandatory need to do.
      For each root operation, backup / restore, flash, etc must take responsibility like the big guys.
      We are not to blame for any problems occurred.
      What the hell are you children ....

  43. hello ... I have a problem. if we wiped cv of rum and akum not pass the android logo what to do???

  44. Hello, I managed to make backup but the restore does not work, stuck on ramanae, com.google.chrome "what to do?

  45. I am a careless. From the beginning I read the warnings about the risks that may arise from rootare. Las rootarea for others.

  46. resumption said

    I did all the steps above .. I have backed the phone and then installed another room and now you want to give adb restore command restore (location) tells me that was successful but it is not like before .. Room interface on all installed applications .. just that I had the original system appeared ..

  47. QUESTION: I have two identical phones one good and one soft issues. This method can get good Androidu and install it in the other device? Thanks

  48. Tedy Stoica said

    I do not come out. After I put the file name and hit enter said you can not connect to the phone, but I command adb devices to detect. I have samsung galaxy mini 1 (GT-S5570I).

  49. Sal Adrian,
    I followed the steps.
    At the command "adb devices" my device appears the list. This is not a problem.
    The problem arises when I give the final order of backup appears "unable to open C: Backupzte \ backup.ab".
    That's the name I gave to the root folder C:.
    I looked and checked and rechecked.
    Respect the exact path and name of the folder created above me and every time I give this answer. I mention Gingerbread 2.3.6.
    I have not heard to be mentioned that this method works only on Android 4.0 up.
    Wrong somewhere and really need a bigger version of Andoid?
    Thank you!

  50. No I do not know Adrian and solve your problem but if you look at previous comrntariile many users have complained that when they wanted to restore backup has not worked and Adrian himself said he did not recommend this medoda. Better do a custom backup recovery such as CWM.
    It's just my suggestion. You do what you want.

    • Well then the problem is DOA and still give would confirm that the version of Adroid in 4.0 need to root the device and otherwise might.

      • If you want to do a Nandroid backup you (ie to have all the android in a box in case you want to revert to the original version by flesh-uirea a rom to restore that back-up) about giving. But if you want your Backup contacts only photos of other possibilities with Google or Dropbox account

        • That's what I wanted to know so I do not even bother.
          I will take into account a custom recovery with CWM.
          Thanks for the reply!

          • Adrian Gudus said

            It looks like you were not quite so careful about how you tell us if it "unable to open C: Backupzte \ backup.ab" is exactly the message you receive.
            after C: there must be a "\"
            Revises written order not avoid the signs needed was probably your command of the form:
            adb backup-apk-shared-all-f C: Backupzte \ backup.ab (if it was its shape is wrong)
            The correct form was:
            adb backup-apk-shared-all-f C: \ Backupzte \ backup.ab
            Have you figured out the mistake?

  51. I help root at a phone and can not return to the original system
    my phone is samsung galaxy s advance
    please help

    • Samsung flash tool there uire the original ROMs Odin was featured here on the site. And for official ROMs there sammobile.com

  52. I checked.
    I wrote it wrong without the "\" in post but actually I used in the order.
    I tried again and get the same message:
    "Unable to open file C: \ Backupzte \ backup.ab" usb debugging checked and the devices listed by adb devices command.
    But as Alex said in a previous post may be because small version of Android 2.3.6?

  53. Please if you are able to reveal a more simple:
    Use for many years for the bakup Windows, Hiren boot cd, I say this as an example of simplicity in how to make an image and restore it inplicit. I remember those days where everyone said that it is very difficult and risky to solve this problem, even intricate solutions gave me telling me that Musa was planned to be a good programmer that. We found Hiren version, I use it dozens of times with perfect results and thank you for the tutorial posted on this path, but will ask again to find a much easier and intuitive Android bakup and if possible to specify clearly the type dispozitivuluipe that can be done (eg, tablet, smartphone) or even an explanation: if there are differences between the two, even if they have the same operating system.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Since the title text above tutorial or tutorial is not clearly and explicitly mentions a particular model phone / tablet, you get easy to deduce that the tutorial is one general and one common method for all Android devices. If there are things that go on certain smartphone or tablet models will be mentioned (and even there are some) the section of comments from users who have encountered problems. Unfortunately we are unable to test this tutorial on several thousand smartphones / tablet and tell you exactly (but very precise) method on that model works and what does not work model. It would be a titanic work without victory for a very long time without there psoibilitatea estimate that we will finish the tests.

  54. -I am able to make a backup of 4 GB but I have not restored yet, I have a soul x1 Allview

  55. I followed the steps, everything ok until the password and create backup ... not on NMC ... which could be the cause?

  56. If you make a backup manager application can do a restore on another identical?

    • Theoretically I think so. Basically ... ..
      There are differences from device to device and I do not mean the 2 which you said they are identical, but in general. Procedure might not work at all or device on which the backup was performed either on the same. If you want to do a full backup of the operating system (Nandroid backup) to play with custom ROMs you do best using a custom recovery and CWM or TWRP. If you want to backup only pictures, contacts, progress from an application you can do with drobox, google account and other third-party applications.
      To understand better what I wanted to say I recommend you look through previous comments.

  57. constantin said

    I did ok..am curly backup file backup.ab
    I debocat tel (xperiaz1 comp)
    but ... do not restore.
    in cmd run more, there are a lot of info,
    cofirmare required in tel .. restore and enter the password given ... nothing
    among ala happen quickly, as if ready
    I could send a screen capture cmd unmail

  58. Costelina said

    what do you mean you unlocked phone
    do not be stingy in detail, explain
    Unfortunately this method I tried it myself and multiple users (see comments)
    not quite what it should
    tel say no to some works than others do not really mean very small file that is not backup

    • Costelina said

      I found an app I honestly do not know if it was from the app store or the net (you try it)
      and surprise is and I do not have any login Free
      at first saying that backup your contacts and photos apps- sites that I have installed it
      but is there a box that shows you if a tick and system files (me those not interested in me music, photos and contacts on those because I have)
      and I said I made visible and files backup system and I did everything I found
      it's better than nothing anyway so I do not want to flash it -uiesc with any custom ROM only thing I did while in case gives errors or will move hard

  59. viorel said

    xp and I can not get in that location in order promptly

  60. Hey I have an Acer Liquid z5 Sivric I stick CWM, root-ez to it but can not. I tried using defined methods and we did. if you help me

  61. Emanuel Bucur said

    Hi Adrian!
    I have a viper v1 Allview sil got stuck with the wrong code 3 times and not let me write my email and password although gaps appear where you have to write. It also has broken USB jack so you would need to upload and install the card to switch the phone to fix the problem at home. Thanks and good luck!


  62. Hello,
    I have a Quad P5 and no longer recognizes senses, we have tested and are operational in another phone,
    I tried other senses and sees none.
    The problem is that not come within recovery mode.
    What can I do?

  63. Hello, I have a samsung display s3 broken, and I want to recover no contact for k I do not feel we have saved. I tried kies3 I did back up the contacts, saved a file with the extension .spb not know what to do with him.
    Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you've saved to your Google account, simply log on to the new smartphone with the same Google Account used on the broken and contacts should automatically sync to the new phone if on the break had activated "Sync contacts" or "sync agenda"

  64. I'm back ... enter the backup..dar instantly said to have created backup file and generates a 1kilo ...


  1. [...] Backup from PC for Android devices, without root and without recovery - video tutorial [...]

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