DARK theme for Windows Chrome web pages and applications

What is this tutorial about and what does the DARK theme for Windows mean? DARK theme for Windows: This tutorial is meant to show Windows users how to change the Windows theme so that we have dark windows, applications, and web pages in Google Chrome dark, or DARK, as it is called in English. Why would anyone use Dark Mode on… [Read more...]

How to clean Windows 10 from unwanted apps and services

How to clean Windows 10 of unwanted applications and services In today's video we will see how to uninstall all unnecessary applications from Windows 10 Pro. What does bloatware mean? Bloatware are those applications pre-installed by the manufacturer and you, as the end user, are useless, you do not want them, you do not use them and you do not want them. Unfortunately the operating system [Read more...]

How to put a wallpaper on the Android keyboard (Gboard)

How to put a wallpaper on Android keyboard Gboard keyboard gives us options How to put a wallpaper on Android keyboard with Gboard keyboard? We will use some picture, texture or image instead of the solid color on the keyboard background. This tutorial is for those who are fans of personalizing your phone. Why use the keyboard… [Read more...]

Clear space clearing WINDOWS duplicate deletion

Cleaning up space for duplicate deletion WINDOWS Everyone already knows that you have to do a few more maintenance operations on Windows from time to time, so that we don't have problems or slowdowns in the operating system. Windows has some "brooms" and "rags", but that's not enough. An operating system, in order to work perfectly, needs free space, a disk… [Read more...]

Automatic start YouTube, Facebook, Windows startup files

Automatically start YouTube, Facebook, startup files on Windows How do we start applications, files, or webpages, including YouTube startup, when we start our computer? On Windows we have a folder called "Startup". The contents of this folder are executed at the start of the PC and of course the Windows operating system. Why do we want to start applications or… [Read more...]

Developer Options menu in Android secret

Developer Options or Developer Options is a secret menu on Android that can be brought to life by pressing 5 times in a row on "build number", which finds a menu "About Phone" or "About Phone" in the settings of your Android phone. Developer Options or Developer Options in English, are options that developers use while… [Read more...]

Disable Google Now and Google Search on Android

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to disable Google Now and the Google search box that is always on the home screen of our Android phone. Also, the Google search box together with Google Now can be found on tablets running the Android operating system. Although I have been using a smartphone for a long time, about [Read more...]

Disable Metro interface Start button and installation in Windws 8 and 8.1

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can disable the Metro Interface from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems and how to install a Start button that will bring back the functionality of the Start button from Windows 7 or Vista. we proposed we will use two applications: Skip Metro Suite and IObit Start Menu 8. Skip Metro Suite is an application… [Read more...]

Zedge thousands of ringtones and wallpapers free

Zedge is an application that gives us access to the largest database in the world with ringtones, wallpapers, live wallpapers and notification sounds, the best part is that all this is free. If until yesterday to get a ringtone was a real adventure, now it seems that everything is a click away right on the phone. If you want to… [Read more...]

What's New in Windows 8.1

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the news from the new Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue operating system from Microsoft. the tutorial is very long. Desktop Interface: - Computer Icon Becomes This PC- Internet Explorer 8.1- Libraries or… [Read more...]