The best professional maintenance cleaning program for windows tuneup utilities 2008 - video tutorial

In this tutorial you can track the video to be installed and how to use the best program for cleaning, maintenance and defragmentation TuneUp Utilities 2008.

It has all sorts of useful modules and options that Windows a user who wants to move very well.

Tuneup utilities 2008 also contains a very interesting and useful option, namely "TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance" which helps you clean windows, maintain it and defragment it with a single click.

The modules included in this maintenance program windows are especially useful for users who want performance and registry defragmentation, registry cleaning, optimizing RAM, Windows customization, stopping startup programs, defragment drives and many others.

I would say that TuneUp Utilities 2008 that is presented in the following tutorial is the best optimization and maintenance program for the operating system Windows XP or Vista.

by Cristian Cismaru


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. How subtle you gave me Cristi !! :)) I sent you an email and please tell me the configuration of your account, and look on this occasion I saw what you have on the account thank you very much, I know I have been working with him for a long time. He kind of "fools" you there at 1 click maintenance, for k it seems absurd to me, to sit and scan 6 minutes, to find thousands of "problems" cik :)) and when you give the correct problem he corrects in a second those 1000 which he found them, and the top has never told me since I use it that it can't correct or make a mistake, it's a big "steam" with that thing 1 click maintenance maintenance believe it! Otherwise it does its job very well. often and much of it! I have it full! :))

  2. I also have a small problem, I installed this program and now I see the Windows XP screensaver with a small window that says "Unlock computer, when I do not move the mouse for a few seconds, and now I always have to click ok. can i make it stop appearing to me? Thank you very much

  3. Hello ,
    I use the TuneUP 2009 version, the full version works excellently in my opinion, right after the installation it informs you what problems you have, it requires defragmentation from the very beginning, it tries to configure the system according to resources, internet connection optimization… etc.
    1clik maintenance - lasts max 30 sec - timed on my system

  4. Marius not know what to tell you because I have not encountered such a problem when using the software TuneUp Utilities 2008.
    It may be in your operating system (any error).

  5. perjaru_alexandra is my idul cn contact me and send Sami as pictures mew program buuuuuuuuuuuun

  6. super good program, I will definitely use it

  7. kreatoru said

    Thanks to the

    There are also people who are still learning from you THANKS AGAIN !!!!

  8. sazlut guys! dak you can help me with op probl …… When I download the calculation ,,, it loads the windows ,,,, blah-blah… it behaves normally until a moment when immediately after it recognizes my folders ,,, etc I a window appears in the system directly. It behaves like a start-up. How can I disable it? It should be mentioned that I didn't put anything in the start bar at start-up, and it always opens with the same window even after the restart ,,, THANK YOU!

  9. @cristi: To be honest I didn't understand anything about your problem !!! "Opens a window behaves like a startup, yes I have nothing at startup, when it opens it sees my folders" man explicit be explicit give more details, what is written in that window? this is important! what he wants? ...

  10. to be honest I don't know how to express myself more clearly either. I ask scz dak I was less explicit or maybe I was too much si .and I exaggerated with the explanations. 🙂 SO; When I open the computer immediately after the Windows audio signal, a window from C (Windows) / Program Files / Common files / System automatically appears on the screen. I can also tell you the folders in the system (the window that appears) are: ado ,,, MSMAPI ,,, oleDB ,,, msadc. which could be the cause of it appearing to me automatically. ? please… and once again scz… .. 🙂

  11. @cristi: this I have the impression that it appears to you because you did not uninstall a software properly, and when you start the system the program wants to run but it can't because it lacks certain files that should have been there in Common files… you have a lot be careful how you uninstall! You can watch how to do a correct uninstall right here on the site, write in the box on the top right revo and enter it! If I'm wrong, one of the admins will help or correct me, but I think that's the mistake, you uninstalled something and didn't uninstall it properly… I don't know what else to say… remember what you did with shortly before this error starts appearing, what you uninstalled or installed on your system

  12. Yeah, that's probably it. but if I don't remember or I don't know exactly ,,, what could I do? how can i fix this error? Thank you Adriane for the answer… and thank you again!

  13. I have a problem nam gasito in video tutorials so do not open your partition after installing the only one with sistemu thanks

  14. ETSI a site very good and cite them give you a virus on rest and good torrent

  15. John sorin said

    Hello I found on the net today videotutorialul and I'm glad I can watch and learn the system went online because otherwise what happens if you do this thing or so test everything on my PC.
    Congratulations filmmakers I went as favorite

  16. @iustin: You did not format well when you installed the PC! both partitions must be NTFS, you can still open them by right-clicking on the partition and from the context menu you choose explore, also probably don't open your partition because it's not formatted… you didn't give details, what message does it give you when you try to open the other partition? come with details and I will guide you with pleasure!

  17. Hi, everybody knows crystals that particular year also helped a lot with these tutorials but I have a big queries I recently did an installation of windows which I still follow the big problem is that the point has changed from C partition is now D comes with Windows partition from what I found with Partition Magic can be the big problem is that they did not use it may have to do a tutotorial and many of the queries you think thanks

  18. beb3_mykk said

    I recommend it and it's super good and clean well: D GOOD JOB;)

  19. Tune Up 2008 best utility for maintenance, use for some time and are pleased with him fffff, attention to settings.
    Otherwise all the best to those who work for others.

  20. Thanks for the tutorial, Crystal! I learned a lot! Tuneup for many settings is not the f.lung tutorialul.Chiar I thought the cleaning was thinking I install that I reinstall. windows. Tutorials are made f.bine, I really I wish some to be more detailed, especially the part about setari.MERSI and know that there are many who appreciate your work!

  21. thank you very much! He really caught binee

  22. do you have any tutorials for formatting laptops…

  23. Adrian said

    @Denys: It depends on what you mean by "formatting laptops" because as far as I know, only the hard drive is formatted and not the laptop !! I ask you what you mean by "formatting laptops" because many of you confuse… and instead of saying "domle I reinstall the system or windows" I say "domle I format my pc"… formatting you can do in several ways, when you reinstall windows or simply enter my computer right click on the partition and choose from the context menu "Format". So what do you want to reinstall Windows or simply format a partition?

  24. gessy_70 said

    thank you for all you do you're here.
    help me a lot

  25. Thank you very much helpful thousand

  26. brothers you are the strongest>: D

  27. 10 for site… very useful 🙂

  28. Great

  29. and let's quickly get bored as tutorialu

  30. deunde you know how to do so well as a tutorial, and I would like to make one about torrents

  31. and how to install a windows

  32. thank you for all you do you're here.
    help me a lot

  33. @bogdan:
    We have a tutorial to install Windows XP, this tutorial is about installing a Windows XP virtual machine but to know that this process is identical to a normal installation, I chose to install the virtualbox to get a quality capture.
    Enjoy the future to use the search engine (right side up) because we have plenty of tutorials on this site.

  34. Emanuel said

    I would like if you can do that please a tutorial reinstalling Windows XP.
    Thank you!

  35. Adrian said

    @Emanuel: There is already a tutorial on this topic… please use the search engine, write up the search on the right "install windows xp" without the quotes yes enter and you will find it!

  36. happyday said

    I currently use tuneup utilities 2009 and it's really good. but I found fix-it utilities 9 professional from avanquest much more efficient, whose trial version I used and which I will "license" as soon as possible.

  37. marian said

    I watched this tutoriaal tuneup utilities 2009 and bad news as we clicked after it pulled began to defragment automatically and I watched while the tutorial and gave clicking while Mr. ady and suddenly was done monitor black & white went Windows I stayed for a week until I found someone to mil repair, I wanted to send the unit to Bucharest for that is under warranty but that did not think it repaired for the saw that Windows is split but technical book says if not to send the repaired boots and look like nothing but trouble with this tutorial for the stuffing and no boot disk, hell

  38. marian said

    DNU Adrian and I did something stupid after I repaired windows Section at home to health to tune up utilities I said I 17 problems, I gave the details and we fixed but one of them concerned that we did not startup at windows and I gave to fix and began startup until I sobered me what I did, I stopped quickly for we Windows Vista pirated and now mia appeared in the bottom right icon that new up date is aviable no longer get rid of it and off button write instal update and the then shuts down, and when opening a program displays the message of the program need you permision to continue, continue or cancel, and should I call ala repair and upset Spunta me please few words how to fix stupidity, expect an answer today, thanks

  39. marian said

    DNU ADRIAN've disabled UAC gave of and escaped thus remain only problem with windows update me streseasza icon that right down new updates have available, I think I caught and I cut my Windows right? As Please solve much

  40. Adrian said

    @marian: LOL nene Go in Control Panel and you turn off the Automatic Updates! So if you use Vista will be worse !!! =))

  41. marian said

    has 4 categories; instal update automat, download update automat but let me choose wether to install, check for update but…. , and never check. which? that it doesn't have a turn of and on that I give and then I restart to make the application work? thanks

  42. marian said

    I gave the check and never went, I found excuses

  43. marian said

    until we learn to draw torrents that does not match then crack series then damn use trials to cite one month to each program ie at the 2006 1 month at the 2007 1 month etc. And so we use a program trial more Monday, right Mr.

  44. COSTEL said

    Thank you! Someone to access our album, we must have open computer? You can publish and movies? Thank you! Costel

  45. PalamariuTudorita said

    I know that these programs are very useful little later I started to use the computer even though I have an older age think again that age you but I think it is a great help to me these programs.

  46. hello I am cosmin I have a problem if you can help. I have only one partition in tracing and I wanted to do one with partition magic chiestia is that it took too long to do and I rebooted Tracing Now I open the Tracing my Says (intrerupted operation insert recovery cd) and I do not let open calc

  47. Cosmin hello I have a problem I have a single partition into account and I wanted to do one with Partition Magic chiestia discontinued operation is that now when I open calc to show me he has to introduce recocery cd.'ve put my CD they gave the account that does not happen nimik.ce gotta do?

  48. @cosmin: Reinstall your operating system or boot from that CD they gave you… another time don't restart your PC while doing something !! You are looking for a CD with windows Vista or XP you burn it bootable on a CD you put it in the drive you restart and boot from it! We have a tutorial on how to install Windows XP and how to make a bootable cd. Regarding these 2 tutorials, I hope you find it useful:

  49. Meltumim ptr.tutorial :)

  50. Very good program mutlumim

  51. hello guys… .I also have a problem with the installation of windows… when I insert the cd with windows and restart it does not boot from the cd, it does not read it or nush what is happening… what should i do to succeed to install in the end?
    Thank you… .about… you are the coolest… .the most useful site possible! Bv guys

  52. Congratulations!

  53. enter the BIOS at boot and you to boot from DVD rom or rom dc, saving you will reboot, and install it, or skip the cd u could not be bootbail!

  54. I have a problem with dvd-rom I no longer read DVDs just CDs
    can someone help me

  55. merchandise tutorial, I liked it, I went through the steps, and gataaa… a better pc. Thank you very much.

    I mean, with your help I managed to make a site… in no la.m finished I still have a little work to do on it. I also have some problems but if I don't solve them for sure I will call on your help. thank you

  56. OUTLINE: I have a problem with dvd-rom I no longer read DVDs just CDs
    can someone help me

    inst xp or backup if you like to know if the DVDRW

  57. OUTLINE:
    I have a problem with dvd-rom I no longer read DVDs just CDs
    can someone help me

    Yes, it is defect-ul.Sincersa DVDROM be: buy a new one.

  58. I had this problem and went DVDRW wiped the read head master and read / write and DVD.

  59. tu2010 is the best

  60. Hi, this tutorial can not be traced to capat.Merge a while and then returns and takes the inceput.Se can do something? Thank you.

  61. I also have a problem pls…. A program that is looking for the necessary drivers for the pc components does not exist .. as I lost it and I no longer have drivers on the motherboard

  62. dragonuroshu said

    Looking for drivers on the net site of the manufacturer of your motherboard. That's if you know what components you have in your computer.

  63. Very cool, you are the best, tinetio so on!!!!!

  64. tune up goes on Windwos 2009 7?

  65. Well I appears to me that this program is not supported by Windwos 7?

    • francisc said

      colombo: Well I appears to me that this program is not supported by Windwos 7 why?  Cite me

      And even if it does not work why? It is the only? You have many other options and even free. Examples:
      - WunUtilities
      - CCleaner + Deffragler
      - Glary Utilities
      - Advanced SystemCare
      And more.

  66. Howdy.
    I have a problem. I installed tune up 2010.
    All well and good but I gave him a total order wrong and I think I canceled all USB ports.
    If anyone can help me and that is to cancel the setting or do my usb ports working again.
    I tried all methods and not go.
    And I 7 laptop and windows separate mouse and use the usb port and now I am in a great dilema.Va AJUTOOOORRRR beg.

  67. cristi said

    try to uninstall a program with Revo uninstaler to cancel the order can not know for sure. ing death quest.

  68. cristi said

    I tune up 2008 download updates but its gives me error that may cause the installation to abdateze? is a recorded version was installed and introduced a trial key.
    Thank you very much. cristi

  69. LUFTHANSA said

    I use it for two years and are very pleased with it.

  70. F good tutorial! Maybe make a tutorial and tune up utilities 2010 (which is compatible with Windows 7)!

  71. super hard cristi're the best!!!!!

    please take my id mess: to talk to you ..

  72. hello can you do a tutorial with tuneup utilities 2010 is king ……… no.1

  73. Cristi a tutorial on 2010 man would be great .. 're the best in Romania bvvv tutorials. tino so on

  74. tudoralex11 said

    DACT call me go every time I click on a command is beside the point and can not get into that option. Even when I can not get out what to do! I had the program before and went mia!

  75. daniel said

    Interesting tutorial but are too long (in generel) that is to stay the 30 minutes you translate in Romanian us every thing (everyone knows how as English) May you choose potions faster bn of short selection and argue about and another thing rar.Oricum talk too useful!'ll welcome

  76. Gheorghe Preda said

    Infoblox program indicated Compaq Presario laptop PC that has Windows XP installed?

  77. Very good and very useful tutorial. Congratulations and thank you.


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