New movies subtitled in Romanian with KODI application - no commercials

New movies with Romanian subtitles with the KODI application What is Kodi? Kodi is a top media center application that is available for most platforms. The Kodi application is not new, it is just an evolution of the old XBMC, about which I made another tutorial. The Kodi software media center can be used in different ways. When watching local movies, from… [Read more...]

Tronsmart MK908, a computer small and inexpensive quad core Android

Today I am pleased to present a mini computer that, in my opinion, will change the world of computers, the TV in the living room and the consumption of multimedia content in general. Don't be fooled by the "mini pc" title, the Tronsmart MK 908 is a computer the size of a USB stick that is as powerful as a state-of-the-art phone. Equipped with a quad core Rockchip processor… [Read more...]

IT buyer's guide, setting up a small and high-performance HTPC living room system - video guide

In this guide you will see how to configure a living room system or HTPC (Home Theater PC), this PC is small, does not consume too much electricity, is relatively quiet, can successfully replace a lot of devices: desktop pc, laptop, DVD player, media player, etc. Do not be fooled by appearances, if it is small it does not mean that it is weak, when configuring… [Read more...]

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater with SimHD, or how to watch normal DVD at Full HD resolution - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial you will discover a very interesting player, it is about TotalMedia Theater from ArcSoft, it does some things that other players cannot do. The most interesting function that TotalMedia Theater has is SimHD, it is a plugin that helps us watch DVDs and MPEG 2 files at a much higher resolution, up to… [Read more...]

Jaangle, quality player with extremely low resource consumption - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will present the Jaangle program, this is a very good player that consumes extremely few resources and on top of that it can keep track of files in a very smart way. Jaangle is made by Alex Economou (Greece), the player allows the management of audio and video files in a very efficient way. Searching for files in… [Read more...]

XBMC, a free media center with which we can watch various multimedia content - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial you will see the presentation of a free Media Center that was originally created for the Xbox console, it is about XBMC (xbox media center). What is a media center? Media Center is a suite of programs designed to give the user a great multimedia experience, the user who uses a media center will not have to use more… [Read more...]

Installation of TV tuner setting with hardware capture from leadtek - HD video tutorial

"" TV Tuner Using the TV / FM setup options, you can limit movie capture to a certain size in MB or seconds. A TV tuner captures analog TV signals and converts them into digital format that the computer can read. This allows you to watch TV programs on your personal computer. Then high-performance TV tuners can output the most [Read more...]

Download install and set cyberlink powerdvd a very good dvd player - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a very good dvd player, it is a power dvd that is produced by Cyberlink. This company also produces other applications for video and audio content, but Powerdvd remains their most successful product. In this video tutorial we will inaugurate watching HD content online, for a while we will keep this tutorial… [Read more...]

Free audio and mp3 player very good media monkey - video tutorial

I am pleased to present you one of my favorite applications, namely media monkey free, a multimedia player, but which is mainly an audio and mp3 player. This program is very easy to use and on top of that it is also free, of course there is a "gold" version, meaning money. Using media monkey a free software, we don't have to go anymore… [Read more...]

How I can see photos and movies from your computer to your TV-video tutorial

Many people wonder how to watch movies and pictures from the computer on the TV, so that they don't sit crouched in front of the monitor for half an hour, as long as you have a movie. The solution is presented in the following video tutorial and consists of using an s-video cable, a scart s-video adapter and a video card from either nvidia or ati. Our video tutorial shows setting a… [Read more...]