Rss feed means and how to use video tutorial snarfer

Until now we were on the net, now the net comes to us with the help of RSS technology (real simple syndication). From now on we can direct all news and updates from the internet directly to our computer without lifting a finger. This video tutorial shows the installation of snarfer, its setting and how to create RSS feeds, of course to be… [Read more...]

Creating a database with phpMyAdmin (video tutorial)

This video tutorial on databases and phpmyadmin is part of a series of video tutorials on server applications, http servers, php, mysql, phpmyadmin and creating a website or blog. We will refer in this video tutorial to the simple creation of a database (in Romanian) or database (in English) with the help of which we will install in the following video… [Read more...]

How to install a web server or http (WAMP server)?

We will watch a video tutorial in which you learn how to install a web server or http. This is not at all difficult, requiring only a little attention and focus on the film that presents the operation in detail. The software we refer to in the tutorial is actually a mini suite of programs: msql, php, phpmyadmin, sqlite manager, programs put in place by some… [Read more...]

funny gallery

We hope that this gallery will become a place where Orcine wants to take or watch funny pictures, and anyone who has funny pictures please send them by email to      [email protected] This gallery with funny pictures does not contain video tutorials but it can relax us after watching a video tutorial and we don't want to learn anymore. Picture gallery… [Read more...]